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How to Increase bat speed- with training you should know about.


john hager

Every baseball players is always looking for ways how to increase bat speed and it is for a reason. Speed is actually a greater force then weight. The heavier bat with a slow speed will not do near as good then a lighter bat with more speed. So how do you increase your bat speed? Well read on to find out how.

To understand how to increase bat speed first you must have a proper strength training routine. You have to have well balanced strength in your body from your lower body to your mid section, and your arms. It is very obvious that your legs and arms must be strong enough to get the bat around with power. But one of the most overlooked parts of it all is the wrists and forearms.

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Actually the wrists and forearms being strong and powerful will defiantly give you that extra edge you need for that quick bat speed and power. Its kind of like the last part that will be the difference between 5 to 10 mph on your bat swing. So if your pretty much peaked with your legs and arms then try doing more strength training for your forearms and it will also help you in throwing as well.

Then from there it is all about form. You can be as strong as you would every want and without the proper form and weight distribution you wont go very far. This is where the proper practice comes in you have to learn how to use your legs to there full potential, as well as your mid section, all the way to your hands to have the maximum bat speed and power. This is very important because if you don’t understand how to practice the proper form then you will be actually doing yourself harm when you do practice your swing.

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