Cisco sues Apple for iPhone trademark

Friday, January 12, 2007

The iPhone only made its appearance as a prototype and there have been controversies aroused.

The dispute has come up between the manufacturer of the iPhone (which was presented on Wednesday for the first time) — Apple Inc. — and a leader in network and communication systems, based in San Jose — Cisco. The company claims to possess the trademark for iPhone, and moreover, that it sells devices under the same brand through one of its divisions.

This became the reason for Cisco to file a lawsuit against Apple Inc. so that the latter would stop selling the device.

Cisco states that it has received the trademark in 2000, when the company overtook Infogear Technology Corp., which took place in 1996.

The Vice President and general counsel of the company, Mark Chandler, explained that there was no doubt about the excitement of the new device from Apple, but they should not use a trademark, which belongs to Cisco.

The iPhone developed by Cisco is a device which allows users to make phone calls over the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).

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Australian Defence Department funds controversial development training

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Australia’s Department of Defence spent thousands of dollars on controversial development seminars, Australian media reported Wednesday. The seminars are run by a San Francisco, California-based training company called Landmark Education. The company evolved from Erhard Seminars Training “est”, and has faced criticism regarding its techniques and its use of unpaid labor.

Australia’s Defence Minister Warren Snowdon said that the government is in the process of reviewing Defence Department expenditures on career development. “We’re in the process now of doing an audit, completely unrelated with anything to do with Landmark, which is being undertaken into learning and development to make sure that they meet our needs. … We have to be very sure that the courses that people do undertake are relevant, appropriate and indeed in line with what community expectations might be,” said Snowdon in an appearance on ABC Radio.

We’re in the process now of doing an audit, completely unrelated with anything to do with Landmark, which is being undertaken into learning and development to make sure that they meet our needs.

The Australian and Australia’s ABC News reported that Landmark Education had been listed in France as a “possible cult” in the mid 1990s. When asked about this on ABC Radio, a spokeswoman for the company in the United States, Deborah Beroset, responded: “What happened in France was that a commission established by the French parliament issued a report in which they listed almost 200 organisations as being possible cults … We were never contacted. We were inappropriately included in that list”.

In a program which aired Wednesday, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio program AM reported that Australia’s Defence Department spent at least AUD12,270 of taxpayer funds to send government employees to Landmark Education courses. According to AM, the Defence Department said it does not appear that further funds have been sent to Landmark Education since 2004.

In a statement released by the Defence Department, the government stated: “A search of Defence records does not indicate exactly how many individuals attended courses with this training provider, however it is believed it was a small number of individuals. … Defence has been unable to determine individual reasons for why groups within Defence choose this training provider.”

AM also reported that the use of unpaid labor by Landmark Education “has attracted the attention of the US and French governments,” and that some individuals in the mental health field have accused the company of brainwashing. When asked about the allegations by mental health experts that Landmark Education’s techniques amounted to brainwashing, Deborah Beroset responded: “Well, there is absolutely no credence to that whatsoever.”

Decisions on the appropriateness of staff attending courses by Landmark Education are made by individual managers who remain best-placed to assess the development needs of their staff.

In a March 9 article in the Herald Sun, Peter Rolfe reported that taxpayer money was used to send at least 37 police and government staff from Victoria, Australia to seminars run by Landmark Education. Police and Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron said that “Decisions on the appropriateness of staff attending courses by Landmark Education are made by individual managers who remain best-placed to assess the development needs of their staff,” but State Liberal MP Murray Thompson told the Herald Sun that the funds should have been put towards fighting crime. Apple Inc., Reebok, and Mercedes-Benz have sent employees to Landmark Education seminars, according to a spokeswoman for Landmark.

In October 2006, Landmark Education took legal action against Google, YouTube, the Internet Archive, and a website owner in Queensland, Australia in attempts to remove criticism of its products from the Internet. The company sought a subpoena under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in an attempt to discover the identity of an anonymous critic who uploaded a 2004 French documentary of the Landmark Forum to the Internet. “Voyage au pays des nouveaux gourous” (Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus) was produced by Pièces à Conviction, a French investigative journalism news program. The Electronic Frontier Foundation represented the anonymous critic and the Internet Archive, and Landmark withdrew its subpoena in November 2006 in exchange for a promise from the anonymous critic not to repost the video.

Landmark Education is descended from Erhard Seminars Training, also called “est”, which was founded by Werner Erhard. est began in 1971, and Erhard’s company Werner Erhard and Associates repackaged the course as “The Forum” in 1985. Associates of Erhard bought the license to his “technology” and incorporated Landmark Education in California in 1991.

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Italy confirms swapping Taliban for Mastrogiacomo

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo who was held hostage for 15 days, was traded for five Taliban prisoners, as confirmed by Italian and Afgani authorities.

This likely represents the first time during the Iraq War or War in Afghanistan that prisoners were openly exchanged for a hostage. An Afghani government source said the swap “was an exceptional measure taken because we value our relations and friendship with Italy.”

Maybe the enemy will realize the great benefit they gained from this deal, and tomorrow even the reporters in Kabul won’t be safe. This is not good. The government can’t let the enemy use this strategy.

The move received sharp criticism from allies of Italy. In Washington, a senior State Department official said the United States was pleased the journalist had been released unharmed, but was troubled by possible ramifications of the swap. A spokesperson at the British Foreign Office said the deal sent “the wrong signal to prospective hostage-takers”.

Maxime Verhagen, Foreign Minister of the Netherlands spoke against the swap, “When we create situations where you can buy the freedom of Taliban fighters when you catch a journalist, in the short term there will be no journalists anymore.”

The international backlash is the latest headache for Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, who has fought hard to keep troops in Afghanistan despite resistance from pacifists within his centre-left coalition.

Prodi briefly resigned last month after a defeat in the Senate over his foreign policy, including Afghanistan, and needs the Senate next week to approve a refinancing of the mission.

An opinion poll published by Mastrogiacomo’s newspaper, La Repubblica, showed that 51 percent of Italians surveyed supported the exchange, while 41 percent opposed it.

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Discovering The Difficulties Of Eliminating Bed Bugs In Massachusetts

byAlma Abell

Bed bugs seem to be making a comeback, even in states like Massachusetts where there are excellent pest control organizations such as Guaranty Pest, who are very experienced in matters such as these. However, there are times when people think they have this problem even though the exterminator has treated for it and can find no reason for an infestation to continue. Sometimes, there are mitigating circumstances that people aren’t considering. For example, in a multiple family dwelling such as an apartment building, the actual bed bug infestation may be coming from another household. The insects could be easily picked up by animals, family or friends and carried into your home inadvertently. Likewise, an infestation could occur in other places such as your car or your place of business.

Bed bugs often hitchhike on clothing, luggage or any item with small dark crevices. An infestation can quickly grow from a single egg bearing female or a couple of males and a single female for breeding. In spite of their name, eliminating bed bugs in Massachusetts takes a little more than fumigating the mattress and bedding. In fact, you will need to treat any furniture including dressers, cabinets and side tables. To ensure the infestation has no place to hide, you will want to eliminate as much clutter around your home as possible.

Bed bugs are known to hide anywhere. The have been found in practically every dark corner in a home including electrical outlets and even computer systems. This means that these annoying little insects can travel to your home or office from anywhere, which can make them extremely difficult to eradicate without the combined effort of your exterminator and yourself.

Unfortunately, you have no control over how you first get infested with bed bugs. Many times, the initial insects come from an external source and were carried close to you by a friend or co-worker who is just as unaware of the problem as you are. If you think you have an infestation of bed bugs in Massachusetts and you feel you need more information to deal with this problem, you might consider consulting the many websites available on the Internet. You can begin your search once you Click Here.

Florida man charged with stealing Wi-Fi

Update since publication

This article mentions that Wi-Fi stands for “Wireless Fidelity”, although this is disputed.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

A Florida man is being charged with 3rd degree felony for logging into a private Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Internet access point without permission. Benjamin Smith III, 41, is set for a pre-trial hearing this month in the first case of its kind in the United States.

This kind of activity occurs frequently, but often goes undetected by the owners of these wireless access points (WAPs). Unauthorized users range from casual Web browsers, to users sending e-mails, to users involved in pornography or even illegal endeavours.

According to Richard Dinon, owner of the WAP Smith allegedly broke into, Smith was using a laptop in an automobile while parked outside Dinon’s residence.

There are many steps an owner of one of these access points can take to secure them from outside users. Dinon reportedly knew how to take these steps, but had not bothered because his “neighbors are older.”

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Ericsson’s CEO Tours Marconi Sites

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Carl-Henric Svanberg, CEO of Ericsson, began a tour of some of Marconi’s European sites this morning, starting at Coventry and moving to Beeston for the afternoon session. Genoa and Backnang will be visited on Wednesday and Thursday.

Mike Parton, CEO of Marconi Corporation, spoke of the ‘good news’ for all stake-holders and introduced Svanberg to a round of applause from the majority of the staff at Coventry New Century Park, while more staff from Coventry New Horizon Park listened on a conference call line.

The purpose of the tour is to communicate to approx. Eighty percent of Marconi’s staff and allow them to ask questions about the asset purchase proposed by Ericsson.

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The 10 Magical Beauty Benefit Of Rose Water Everyone Must Know About It}

Submitted by: Ashley Rosa

Rosewater is one of the most straightforward and least expensive magnificence items that you can purchase from your closest excellence store. In the event that you are wanting to incorporate characteristic item in your skincare administration begin with Rose water. Rose water can be utilized as a part of different courses for skin medications like as toner, in a face packs and so on. Rose water resembles an enchantment elixir which can mysteriously change your skin with standard utilize. Rose water works for all skin sorts so whether you have sleek, dry or blend skin, you can add rose water to your magnificence administration. Today, I am sharing some stunning Beauty Benefits of Rose water and how to utilize it in your healthy skin administration!

10 Benefits of Rosewater For Skin and Hair:

Rose water has hostile to bacterial and clean properties, so it feels delicate on skin and keeps the skin issue free.

Rose water has regular mitigating properties so it can help relieve and quiet delicate and chafed skin

Rose water is loaded with against oxidants and different vitamins, in this way, it can help keep the indications of maturing and feed the skin.

Rose keeps up the skin’s pH adjust, and furthermore controls abundance oil.

Rose water hydrates and rejuvenate the skin giving it an invigorating look.

Rose water has astringent which cleans pores and tone the skin.

The smell of roses is extremely quieting and if utilized on pads it helps in rest better following a long tiring day, so you up restored.

Rose aroma is an awesome mind-set enhancer which relieves faculties and get frees you of stress and uneasiness making you feels more casual.

Rose water attributable to its hostile to bacterial properties can treat mellow scalp aggravations and help you dispose of dandruff.

Rosewater has supporting and saturating properties which works ponders as a characteristic conditioner and enhances hair surface.

Step by step instructions to Use Rose Water for Skin:

1. Rose water for Eyes to Reduce Eye Puffiness:

Rose water is exceptionally tender and mitigating on skin and can be securely utilized on eyes. Keep a container of rose water in the ice chest for 20-30 minutes. Dunk some cotton cushions into the chilled rose water and put it on the eyes for couple of minutes. It will quiet down the nerves around the eyes lessening puffiness and alleviating the delicate under eye skin.

2. Rose water as Face Mist:

Rose water is my closest companion particularly in summers. When nothing helps a couple spritz of frosty rose water can truly help in quieting down the sun blazed skin. Fill a splash bottle with rose water and keep it in icebox. Presently every time you venture into the house fog your face with Rose water. It will in a split second spruce up the skin, normally hydrating it and adding an excellent brilliant gleam to the skin. Utilize this rose water confront fog each time your skin needs a break.

3. Rose water as Skin Toner:

Rose water makes an incredible skin toner. It fixes the pores and adds a characteristic gleam to the skin. It has hostile to maturing properties and with customary utilize rose water can help in forestalling wrinkles as well.

4. Rose water as Makeup Setting Spray:

With Rose water as a completing shower you can dispose of all the fineness and appreciate a wonderful sparkling skin with dewy wrap up. Simply utilize it sparingly with the goal that it doesn’t move the cosmetics. Rose water for face is ideal for dry skin in winters.

5. Rose water as Skin Soother:

Rose water has clean properties and soothingly affects skin. Utilize it on naturally shaved or waxed legs to quiet down the aggravated skin and make the most of its delightful aroma. Rose water for Skin works like a characteristic soother.

6. Rose water as Makeup Remover/Facial Cleanser:

Rose water can work ponders when utilized as a Facial Cleanser. You can plan DIY Rose Water Facial Cleanser by blending Rose Water with Glycerin and basic Oils for dry skin or include few drops of lemon squeeze in rose water for Oily Skin. Apply it on face and wipe off with a cotton swab. It will profoundly rinse your skin and evacuate any earth or cosmetics buildup from your face.

7. Rose water in Face pack for Oily Skin:

Rosewater is useful for slick skin as it controls oil discharge and keep up skin’s pH levels. Utilize Rose water for face by Mixing some rose water in more full earth (multani mitti) and make a smooth glue. Apply this glue on face for around 20 minutes and after that wash off with running water. This face pack will drench the overabundance oil from the skin and profoundly wash down the pores without over drying the skin. Consummate face pack for Oily Skin in Summers.

8. Rose water for Glowing Skin:

Rose water has against tanning properties and makes a decent showing with regards to in bringing back the sparkle of the skin. Set up an Anti-Tan face pack with Rose water by including finely processed Gram flour, few drop of Lemon squeeze and blend it with rose water to make a smooth glue. Give this glue a chance to sit on your skin for 15-20 minutes and wash off. It will give you an unmistakable composition with a brilliant shine.

9. Rose Hair Mask For Dry and Frizzy Hair:

Set up the Hair cover for dry and crimped hair by blending rose water and aloe vera gel in equivalent extents. Include Olive Oil or Glycerin for additional sustenance. Apply this blend on scalp and back rub delicately for couple of minutes. Give it a chance to sit for around 30-40 minutes. Wash off with your customary cleanser. This pack will feed the scalp and make hair smooth and without frizz.

10. Rose Hair Rinse for Dull hair:

Rose water deals with enhancing the hair quality also. Subsequent to shampooing your hair, take some rosewater and utilize this as a last flush on your hair. It won’t just condition your hair yet will likewise add a wonder sparkle to your hairs. Likewise, you can appreciate the mellow ruddy aroma entire day in your hair.

Thus, these are some of thoughts and tips to utilize Rose water for your skin and hair. There a various Rose water utilizes yet these are probably the most prominent approaches to utilize Rose water in Skincare.

About the Author: The author Ashley Rosa is a professional writer of

who writes articles on health related topics,skin care,supplements for weight loss.


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Former Scottish Conservatives leader Annabel Goldie to stand down as MSP

Friday, June 26, 2015

Annabel Goldie, Scottish Conservative Party leader from 2005 to 2011, has announced she will stand down as an MSP at the next elections in 2016. Goldie, who has been an MSP for the West Scotland (previously West of Scotland) electoral region since the Scottish Parliament’s formation in 1999, said she intends to focus on her role in the House of Lords, where she has been a peer since 2013.File:Annabel Goldie.jpg

In a statement today, Goldie said leading the party was an “enormous honour” for her. She also said: “It has afforded me both satisfaction and pleasure to serve my constituents and to serve the parliament and I will look back with great happiness at my time as an MSP. I am grateful to friends and colleagues from all parties for their support. Sometimes we found common ground, sometimes we disagreed but never I hope with rancour nor disrespect. Politics is a rough trade but we have built a strong parliament in Scotland of which we can all be rightly proud.” She said because of Ruth Davidson, her successor as Scottish Conservative leader, the party is now “in fine fettle and stands a great chance of making real progress in the years ahead,” concluding by saying: “I look forward to continuing to work as part of that effort in the House of Lords in the years to come.”

Davidson responded to the news by calling Goldie an “unstoppable force”, adding: “She has been an inspiration to a whole generation of Scottish Conservatives, and she has been a tremendous mentor, support and friend to me. In Holyrood, she has fostered both affection and respect from all members – regardless of their political affiliation – and her retirement from the Scottish Parliament will leave an Annabel-sized hole which won’t ever quite be filled. She is unique.” Meanwhile, David Cameron, UK Conservative leader and UK Prime Minister, said: “Annabel is one of those rare breeds in Scottish politics, somebody known by her first name alone. When she was Scottish Conservative leader, I valued her sage advice. She has been a towering strength to our party in Scotland, a doughty debater in the TV studios and Scottish Parliament and has one of the sharpest wits around. I wish her a long and happy retirement after 17 years unstinting service at Holyrood – but look forward to seeing her on the red benches of the Lords for years to come.”

In Holyrood, she has fostered both affection and respect from all members – regardless of their political affiliation – and her retirement from the Scottish Parliament will leave an Annabel-sized hole which won’t ever quite be filled. She is unique.

Goldie, the Scottish Conservatives’ first ever female leader, was elected unopposed. She took up the role in the aftermath of David McLetchie’s resignation from the role in an expenses usage controversy and subsequent resignation of Brian Monteith from his Conservative whip role in the Scottish Parliament for briefing the media against him. Meanwhile, as Scottish Conservatives won 18 seats in the Scottish Parliament in 1999 and 2003, the party had been less successful in UK general elections in Scotland; Conservatives went up from zero out of a possible 72 UK MPs in Scotland in 1997 to one in 2001. This led to Goldie remarking in her inaugural speech in 2005 that: “The wheels are back on the wagon – and I’m the nag hitched up to tow it.” She also said: “The party is still way ahead of where it was in 1997. And my first task is to take it forward to 2007.” However, under Goldie’s leadership, the number of seats the Scottish Conservatives won in the Scottish Parliament slightly decreased from 18 in 2003 to 17 in 2007 and to 15 in 2011. At the same time, the number of Conservative MPs stood at one out of a possible 59 after the 2010 UK general election.

In the aforementioned 2005 speech, she also said the party could be trusted with devolution in Scotland, adding: “making devolution work better means real devolution: not the lumbering and cripplingly expensive array of government departments, government advisers, consultants, quangos, quasi-quangos and agencies with all their expensive appendages, but devolving down to people and their communities, their right to make their own decisions about their lives, how for example they procure healthcare and how they educate their children.” Goldie would go on to sit on the advisory board for the Smith Commission, which was set up to examine which further political powers should be devolved to Scotland following the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. More recently, Goldie supported a reduction in the voting age for Scottish Parliament elections from 18 to 16 in a vote earlier this month, commenting: “I think it is an opportunity for them to continue their high level of engagement in topical affairs that we saw with the independence referendum.”

Goldie, a member of the Salvation Army’s West of Scotland Advisory Board and a Church of Scotland elder, is not the only Scottish Conservative MSP intending to stand down in 2016. Mary Scanlon, Gavin Brown, Alex Fergusson and Nanette Milne all reportedly intend to leave the Scottish Parliament next year.

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How the Army Corps of Engineers closed one New Orleans breach

Friday, September 9, 2005

New Orleans, Louisiana —After Category 4 storm Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans, on the night before August 29, 2005, several flood control constructions failed. Much of the city flooded through the openings. One of these was the flood wall forming one side of the 17th Street Canal, near Lake Pontchartrain. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is the primary agency for engineering support during such emergencies. A USACE team was assessing the situation in New Orleans on the 29th, water flow was stopped September 2nd, and the breach was closed on September 5th.

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What Is Stock Trading

When someone says that they are buying shares, selling them or holding them, they are talking about stock trading or in particular, themselves as they are the stock traders. Stock traders are divided on the basis of the trading volume that they undergo.

Traders are generally traders or investors. The investors invest their money in some firm and then they tend to practically forget about any such investment. The idea is to make long term gains, avoiding every day fluctuation that the market has always been a witness to.

Traders on the other hand trade their stocks with one and one aim only. Make profits. Buy low and sell high has always been the mantra of day traders who begin their trading when the market opens and are done with it when the market closes. It has to be kept in mind that stock trading is never as easy as it seems and should always be done with ease and care.

Since stock trading has become vast to the levels that are unprecedented, people come up with a lot of different strategies and ways to make money. It is hard to define stock trading sometimes.

Still, let us answer some of the most basic questions about stock trading.

What is stock trading? :

To make the money off of the price movements that a stock may undergo in one single day, day traders will always be in a loop of selling and buying the shares. There are traders who aremore into penny stocksthat have a relatively lower price movement and there are traders who are more into the blue chip stocks that are kept in the game for the long term.

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Stock trending is broadly classified into two categories.

Active trading and day trading.

Active trading:

Active trading is when the person is actively involved in trading but is not trading on the daily. Maybe more than 10 times a month but not more than that. These types of traders follow a specific strategy that they have set to make them short term profits at a particular moment in that particular tenure.

Day trading:

Here, the traders play on the daily. They are actively involved in trading and trade every day. Day traders are active as soon as the market opens and the good ones have already set their targets a few hours ago and are just waiting to execute those ideas. Their business ends as the trading day does.

Day traders buy and sell stocks multiple times a day with an aim of making money with the help of minimum risk ratio.

How can you trade stocks online?

To be a good trader, the key is to be in the game for a long time and that is the only way to make profits and money in the market. The game is to stick to the strategy that is once made and then making money with that and that only.

The step by step process to become an online stock trader can be found anywhere on the internet.

They Have artiles where they tell you to become a trader with a broker first and then open your account with the broker. Everyone knows that. The key to becoming a successful online stock broker is to be consistent and that is it.

There are brokers who put in therotten ideas of trading on either leverage or CFDs into the heads of novice traders.

The traders being new to the market always pay unwanted heed to such things and end up losing their money rapidly.

There are specific characteristics a goodtrading strategyhas always had.The survival of the trader and the success rate of the trade both are dependent on how verified the strategy is. The strategies that the novices device are not verified by anyone and hence are responsible for bringing loss to the trader. Sometimes the loss is so big that the trader quits trading altogether. The improv schemes the traders go through while trading are the reasons why trades fail.

Are you looking for a broker that can help you in trading stocks online?

Look no further

HFTradingwas established as a broker in 2019 and ever since, the broker has made a lot of noise in the market.

The fact that it is regulated with no one but two brokers makes it more than legitimate. With more than 300 tradable assets to trade with, the broker has made three thief trading accounts on which the trader can choose to trade from. The leverage that the broker provides, the preads that the broker asks, are all different for each trading account and respond to different assets differently.

Bottom Line:

Trading in stocks is a hard thing to do and should never be taken lightly. It has to be kept in mind that emotions never bought the food, math did.