2006 “Stolenwealth” Games to confront Commonwealth Games in Melbourne

Friday, March 3, 2006

The possibility of large-scale protests in the face of the 3,000 journalists covering the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, has event organisers and the Government worried.

The group “Black GST” – which represents Indigenous Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty – are planning demonstrations at prominent Games events unless the Government agrees to a range of demands including an end to Aboriginal genocide, Aboriginal Sovereignty and the signing of a treaty.

The Black GST say they hope the focus of the world’s media will draw attention to the plight of indigenous Australians during the Games. Organisers say supporters are converging from across Australia and from overseas. Organisers say up to 20,000 people may take part in talks, rallies, colourful protests and many cultural festivities designed to pressure the Federal Government on Indigeneous rights issues. They want the Government to provide a temporary campsite for the supporters, saying “organised chaos was better than disorganised chaos.”

The 2006 Stolenwealth Games convergence, described by organisers as the “cultural festival of the 2006 Commonwealth Games,” was virtually opened on March 2nd with the launch of the official “Stolenwealth Games” website. Scoop Independent News and Perth Indymedia reported that the launch was held at Federation Square in Melbourne. The site contents were projected via wireless laptop by the Stolenwealth Games General Manager, and a tour of the website was given on the big screen. He said “overwhelming amusement was the response from the audience.” The group say permanent access points to the website are being set up at public internet facilities across Victoria during the coming weeks.

“Interest in the Stolenwealth Games is building all over the world and this fresh, exciting and contemporary site will draw in people from Stolenwealth Nations around the globe to find out about the latest news and events,” said a Stolenwealth Games spokesperson. “We have been getting many requests from around the world wanting to know about the Stolenwealth Games. We have provided many ways that individuals and organisations can support the campaign by spreading the word.”

The Victorian Traditional Owner Land Justice Group (VTOLJG) which represents the first nation groups of Victoria, has announced its support to boycott the 2006 Commonwealth Games until the Government “recognises Traditional Owner rights.” The group asserts that culture has been misappropriated in preparation for the Games.

Organisers of the campaign say they welcome the formal support from the Traditional Owners. “While some seek to divide and discredit Indigenous Australia, this support is further evidence that the Aboriginal people are united in opposition to the ongoing criminal genocide that is being perpetrated against the Aboriginal people” said Black GST supporter and Aboriginal Elder, Robbie Thorpe.

“We now have endorsement from the VTOLJG and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy for the aims and objectives of the Campaign and we are looking forward to hosting all indigenous and non-indigenous supporters from across Australia in March,” he said. The Black GST group have said “the convergence will be held as a peaceful, family-focussed demonstration against genocide, and for the restoration of sovereignty and the negotiations towards a Treaty.”

But the campaign has received flak in mainstream media, such as Melbourne’s Herald Sun, who wrote: “the proposal to allow BlackGST to set up an Aboriginal tent embassy at a site well away from the Commonwealth Games will be interpreted by some as the State Government caving in to a radical protest group. A major concern for the Government… is to protect the event from disruption… no chances should be taken…”

The Black GST has been planning the convergence for months, calling for Aboriginal people and their supporters to converge on Melbourne. The Melbourne-based Indigenous rights group have called on thousands of people concerned about the plight of indigenous Australians to converge on Melbourne during the Games, which they have dubbed “the Stolenwealth Games”. But the choice of Kings Domain has made conflict almost inevitable, as the area is one of the areas gazetted by the State Government as a “Games management zone”.

Under the Commonwealth Games Arrangements Act, any area gazetted as a management zone is subject to a range of specific laws – including bans on protesting, creating a disturbance and other activities. The protest bans will be in effect at different times and places, and offenders can be arrested. A spokeswoman for the Black GST, which advocates peaceful protest, said the site had been chosen because it was close to where the Queen will stay on March 15. “We figured that she is only in Melbourne for 27 hours or something like that so we thought we would make it easy for her to come next door and see us,” she said. “We are a very open, welcoming group, so she will be welcome to come and join us.”

Kings Domain is the burial site for 38 indigenous forefathers of Victoria. Black GST elder, Targan, said trade union groups have offered to install infrastructure at the site. The group initially worked with the State Government to find a suitable camp site, but the relationship broke down when the Government failed to meet a deadline imposed by the protesters. “While we are disappointed the ministers were not able to meet deadline on our request, we thank them for their constructive approach towards negotiations and the open-door policy exercised,” said Targan.

A spokesman for Games Minister Justin Madden said the Government was still investigating other sites. Victoria Police Games security commander Brendan Bannan said he was not convinced the Black GST represented the views of most indigenous people. “We are dealing with the Aboriginal community and they don’t seem to support it at all … the wider Aboriginal community don’t support disruption to the Games at all,” he said.

The Government was told that Black GST supporters would camp in Fitzroy Gardens and other city parks should it fail to nominate a site. A spokesman for Aboriginal Affairs Minister Gavan Jennings said the Government was taking the issue seriously, but had not been able to finalise a campsite before the deadline.

Under special Games laws, people protesting or causing a disturbance in “Games management zones” can be arrested and fined. While prominent public spaces such as Federation Square, Birrarung Marr, Albert Park and the Alexandra Gardens fall under the legislation, such tough anti-protest laws cannot be enforced in the nearby Fitzroy Gardens.

Games chairman Ron Walker has urged the group to choose another date for its protest march through the city, which is currently planned to coincide with the opening ceremony on March 15. The group believes that an opportunity to gain attention for indigenous issues was lost at the Sydney Olympics and has vowed to make a highly visible presence at the Games.

The Black GST said the Australian Aboriginal Tent Embassy’s sacred flame, burning over many years at the Canberra site will be carried to Melbourne before the Games, and its arrival would mark the opening of the protest camp from where a march will proceed to the MCG before the Opening Ceremony.

Black GST claims supporters from all over Australia, including three busloads from the West Australian Land Council, will gather in Melbourne during the Games for peaceful protests.

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Gavin Jennings had offered Victoria Park to the protesters. Victoria Park, former home of Collingwood Football Club, where one of the strongest statements of Aboriginal pride, when St Kilda star Nicky Winmar in 1993 raised his jumper and pointed to his bare chest after racial taunts from the Collingwood crowd.

Black GST, which has labelled the Games the Stolenwealth Games, said the State Government had failed to find a suitable venue. Black GST may encourage protesters to camp in prominent parks such as Fitzroy Gardens and Treasury Gardens. Graffiti supporting the action has also appeared in central Melbourne.

Melbourne City councillor Fraser Brindley has offered his home to the Black GST organisers. “I offered my home up to people who are organising visitors to come to the Games,” he said. Cr Brindley will be overseas when the Commonwealth Games are held and has offered the free accommodation at his flat at Parkville. He said he agreed with the protesters’ view that treaties needed to be signed with indigenous Australians. “I’m offering it up to the indigenous people who are coming to remind Her Majesty that her Empire took this land from them,” said Cr Brindlley. Nationals leader Peter Ryan said: “This extremist group has no part in the Australian community.” Melbourne councillor Peter Clarke said the actions were embarrassing and that he would try to discourage him. “It’s not in the spirit of the Games,” he said.

Aboriginal elder, Targan, said the possibility of securing Victoria Park was delightfully ironic. “There’s a lot of irony going on,” Targan, 53, a PhD student at Melbourne University, said. “GST stands for Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty. We want the genocide of our people to stop; we want some sovereignty over traditional land, certainly how it is used, and we want a treaty with the government,” Targan said.

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Retirement Planning In A Unstable World

Retirement Planning In A Unstable World



With the near collapse of the stock market in 2008 a distant memory, the 13% market drop over the last three days was a stark reminder for retirees and people approaching retirement that defending their \”safe\” money from the following major economic depression is crucial for a cushty, fear free retirement

Among the greatest issues Financial Planners have in aiding people obtain their economic and investment objectives, is managing the competitive thoughts of greed and fear. If the market is up for some days or weeks in a row, people often feel happy and carefree about their money. Once the industry has a steep decline or traits down rapidly, they often stress and make irrational choices.

According to John Bogle, writer of Wise Practice on Mutual Funds, \”during the best bull market ever, the average equity fund investor has acquired only 2.7% per year, whilst the Standard & Poor\’s 500 Stock Index has increased at a average annual rate since 1984\”. In other words, after inflation and taxes, the person with average skills that had his money in mutual funds since then is probably in the opening.

YouTube Preview Image

Because of advances in medical research, individuals are living longer than in the past. What\’s promising is that individuals get the chance to savor life longer than their parents did. The bad news is that the probability of people outliving their money is higher than ever.

How should retirees and pre-retirees structure their resources to guarded from market downturns, be assure a guaranteed in full income forever and enjoy upside potential to combat rising inflation?

1. Insure Their Income: Just like individuals insure their homes, vehicles, lives, protect against the high costs of home health care and nursing homes, they are in possession of several opportunities to insure their profits. The insurance industry has created modern annuities that come in different styles, to greatly help combat the best fear of most retirees – outliving their income. These generally include fixed, variable, and fixed indexed or \”hybrid\” annuities. Each can be built to provide money this 1 can not outlive. You need to consult with a experienced financial professional to help assess the alternatives.

2. Revenue Producing Real Estate: The vast quantity of home foreclosures and upward pressure have been created by short sales on residential rental prices. Because people desire a place to stay, multifamily houses have been a growing industry of the economy, despite depressed home sale prices through a lot of the united states.

3. A monthly income stream can be purchased by \”pre-owned\” Income Streams: One at a discount from various sources. These generally include individuals who receive premium payments from an insurance provider, champions of law suits, and lotteries, in addition to retired government or corporate employees.

4. Conventional Institutional Mutual Funds: Formerly available only to large institutions and wealthy people, these \”proprietary\” finance offerings are now available to middle and upper middle class people. Low cost methods are offered by such funds for obtaining above average income with the objectives of primary and inflation protection.

Unfortuitously there\’s no \”magic pill\” or \”one size meets all\” treatment for sidestepping volatility. Nevertheless, by dealing with an experienced financial advisor, you can create a tailored approach that fits your personal goals and objectives and enjoy the fear free retirement of one\’s goals.

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Google launches Google Mars

Monday, March 13, 2006

If you thought Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Moon was enough, then meet Google Mars.

Google officially launched the new Google Mars yesterday as another add-on to Google Maps. The service offers three different ways to view Mars: elevation, visible landscape, and infrared view. The images come from two different NASA missions, Mars Global Surveyor and 2001 Mars Odyssey, and the data was prepared in collaboration with NASA researchers at Arizona State University.

The color-coded elevation data is a shaded-relief map taken by the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) on NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft. The visible data is made from black and white images taken by the Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC), which is also located onboard the Mars Global Surveyor, and the infrared images were produced by the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) on NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft. The THEMIS data is the sharpest map of Mars made so far, as it shows colder areas in darker colors and warmer regions in brighter colors, and as they are infrared images dust and clouds are transparent.

Google has added various bookmarks showing points of interest such as landings of spacecraft, locations of mountains, and craters.

The data is not currently available through Google’s Google Earth client.

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Author Amy Scobee recounts abuse as Scientology executive

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wikinews interviewed author Amy Scobee about her book Scientology – Abuse at the Top, and asked her about her experiences working as an executive within the organization. Scobee joined the organization at age 14, and worked at Scientology’s international management headquarters for several years before leaving in 2005. She served as a Scientology executive in multiple high-ranking positions, working out of the international headquarters of Scientology known as “Gold Base”, located in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California.

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Former Chief Operating Officer of Wikimedia Foundation is convicted felon

Friday, December 14, 2007

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Register, a British technology news and opinion website, reports that a former Wikimedia Foundation Chief Operating Officer (COO) has a criminal record in at least four U.S. states: Texas, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

Carolyn Doran, born Carolyn Sue Bothwell, was the WMF COO for six months from January to July 2007. The Register reported Doran’s criminal record includes four convictions for driving under the influence, two of check fraud and petty larceny, one hit and run with fatality, and one charge of unlawful wounding for shooting former boyfriend Philip L. Brown in the chest in 1990. He later asked that no charges be made against her and they resumed dating each other. Two of the arrests for driving under the influence occurred this year, once in May while she was working for the Foundation and once a month after she resigned.

“He asked me to marry him after I shot him,” Doran told The Washington Post on February 22, 1990.

Wikinews has confirmed, through Pinellas County police reports, that she was convicted in four DUI’s and also the hit and run. It is also confirmed, she faced an additional charge of driving while a license is suspended or revoked (DWLSR).

In 1994, Doran was implicated in the murder of a man who was the lover of her friend, Cassondra Sue Betancourt. Betancourt was later convicted of the man’s first degree murder in 1995 after a jury trial. According to court documents, Betancourt, “brought some cocaine to a hotel room that had been rented by the victim, her lover. The next morning, after defendant left the room, the victim was discovered dead.”

Doran, who had prior knowledge that Betancourt would deliver the drugs, made a plea deal with prosecutors that if she testified against Betancourt, she would get a lesser sentence for her previous charges of credit card fraud and petty larceny. Although Doran assisted the prosecution in attempting to gain incriminating evidence by wearing a wire while with Betancourt, Doran never received her lesser sentence.

Despite the attempt, Betancourt’s conviction was later overturned in 1998 because “there was insufficient evidence to support the conviction. The court held that there had only been circumstantial evidence linking defendant to the crime, and that proof by circumstantial evidence was not sufficient to prove first degree murder,” added the court papers.

Wikinews can also confirm that Doran’s husband, Sean H. Doran, a former intelligence officer and major for the U.S. Air Force, to whom she was married for only five days, drowned on their honeymoon on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands in 1999. According to The Washington Post, the cause of the drowning which led to his death was not known. It was later acknowledged in private records given to the Library of Virginia that his death was deemed accidental.

Six months later she remarried after meeting a man named Christopher Dale Confer in Arapahoe County, Colorado. It was earlier thought she used Confer as an alias, because according to PACER, she filed for bankruptcy in 2001 where she is listed as having “aliases,” one being Carolyn S. King and the other as Carolyn Confer.

The Register quotes Mike Godwin, the Wikimedia Foundation’s general counsel, as saying that the Foundation had no knowledge of Doran’s prior or current criminal record. “We’ve never had any documentation of any criminal record on Carolyn Doran’s part at all. As far as I’m concerned, I have no direct knowledge of [her criminal record] yet…We have, in our records, no evidence of any such thing.”

Wikinews attempted to contact Mr. Godwin via e-mail but no response has yet been received.

Doran was voted into her COO position by the Wikimedia Board of Trustees at the time. Of the seven board members, six supported her position and one did not. The vote was made and agreed upon on January 22, 2007. She was in charge of “all office/administrative issues” and “overall administration and business operations. Areas of responsibility included administration, personnel and fiscal management. In the future, [she will be in charge of] any new employee working in the administrative area,” according to public e-mails on Wikimedia’s main mailing list foundation-l.

According to Florence Devouard, the Chair of the WMF Board of Trustees, background checks were not performed on anyone until at least 2007, but that recently, the Foundation began to perform them. During that time, Brad Patrick was acting Executive Director and he did all the hiring.

“In fall 2006, we did not perform criminal background checks. From what I understood, Mike took care of this and this is now being done. It is fairly recent, the board did not get any report on this,” said Devouard on foundation-l.

Doran was searched and questioned by U.S. Customs agents in Florida after returning from a Foundation board meeting in the Netherlands around June. According to The Register, it was because she violated the terms of her parole by attending the meeting. She was not arrested, but according to police reports, on October 31, 2007, Doran was arrested under a warrant valid for a “nationwide extradition”. Doran was then extradited back to Virginia, where she is currently being held in a prison in Staunton.

Doran resigned from her position in July 2007, and the Foundation is currently without a Chief Operating Officer.

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Simplify Your Life By Learning To Cook

Submitted by: Nancy Geiger

Have you thought about your dinner plans for tonight? If so, did those thoughts bring a smile to your face or a knot in your stomach? Will it be a quick trip to a nearby fast food joint on the way home this evening? Take out? Or maybe you’re going to take a couple of hours out of your schedule and swallow a $20, $40 or even $60 bill for dinner at a “nice” restaurant because you would like to think you are eating healthier. But your plans certainly don’t include a home-cooked meal because you think you can’t cook!

Unfortunately over the years I have met a lot of women who are intimidated by the idea of trying to cook healthy and satisfying meals, and this trend seems to have gotten worse in recent years. It’s no secret that with today’s fast paced lifestyles we are growing up in families continually on the run. Between after school activities, soccer, volunteering, entertainment, errands, and on and on, we rarely have an opportunity to sit down together for a meal. Moms have been out of the house acting as chauffeurs, cheerleaders, volunteers and delivery services. They’ve just not been there to teach their young women (and men) how to plan and prepare a nice healthy and relaxing meal. Yet as we start out in a new marriage, developing the habit of sitting down to a healthy and relaxing meal is just what we need to create the down-time and intimacy that will bond us for a healthy marriage too! Many brides today, especially if they have a full time job out of the house, feel that cooking dinner is too time consuming and difficult. What they don’t stop to realize is that it takes longer driving to a restaurant, ordering, waiting for the meal to be prepared and returning, than to prepare and enjoy dinner at home.

YouTube Preview Image

It is also very expensive to eat out. Fast food restaurants are less expensive, but menus are often very unhealthy and you miss out on really relaxing and sharing your day with another person. Restaurants are just one more place to go, which just adds to your business, which adds to your stress.

Cooking at home is almost always: less expensive than eating out, healthier than eating out and less time-consuming than eating out. One recent magazine article pointed out that the typical restaurant entree serves up to 60% more calories than the homemade versions. The portions are also much larger then we need to eat in one sitting and are often full of butter and salt, which is adding to the national epidemic problem of obesity.

So whether you are a new bride, a soon-to-be bride or even if you’ve been married for years and want to turn over a new, healthier leaf, do yourself a favor: get a cookbook full of easy and healthy recipes and start cooking at home. Your wallet, your waistline and your spouse will thank you!

About the Author: Nancy Geiger is a freelance writer who also owns an online store called givitup:


and writes 2 daily blogs: What I Learned Teaching Sunday School and Starting an Online Store Called givitup. She’s also published a cookbook




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Eight dead and two missing after cargo ship fire in Kaliningrad, Russia

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eight people are dead and two more are missing and presumed dead after an explosion and fire on a cargo ship undergoing repairs at a naval dockyard in Kaliningrad, Russia.

The container ship MV Yenisey was the scene of an explosion while in drydock at about 3:00 p.m. Moscow time (11:00 GMT). Ten people were missing after the explosion. It was confirmed today that the eighth body has been recovered, and the remaining two are thought to be dead as well. Three more were injured.

Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo, acting as a navy spokesperson, said “Each family of the victims of the fire on the Yenisey civilian vessel will be paid more than a million rubles.” This makes their compensation roughly equivalent to US$43,000.

Dygolo said that the dockyard, in the closed military town of Baltiysk, near Kaliningrad, had been leased to the Yenisey’s St Petersburg owner, a private company, who were conducting the work themselves. He said an investigation has been launched by the navy led by top admiral Vladimir Vysotsky.

Vysotski himself has indicated that serious safety legislation breaches concerning welding regulations by both the vessel’s owner and the naval dockyard’s bosses. He did not go into details, but RIA Novosti claimed that a source at the dockyard said a gas burner applied to the roof of a fuel tank to heat and therefore loosen its bolts had triggered the disaster.

Today is an official day of mourning for Kaliningrad Region to mark the deaths.

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US House of Representatives rejects bail out bill in vote

Monday, September 29, 2008

The US House of Representatives rejected a bill on the USD 700 billion bail out of US banks. The voting on the bill has completed.

If passed, the bailout plan would have allowed for the United States government to purchase devalued mortgage backed securities, resulting from the subprime mortgage crisis from troubled financial institutions. The US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has said that the plan could cost up to $700 billion.

There has been considerable debate over several parts of the plan, which failed with 228 votes opposing, 205 supporting, and 1 not voting. The bill had much more support by the Democratic Party (with 60% of Democrats voting “aye”) than the Republican Party (of which only 33% voted for the bill).

George W. Bush described the bill before the vote was made. “This legislation deals with complex issues, and negotiators were asked to address them in a very short period of time. I appreciate the leadership of members on both sides of the aisle, who came together when our nation was counting on them. Negotiations are sometimes difficult, but their hard work and cooperation paid off,” he said, in a speech in which Bush begged politicians to support the bill.

Question One: Should the bill have passed?Question Two: Why didn’t the bill pass?
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Bush continued describing the bill. “The bipartisan economic rescue plan addresses the root cause of the financial crisis — the assets related to home mortgages that have lost value during the housing decline. Under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, the federal government will be authorized to purchase these assets from banks and other financial institutions, which will help free them to resume lending to businesses and consumers.”

According to BBC News, congressmen opposed the bill after receiving 50 times as many letters against the bill as for the bill. George Bush attempted to respond to the criticisms of the bill by US citizens. “I know many Americans are worried about the cost of the bill, and I understand their concern. This bill commits up to 700 billion taxpayer dollars, because a large amount of money is necessary to have an impact on our financial system. However, both the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Management and Budget expect that the ultimate cost to the taxpayer will be far less than that”.

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How To Make Your Mid Year Resolutions Successful

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So, everyone has heard of New Year’s Resolutions, right? Did you make any this year? Were you able to stick with them, after the excitement and newness of the new year faded away? Or, are you like over 50% Americans, who have fallen off the goal-setting train after the first, second or third stop of life?

Have you ever stopped to think of why we only make resolutions the first of every year? Why don’t we make them in March or October? OR better yet why not on July 1st, when we are only half way through the year and have six months left to board that achievement train again and change your life forever?

I am sure you are asking yourself right now, how do I make resolutions that stick?

First off, your resolutions must be simple, specific and to the point. The goal should fill a need that you have not been able to fill this year. Sit back and think about it: do you have a need to improve a certain relationship? Drop a certain amount of weight by the end of the year for your health? Or do you need to make an extra amount of money in order to pay your bills?

You must make the goal REAL to you by allowing it to feel a desired need. This adds meaning and a motivation for achieving your goal, that you might not otherwise have.

Now, do not create one broad resolution that covers multiple areas of your life. As mentioned earlier, resolutions should be short, simple, to the point.

For example instead of creating a goal to just lose weight, make the goal more specific by saying, “I want to lose 10lbs by Thanksgiving”. The goal above states a specific date, to which you would like to achieve your goal by. It also quantifies it by stating a number as to how MUCH weight you would like to lose.

The more specific you can be with your goals, the more focused and attainable they will become.

Next, you need allow some intense emotion to flow through your goals/resolutions. Emotion tends to be what drives us as humans to do what we do every day. It is what drives us to take action… or even not to take action. Each goal must carry an emotional feeling deep down inside of you that makes you want to create a change in your life.

Take out a pen and paper now and write down a sincere emotion for each of your goals/resolutions.

This step may be painful or even saddening, it may bring up feelings of fear or anger, but ALL of these emotions are fine and natural. The more emotion you can dig up, the more likely you will be to stick to that goal/resolution. Remember emotions drive you to do what you do… or don’t do!

Now that you have found a need and attached emotion to it, you must find that burning desire to make the change. Why do you want to change? How will you feel when we have changed? How will you feel about yourself when you drop that 10lbs by Thanksgiving? Just think of all the compliments you will receive and how fantastic you will look in that new outfit as you strut your stuff at the Christmas Party.

Or imagine how you will feel when you start to earn that extra income each month. Let your mind soar and imagine what you can use that extra income on or for!

Thirdly, find an alternative for your previous actions. For example, if you need to lose 10lbs because you come home and sit in front of the TV every night and eat chips and queso, than you need to find a replacement action for your evenings.

You might opt to go for a walk when you feel like pulling that bag of chips out of the pantry, or grab a big glass of water from the fridge. Or find something that you enjoy doing that will occupy your time, so that the bad habits do not creep back in.

Lastly, consistency is key. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. We must be consistent with our actions, desires, and goals. You must pledge to do whatever it takes to make the change. You must decide to change, no matter what, and it must come from you and no one else.

Yes, life gets hard and schedules get rearranged, but do not forget those emotions that you attached to your goals. When life gets in the way and you FEEL like it would be easier to give up then to stay strong and take the essential steps necessary to meet your goals, be sure to keep these emotions fresh on your mind. If necessary, sit down for five minutes and envision how you would feel and what the end state of your goal looks like, feels like, and yes, even tastes like! These feelings must be so much stronger than any other outside distraction.

Now GO, get off your chair and go take the action steps neccessary to make it all happen! You know you can do this, dig down deep and believe in yourself. You are powerful, strong and mentally tough. Make it all happen TODAY by setting those Mid Year Resolutions NOW!

Brief bomb alerts in central London

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There was a bomb alert in Oxford Circus in central London at 1.20pm BST (1220 UTC) today. All streets around Oxford Circus were briefly cordoned off and pedestrians asked to move down side streets.

A similar event occurred that same day at approximately 4.15pm BST (1315 UTC) on Wilton Road, when an unoccupied car was spotted on double yellow lines outside a pub near Victoria Station.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

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