How To Make A Motor Insurance Claim

How to make a motor insurance claim



Motor insurance plans offer cover for damages to your car in case of accidents, theft, third party damage or damage from natural calamities. But every situation has a different claim procedure to go through. There are some preparations you need to do from your end and leave some for the insurer to handle. Below is a brief description on how different claim procedures for motor insurance are handled

Before you go ahead with the claim procedure with your motor insurance provider there are few things you need to take care of to ensure you have a successful claim settlement. These include-

Taking the injured to a hospital In case there is any causality in the accident or mishap it is important they are attended to first.

Recording the details of the mishap If possible, take down the numbers of the driver of the other car, the passengers of the other car and names and numbers of the witnesses in case of an accident.

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Contacting your insurer Get in touch with your insurance provider and inform them of what has happened. They will update you with procedure you need to follow to make a claim.

Survey of the damage The insurer will send a surveyor to assess the damage to the car and give an estimation of the cost to be covered.

FIR For some kind of claims you may have to file an FIR with the local police.

Claim process for an accident

In case of a motor insurance claim for accident damages to your car, you ll first need to get your car towed to the nearest service station. The towing charges can be covered if the policy provides for it. After informing the insurer, a surveyor will assess the damages to the car and take photographs to calculate the expenditure that could be involved in the car\’s repair. Within 24 hours of the claims registration, the insurer will contact you for the collection for the documents. The documents will then be verified with the originals. The company evaluates how much amount should be paid in lieu of the damages. Depending on your choice of cashless or reimbursement claim, the provider will either directly settle the claim with the garage or reimburse you for the expenses incurred. In case of any balance amount, it is paid directly to the consumer.

Claim process for third party damage

A third party claim protects the people who have suffered damage due to your fault. In such a situation you need to immediately inform your insurer. They will then issue a claim form that you need to submit along with a copy of the registration certificate of your car, driving license of the insured person, copy of the FIR and policy document. The company will hire a lawyer on your behalf to handle the case for you. The court then decides the claim amount that you will need to give to the third party. The amount is directly paid to the third party by the insurer.

Claim process for theft

The motor insurance claim settlement for theft is slightly different as compared to the other claims. You ll first need to file an FIR and give a copy to the insurer. In case your car is not found within 90 days then the police will give you a non-traceable certificate. You will then need to submit this certificate to the insurance company to get an approval on your claim process. After the approval of your claim you need to transfer the registration certificate in the name of the insurer and hand over the duplicate keys of your car to the company. This is done to make sure that if you get your car back then the insurance company will keep it as a replacement for the claim amount paid to you. If you have taken a car loan to purchase your car, the insurer will settle the amount directly to the financier.

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Eight dead and two missing after cargo ship fire in Kaliningrad, Russia

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eight people are dead and two more are missing and presumed dead after an explosion and fire on a cargo ship undergoing repairs at a naval dockyard in Kaliningrad, Russia.

The container ship MV Yenisey was the scene of an explosion while in drydock at about 3:00 p.m. Moscow time (11:00 GMT). Ten people were missing after the explosion. It was confirmed today that the eighth body has been recovered, and the remaining two are thought to be dead as well. Three more were injured.

Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo, acting as a navy spokesperson, said “Each family of the victims of the fire on the Yenisey civilian vessel will be paid more than a million rubles.” This makes their compensation roughly equivalent to US$43,000.

Dygolo said that the dockyard, in the closed military town of Baltiysk, near Kaliningrad, had been leased to the Yenisey’s St Petersburg owner, a private company, who were conducting the work themselves. He said an investigation has been launched by the navy led by top admiral Vladimir Vysotsky.

Vysotski himself has indicated that serious safety legislation breaches concerning welding regulations by both the vessel’s owner and the naval dockyard’s bosses. He did not go into details, but RIA Novosti claimed that a source at the dockyard said a gas burner applied to the roof of a fuel tank to heat and therefore loosen its bolts had triggered the disaster.

Today is an official day of mourning for Kaliningrad Region to mark the deaths.

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Quaker website editor launches music podcast programme

Friday, July 22, 2005

Simon Gray, Quaker website editor for the Friend and an organiser for the World Gathering of Young Friends today launched radio star one as a podcast linked to birmingham alive !, the Birmingham what’s on guide.

“It’s an eclectic mix of jazz, world, electronic, classical, & folk”, he said, “perhaps in a similar vein to Radio 3’s late junction programme”.

Simon is currently in consultation to make the Friend itself be available as a podcast. Already subscribers can read it via an RSS feed, with the appropriate aggregator software. Podcasting is a fast-growing form of broadcasting which is freely available to listeners on the internet.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
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Iict An Institute For Distance Education In Management Courses

IICT- An institute for distance education in management courses



Quality education is the main requirement for succeeding in any career, or proceeding for benefits in the future. Education has always been a burden for the students, but with the commencement of different types of education courses and career types, students no more find difficulty in finding the right career for them and moving further with a right career prospective. The colleges and the institutes in India have come up with a number of career prospects and courses, which serves students with the courses of their choice. The number of colleges in India, have also increased to meet the rising demand of the students and to provide admission to all. All the institutes in India are aimed at providing quality education to its students and to train them according to the standards of the market. The busy schedule of the people has lead to the introduction of one more trend in education, i.e. distance education courses. Most of students, doing jobs after their graduation, or directly after 12th, opt for distance education degrees. This trend has been introduced keeping in mind, the importance of the education for the development of a human being and to earn a better living. Due to which, a number of institutes have got opened, which specialises in distant education, one among those is,

Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade


The institute is known for providing a large number of courses in the management and information technology field. Following is a list of the courses provided by the IICT, wit their duration and eligibility criteria:

Two year PG Diploma courses

?Masters Diploma in Business Administration (dual Specialization)

?Eligibility: Graduation degree or three yr Engineering Diploma from Board of Technical Examination, after 12th, with minimum three years of managerial experience.

?Masters Diploma in Business Administration in

?Foreign Trade







?Pharma Marketing

?Software marketing

?Hospital management

?Insurance management

?Information Technology

?Operations management

?Retail Management

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?Hospitality Management

?Services marketing

?Pharma Business management

?Eligibility: Graduation degree

?Foreign Trade Analyst

?Eligibility: Graduation degree

?Management of Foreign Trade

?Duration: 18 months

?Eligibility: Graduation degree

?Executive Masters Diploma in Business Administration

?Duration: 1 year

?Eligibility: graduation with three years of work experience

One year PG Diploma courses

?Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade

?Post Graduate Diploma in Export Marketing

?Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales

?Post Graduate Diploma in Software Marketing

?Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing

?Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Administration

?Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management

?Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resourse Development

?Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management

?Post Graduate Diploma in Drug Store Management

?Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance Management

?Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Management

?Post Graduate Diploma in Management

?Post Graduate Diploma in Information technology

?Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management

?Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management

?Eligibility: Graduation degree

Six months Advance Diploma course

?Advance Diploma in Export Marketing

?Advance Diploma in Marketing and Sales

?Advance Diploma in Software Marketing

?Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing

?Advance Diploma in Tourism Administration

?Advance Diploma in Management

?Advance Diploma in Finance Management

?Advance Diploma in Human Resource Development

?Advance Diploma in Hospital Management

?Advance Diploma in Drug store Management

?Advance Diploma in Insurance Management

?Eligibility: 12th pass

4 months Diploma Course

?Advance Diploma in Export Marketing

?Advance Diploma in Marketing and Sales

?Advance Diploma in Software Marketing

?Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing

?Advance Diploma in Tourism Administration

?Advance Diploma in Management

?Advance Diploma in Finance Management

?Advance Diploma in Human Resource Development

?Advance Diploma in Drug store Management

?Advance Diploma in Insurance Management

?Eligibility: 12th pass

IICT also provide fast track courses in all the above mentioned subjects, with the changes in the time duration from:

oTwo year course in one year

oOne year course in eight months

oSix month course in Four month.

The admission to all the above mentioned courses is through an entrance examination conducted by the IICT, throughout the year, the dates for which can be checked from the official site of the institute. After clearing the entrance examination, the student can get enrolled in the course of their choice and pursue their studies and work simultaneously.

Gurleen Kaur writes on behalf of

. Shiksha is a portal that connects education seeker with education provider. Shiksha provides information about

MBA Courses

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Jermaine Pennant jailed for drink-driving

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Aylesbury, England — The Arsenal F.C. midfielder Jermaine Pennant, currently on loan to Birmingham City, has today pleaded guilty to drink-driving, driving while disqualified, and driving without insurance by Aylesbury magistrates court. Pennant received a sentence of three months imprisonment. Pennant’s lawyer, Bary Warbutton, has said that the footballer will appeal against the severity of the sentence.

The incident occurred on January 23 of this year, Pennant was arrested after crashing teammate Ashley Cole’s car into a lamppost. The 22-year-old claimed that he crashed the car after attempting to operate the car’s Satellite navigation system.

Despite the claim by Warbutton that imprisonment “could completely destroy his career”, Birmingham City have said that they will stand by the player, and help to rehabilitate him. Arsenal released a statement saying that the sentence would not impact the player’s future with the club; his contract with club expires in the summer, at the same time as his loan-spell with Birmingham ends.

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Should I Get Lap Band Surgery Or Gastric Bypass Surgery? Nurse’s Guide

Should I Get Lap Band Surgery or Gastric Bypass Surgery? Nurse’s Guide


Helen Hecker

If you’re considering lap band surgery or gastric bypass surgery for weight loss options or to help you lose weight and not sure which way to go, this article may help you decide on which would be best for you.

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First of all you want to avoid any surgery if at all possible. Surgery comes with consequences. There can be many risks associated with any type of surgery including laparoscopic lap band surgery, which is a type of adjustable banding surgery (or some people call it lap belt surgery or stomach banding) with a patented system and gastric bypass surgery. The risks can be from the anesthetic and other medications that are given during surgery. There can be allergic reactions or adverse reactions. Risks can come from the surgical procedure itself. The bariatric surgeon (weight loss surgeon) may find something he or she hadn’t planned on. There can be complications during the banding procedure or the gastric bypass operation. Following surgery there can be side effects from the surgery itself from the medications that were given before, during or after surgery. There can be other risks associated with either the lap band surgery or other adjustable banding procedure or with gastric bypass. There can be problems with the gastric band fills. Adjustments may be needed. The lap band surgery is a temporary banding procedure and can be removed in the future. Like any surgery it is not completely risk free. And even though it’s reversible you will have scarring and tissue trauma from the surgery and hopefully no future complications. If you have gastric bypass surgery it is permanent. There is no turning around. The long term effects are not known because the surgery is not several decades old. People do develop complications with this surgery. In both cases people have gained weight. They are not fool-proof when it comes to keeping the weight off. Both will require a change in your diet. Gastric bypass will be more restrictive than adjustable banding surgery. To have either surgery, the bariatric doctors or surgeons will want to know that you have tried everything else in your power to lose weight and could not for some reason or other. They will want you to meet certain criteria possibly including a ‘morbidly obese’ diagnosis. If your life is threatened you may have more of a chance of qualifying for the surgery, providing certain ailments, diseases and conditions are not present. Lap band surgery and other adjustable banding surgeries or gastric bypass may or may not be the answer to your obesity or weight problem. Diets have worked for many people. In some cases health insurance may not cover the cost of your lap band surgery and there may be additional costs so it won’t be free. Financing is available for some types of surgical procedures. Travel to another country sometimes is an option for some patients. . But if you have come to the end of the line and still want to get more information make sure you know all the facts.

For more nurse’s tips and info on lap band weight loss surgery and

lap band surgery risks

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NHL: Stars advance in eighth-longest playoff game

Monday, May 5, 2008

Brenden Morrow scored the game-winning goal, 9:03 into the fourth overtime, as the Dallas Stars defeated the San Jose Sharks 2-1. The goal gave the Stars a 4-games-to-2 series win, and they advance to the Western Conference Finals, where they’ll face the Detroit Red Wings.

The game, which took 5 hours and 17 minutes to complete, was marked by the play of goalies Marty Turco and Evgeni Nabokov, who combined for 114 saves.

In the second period, the Stars took a 1-0 lead with an Antti Miettinen goal. However, early in the third period, Ryane Clowe tied the game at 1, with a wrist shot that soared past the outstretched glove of Stars goalie Marty Turco.

As the game went into overtime, both teams fought hard for early chances. Both Turco and Nabokov turned away great chances, including a glove save by Nabokov that appeared to pull his glove above — but not over — the goal line; while the goal light briefly went off, referee Tim Peel waved off the goal immediately. A video review confirmed that the shot was not a goal. The Stars outshot the Sharks 18-11 in the first OT.

In the second overtime period, the Sharks outshot Dallas a staggering 11-2, but Turco continued to keep the puck out of the net. A third OT hooking penalty against Nicklas Grossman gave the Sharks the first power play since the second period of regulation, but they were unable to even get a shot on goal, and did not capitalize on the man advantage

8:14 into the fourth overtime, a tripping penalty to Brian Campbell gave the Stars a power play. 49 seconds into the power play, forward Brenden Morrow redirected a Stephane Robidas shot to the right of Nabokov, his seventh goal of the playoffs.

Turco made 61 saves on 62 shots for the win. Nabokov made 53 saves in the loss.

The game is the eighth-longest playoff game in NHL history, and the third-longest in Stars history. In 2003, the Stars were defeated by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in a five-overtime thriller. A 2007 game saw the Stars defeated in four overtimes by the Vancouver Canucks.

Dallas avoided a deciding Game 7, which would have been held in San Jose. The Stars won the first three games of the series, but strong performances by San Jose, including a Game 5 overtime win, narrowed the series to 3-2.

The Stars advance to face the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Finals. Game 1 of that series is scheduled for Thursday, at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

The Eastern Conference Finals, meanwhile, is an all-Pennsylvania matchup, as the Pittsburgh Penguins, who clinched their series with a 3-2 overtime victory on Sunday, face off against the rival Philadelphia Flyers. Game 1 will be held at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh on Friday.

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International forces in Dili reach agreement

Thursday, June 8, 2006

The international forces in East Timor have reached an agreement about the coordination of the military and police forces in the field. Representatives of the four countries reached the agreement during an urgent meeting after an incident between Australian and Portuguese soldiers yesterday.

In the agreement reached between Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Portugal and the Timorese government, operational autonomy is given to the international forces, which will operate in cooperation and coordination with each other.

The agreement also stated that in an initial phase Dili will be divided into sectors, and each area will be under the control of an international force. Outside of its area of responsibility, the military or police force will only be able to operate if other international forces request their actions. Also was agreed that the police forces will assume total control of the city after the military forces leave their current occupied positions. A situation that is expected after the arrival of the remaining equipment, mainly vehicles, for the Portuguese Republican National Guard (GNR) and the arrival of the remaining Malaysian police officers and their equipment.

In an official notice, the Timorese Foreign Minister, José Ramos Horta stated that “the objective on a long run is for the GNR to operate has a tactical intervention force in all the city of Dili”.

Ramos Horta explained that “in the next days, maybe already tomorrow morning, they [the Australian, Malaysian, New Zealand and Portuguese forces] will do some coordination training, in way to assure that the four forces know exactly what each one will do”. “Since some are from the Army and the others [Portuguese Republican National Guard] are a specialized police and that they never worked together, its useful to carry out some practical exercises”, he added.

In another subject, Ramos Horta explained that the Australian soldiers that are in Maubisse, next to a rebel group lead by major Reinado, and in Gleno, Ermera, next to another group of “military opponents”, are there “containing those elements”.

“Those groups are not comparable with other people that are here in Dili and that must be disarmed”, Ramos Horta said.

“The Australian presence in Maubisse and Gleno aims in containing those groups on their areas, until arrives the moment in which the President decides that is time for also mister Alfredo Reinado and the others to put down their weapons”, he said. “This is not urgent because they are not causing problems to anyone”, he justified.

The urgency of the resolution and clarification of the command and cooperation of the international forces was originated after an incident between Australian and Portuguese soldiers. When yesterday a Portuguese GNR patrol transported three people to a temporary detention center managed by Australian soldiers.

The detainees were arrested by a GNR Special Operations team, after being caught looting a governmental warehouse, in Balide, Dili.

The Australian soldiers then refused to receive the detained men, questioning the legitimacy of the Portuguese soldiers to make arrests. The Portuguese contingent transported the detainees to the Timorese prison services in Dili.

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Art Linkletter, creator of “Kids Say the Darndest Things”, dies peacefully at 97

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art Linkletter, creator of the television show Kids Say the Darndest Things, died peacefully in his Los Angeles, California home Wednesday.

Linkletter was best known for his television broadcasting hits, Kids Say the Darndest Things, People Are Funny, The Art Linkletter Show, and House Party. Linkletter was also a famed author, compiling the quotes from Kids Say the Darndest Things into a best-selling book of the same name. Bill Cosby says that “because of Art Linkletter, adults found themselves enjoying children.” A few of Linksletter’s other books are I Didn’t Do It Alone, Old Age is Not for Sissies, How To Be a Supersalesman, Confessions of a Happy Man, and Hobo on the Way to Heaven.

The Grammy-winning song We Love You, Call Collect was recorded jointly by Linkletter and his daughter Diane, who had later died from a fall from a sixth floor Hollywood apartment.

As the owner of Linkletter Enterprises, Linkletter owned real estate in Australia and invested in oil wells.

Linkletter, originally known as Gordon Arthur Kelly, was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan before being adopted by the Linkletter family. Linkletter was predeceased by his daughter and two sons, and is survived by his wife, two other daughters, seven grandchildren, and numerous great grandchildren.

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