US unemployment hits two-year high

Friday, January 4, 2008

Unemployment in the United States rose sharply last month and government figures released late Friday show the number of new jobs was at its lowest level in four years. President Bush is considering more tax cuts in an effort to boost the nation’s sagging economy.

American unemployment rose to five percent last month, the highest rate since 2005 and new employment statistics released Friday show the U.S. economy added only 18,000 new jobs in December, far fewer than most economists expected.

“This economy of ours is on a solid foundation, but we can’t take economic growth for granted, and there are signs that will cause us to be ever more diligent and make sure good policies come out of Washington,” he said.

The president says consumer spending is still strong and core inflation is low, but home values are declining and gasoline and food prices are rising.

Mr. Bush warned opposition Democrats in Congress against raising taxes, saying that is the worst thing lawmakers could do. But he did urge them to pass legislation that could help more Americans refinance their homes.

“When Congress comes back, I look forward to working with them to deal with the economic realities of the moment and to ensure the American people that we will do everything we can to make sure we remain a prosperous country,” he added.

The ongoing financial crisis over adjustable-rate mortgages continues to affect the overall economy and not just home sales. There has been a cut in jobs in the building industry and the Labor Department report also shows a drop in factory jobs.

President Bush is considering an economic stimulus package that could include more tax cuts. In a Thursday interview with the Reuters news service, Mr. Bush said he and his economic team are considering all their options and he probably will not decide whether to act until his State of the Union Address later this month.

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer is urging the president to take action to avoid what the lawmaker says could be the economy tumbling into recession.

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What Is An Online Casino?

Submitted by: Hosea Antsbere

If you are looking for a good way to relax after a long day of work then you should definitely consider visiting an online casino. Online casinos have provided people with the opportunity to enjoy all the fun they would enjoy from gambling at a casino without having to leave the comfort of their home.

If you are looking for a good way to relax after a long day of work then you should definitely consider visiting an online casino. Online casinos have provided people with the opportunity to enjoy all the fun they would enjoy from gambling at a casino without having to leave the comfort of their home. The best part about it is that there are several high stake jackpots you can win while playing on an online casino. Therefore the fact that you are not in an actual casino does not eliminate your chances of winning money; but remember you have to spend some to make some.

YouTube Preview Image

Most online casino operates in their own specific ways. You might find that how one online casino operates is completely different from the other; it all depends on which online casino you decide to choose. Because the online casino industry is becoming popular, the online casinos are trying to devise ways of ensuring that they do not lose any customers but instead gain more. One method they are using is by offering special discounts to first time player who are registering on the various online casino games. Some have even offered completely free registration.

The special discounts come in several different forms; one form of a discount is a special jackpot that is limited to first time players only. Once you register you are eligible to win the jackpot when you play for the first time; in such cases you might find that the jackpot has accumulated up to six digits within a short period of time so several people are drawn to it. Some online casinos allow you to play the casino games without initial capital for a specific period of time after you register meaning that you have the chance to win without having to spend any of your money.

If you are worried about not having the knowledge or the skill to play the online casino games then you should stop worrying. Jackpotjoy online casino offers free tutorials on any game to those who wish to go through the tutorial before playing any game. The tutorials on online casino games mostly come in handy when you want to learn difficult games like Jackpotjoy blackjack; otherwise if you want to play the slot machine or Jackpotjoy roulette then all you will need in order to win a game is your luck and nothing more.

Always check the credibility of the online casino before registering for it; this is the only way to completely avoid being conned. There are several ways to check the credibility of an online casino, one of them is by checking how long it has been around. Jackpotjoy casino for example has been around for a long time, it has therefore gotten time to grow in terms of the online casino being interactive. Not all online casinos can boast of having the same credibility. Therefore you should definitely consider how credible the online casino is if you want to enhance your online gaming experience.

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Wikinews interviews Spain’s most decorated Paralympian, Teresa Perales

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zaragoza, Spain — On Thursday, Wikinews traveled to Zaragoza, Spain to interview the nation’s most decorated Paralympian and IPC Athlete Council representative Teresa Perales. A wide range of topics about the Paralympics and sport in Spain were discussed including the evolution of Paralympic sport, disability sport classification, funding support across all levels of elite sport including the Paralympics and Olympics, the role of sportspeople in politics, sponsorship issues, and issues of gender in Spanish sport.

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Astronomer tells Wikinews about discovery of closest black hole known so far

Friday, May 22, 2020

A study published in journal Astronomy & Astrophysics last month reported astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and elsewhere discovered a black hole in the Telescopium constellation. The study stated the black hole is about 1010 ± 195 light years (310 ± 60 parsec) away from the Solar System, meaning it is the nearest known black hole from the Earth. The nearest previously known black hole — V616 Mon — the study noted was usually estimated at more than 3000 light years away.

The black hole described in the study is located in the HR 6819 stellar system of Telescopium constellation, making it the first system visible to the naked eye to contain a black hole. HR 6819 contains two stars, and they are visible from the Southern Hemisphere. The astronomers started observing the system in 1999. Initially, they thought it was just a binary system, consisting of two stars. However, upon examination, the researchers concluded there was a third unseen object in the system. One of the two stars in the HR 6819 system is close to the black hole and orbits the black hole in just 40.333 ± 0.004 days.

This newly discovered black hole does not have an accretion disk. A black hole forms an accretion disk when a significant amount of matter orbits the black hole, as depicted in the image. Accretion disks often emit electromagnetic radiation. Since this black hole does not have an accretion disk, researchers had to rely on the gravitational effect of the black hole on the nearby star in order to discover it.

Researchers used the binary mass function to conclude the black hole had a mass of at least 4.2 M? (Solar masses; 1 Solar mass = mass of the Sun). Its companion star, which orbits the black hole in about 40 days, is classified as a B3 III star. The outer star is classified as a Be star. Be stars rotate very quickly around their axes. Since the outer star rotates so rapidly, the star is not exactly spherical, but instead oblate, bulged at its equator, forming a gas disk around the equator.

The research suggested HR 6819 was very similar to another system LB-1. The HR 6819 system is estimated to be between 15–75 million years old (myr). The inner star has estimated mass of at least 6.3 ± 0.7 M?. Using the mass and the speed at which the inner star rotates, the researchers concluded the black hole had an estimated mass of 5.0 ± 0.4 M?. Researcher and co-author of the study Thomas Rivinius told Wikinews the inner star and the black hole are closer than the Sun and the Earth (1au; 150 million km; 93 million miles).

The researchers dedicated the paper to Stanislav Štefl, one of the fellow researchers who died in a car accident in 2014 in Santiago, Chile.

Wikinews caught up with Thomas Rivinius to discuss about this discovery.

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Earth Day 2009 celebrated around the globe

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today is the 39th observance of Earth Day in the northern hemisphere. Earth day is celebrated in Autumn on November 30 in the southern hemisphere. Senator Gaylord Nelson initiated the first Earth Day in April 1970 in the United States, and it is now celebrated by over 1 billion people in over 170 countries worldwide. Earth Day is the biggest environmental event which addresses issues and educates people on environmental awareness on a global scale.

This year, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will beam high-definition images to the NASA website and television. By doing so, NASA hopes to increase appreciation of global climate issues. There will also be a Washington exhibit relating to environmental issues viewed from space as well.

At the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center activities will focus on their slogan for Earth Day 2009, “Just One Drop … PRICELESS” and will demonstrate how the Environmental Control Life Support System operates as used on the International Space Staton (ISS).

Amongst the many festivals, WorldFest is a solar powered music celebration held in Los Angeles, California. Buenos Aires will also feature its second Earth Day event featuring a music festival as well.

“We are in a new era of energy innovation,” said Daniel Yergin at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) forum. Lithium-ion batteries are providing electric storage solutions for electric cars such as the Chevrolet Volt and the Dodge Circuit EV. Algae fuel is a new form of biofuel, but is still under development.

“Energy Smackdown” was a competitive household activity which compared energy usage between 60 separate households across three cities in or near Boston. The various competitors came up with a variety of innovative methods to cut their carbon footprint, installing solar electric panels, geothermal heat pumps, wind turbines, and using a caulking gun to seal the home from drafts.

“In the average home, 75 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off.” is a United States Department of Energy (DOE) estimate.

Miami is installing a smart grid which will use individual household smart meters to allow energy consumers know via a web site, their exact home energy usage. “To me these are prudent and smart investments that will easily pay for themselves. It will show the nation how to address environmental, energy, and economic challenges all at the same time.” said Miami mayor Manny Diaz.

Cal Dooley, CEO of the American Chemistry Council ACC, says the plastic bag industry is prepared to spend US$50 million to revamp their manufacturing facilities and will collect 470 million pounds of recycled plastic every year to make plastic bags of 40% recycled content. The ACC is providing a donation to the Keep America Beautiful environmental organisation, both of whom endorse this new project. The Earth Day Network (EDN) and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) would like to see an end to the use of plastic bags, however. “We don’t want people to use disposable bags. We want people to use reusable bags,” says Darby Hoover of the NRDC.

Calgary researchers will begin field surveys to help save the “Northern Leopard Frog (Rana Pipiens). “Northern Leopard Frogs are threatened in Alberta, but endangered in British Columbia,” said Dr. Des Smith, Primary Investigator and Research Scientist with the Calgary Zoo’s Centre for Conservation Research. “It is essential to develop new monitoring techniques for Northern Leopard” said Breana McKnight, Field Team Leader and Endangered Species Researcher.

The traditional Earth day ceremony of planting trees is garnering further attention in Japan as Koichi Nakatani, the nation’s Tree Planting Father travels from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Students can take part in an Earth Day photo contest sponsored by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies which will feature images and scientific student research for the environmental change depicted in each photo submitted.

“Earth Day should be about teaching about the environment every day,” said Sean Mille director of education for EDN, “We emphasize taking action for your classroom, school, district or community.” 25,000 schools across America made use of the environmental curriculum developed by the National Civic Education Project, the Green Schools Campaign and the Educator’s Network. Lesson plans are broad and varied and may focus on water pollution, recycling, composting, using chemistry to convert cafeteria left-overs into biodiesel or ethanol fuel or converting go-carts to operate on biodiesel or ethanol fuels in shop class.

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Education In Paraguay

Education In Paraguay


Maria Kruk

Frankly speaking, education is not very valuable thing in Paraguay, which is preconditioned by historic issues. For a long time it was neglected by Paraguayan leaders and Presidents, which paid attention to sharpening their authority and dealing with international affairs, rather than considering internal issues. Even one of the latest political leaders of the country, Alfredo Stroessner, maintaining control over every branch of public life, did not contribute to the development of educational system. Small step forward was made in 1992, when the new law was proclaimed pointing out that educational institutions might be an object of investment not only for state authority, but private enterprises as well. Though, it still did not work out fully (small annual growth) and is constantly being ignored.

YouTube Preview Image

The entire range of investing is related to increase of teachers salary and modernization of educational programs. In addition, Paraguay has a small number of children to teach: being accepted to school in Asuncion

they study 700 hours per year and, on the contrary, in Santiago this indicator is 1500 hours. The school attendance is obligatory in the age of 7-13 years and state education appears to be free. Pre-school stage is comprised with four levels: maternal (3 years), pre-Jardin (3-4), Jardin (4-5), Pre-escolar (5-6). Elementary education consists of nine grades, which are followed by secondary education passed in the period of 15-18 years.

At least 10 universities were established in Paraguay during 1990s, which supplemented the oldest ones like national University of Asuncion founded in 1889. It has campuses almost in every big city of Paraguay with main one in San Lorenzo (9km away from Asuncion). In 1960 Catholic University Nuestra Seora de la Asuncion was founded. One might guess that it is natural that Asuncion is the biggest educational and scientific center in Paraguay, which is also contributed by the Academy of Sciences of Paraguay, the Academy of Guaran Language and Culture, native American Indians in Paraguay, Autonomous University of Asuncion (1978), Columbia University of Paraguay (1991), Northern university (1991), University of the Southern Cone of the Americas (1996). There are undergraduate, post graduate as well as doctorate levels of studies that can be obtained in these universities. Universities in Paraguay offer a big variety of study programmes and related subjects, but, being renewed since 1990s, they cannot be regarded as the competitor of those ones in other countries, including neighboring states.

Maria Kruk, an author

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Inquiry blames surgical failures for Scottish patient deaths

Friday, February 17, 2012

A fatal accident inquiry concluded three patients who underwent keyhole surgery to remove their gall bladders died as a result of mistakes during, and after, the operations. Agnes Nicol, George Johnstone, and Andrew Ritchie died within a three-month period in 2006 whilst in the care of NHS Lanarkshire in Scotland.

Later expanded to look at all three deaths, the inquiry initially established to look into the case of Nicol, 50, who received surgery in late 2005. A surgeon at Wishaw General Hospital mistakenly cut her bile duct and her right hepatic artery. Whilst suturing her portal vein, her liver was left with 20% of its normal blood supply; the errors were not discovered until her transfer to liver specialists at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary.

By then, her liver was seriously damaged. She developed septicaemia, dying from multiple organ failure in March 2006.

Johnstone, 54, underwent the same procedure at Monklands District General Hospital on May 9, 2006. A consultant surgeon accidentally damaged, possibly severing, his bile duct. He died two days later in intensive care from the combined effects of multiple organ failure and a heart ailment.

Ritchie, 62, died in intensive care a week after an operation in June 2006. He died from intra abdominal haemorrhage caused by errors during the surgery.

Different surgeons were involved each time and the inquiry, under Sheriff Robert Dickson, found no evidence of poor training or inadequate experience. Dickson noted that in each case there was lack of action on a “growing body of evidence that there was something fundamentally wrong with the patient” and surgeons failed to contemplate their own actions as potentially responsible. He agreed with two professors that it may have been possible to save their lives “had the post-operative care been to the standard which they expected, and had there been a proper management plan which staff could have worked to” and noted that all the patients suffered from a lack of adequate medical notes being available after their surgery. He described the care as having “clear faults”.

NHS Lanarkshire has issued an apology, saying they “did fall below the high standards of care we aim to maintain in these cases and this has been extremely distressing for the patients’ families. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to them.” The health board added improvements had been made regarding “these types of cases” as well as with document management.

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Baugur Group among others buy Illum Warehouse Denmark

Friday, August 5, 2005

I-Holding ehf, a Icelandic investment company owned by Baugur Group, Straumur investment bank, B2B Holdings and Birgis Bieltvedts, has bought 80% in Illum warehouse in Denmark from Merrill Lynch International Global Principal Investment. The same group recently bought Wessel & Vett A/S and Magasin du Nord, so it already owned 20% in Illum.

Illum will be run separately from Magasin du Nord.

Illum reported a profit and 11% gain in sales the first three months of 2005.

Skarphéðni Berg Steinarssyni from Nordic Investment at Baugur Group said the Danish retail market is increasing and they believe in Illum because it’s a well known brand in Denmark.

Icelanders invest in Denmark and UK

Icelandic companies have been investing heavily in Denmark for the last few years. Recently the Fons Investment ehf. bought the Danish airlines Sterling Air and Mearsk Air. Eimskip, a shipping company in Iceland, recently bought the shipping division of Mearsk. I-Holdings have been investing heavily in the Denish retailer market.

Baugur Group, as well as FL Group, have been investing in the UK market. FL Group has bought 11% in and has shown an interest in buying more. Baugur Group has been investing in the retailer market and has bought among other things Iceland supermarket chain as well as Hamleys, a well known toy store.

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Studies find radioactive material at Israel bomb site in Lebanon

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Studies carried out by researchers near the village of Khiam found radio active material at the site of bombing by Israel during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. The UN says that it has found no evidence of urianum-based munitions.

Two previously unknown Lebanese professors of physics, Mohammad Ali Kubaissi and Ibrahim Rachidi claim that the levels of radiation, about 700 nanosieverts per hour, twenty times the average levels, are consistent with the use of a depleted uranium bomb casing. Military use of depleted uranium is quite controversial due to its toxicity and low level radioactivity. Depleted uranium features in the list of weapons capable of causing mass destruction, superflous injury and unnecessary suffering, passed by the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities of the UNHRC in 1996 and 1997.

This analysis has been partially coroborated by an independent consultant specialising in career, organisation and community psychology issues, Dai Williams, affiliated with the environmentalist organisation Green Audit, with testing done by Chris Busby, a member of the Defence Depleted Uranium Oversight Board of the British Ministry of Defence and a director and co-founder of Green Audit. Williams believes that these anomalies may have been caused by Israel’s use of uranium based weapons involving some secret physical techniques, not nuclear fission; however, there are no known such physical processes.

The U.S. is currently the only nation known to use depleted uranium bomb casings and munitions. Some observers have claimed that Israel used depleted uranium muntions during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war; however, U.N. observers have never found Israel using depleted uranium.

This level of radiation is also consistent with Israel having destroyed some form of storage facility for nuclear material. Such facilities are speculated to exist in the Middle East, often controlled by Islamic extremist groups who (allegedly) hope to construct a dirty bomb.

Dirty bombs are not considered to be as effective militarily as merely using more explosives. Post September 11th news reports about the dangers of dirty bombs have been criticized as fear mongering for fallaciously assuming years of continued exposure by victims without acounting for clean up procedures, or even rain fall.

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Replacement Siding: The Benefits Of Replacement Siding For Your Home

Submitted by: Elite Roofing

More and more people are doing it than ever before. Even homeowners that swore they never would are succumbing to the temptation. When time grows short and careers and families begin monopolizing your quality time, nobody wants to be stuck working on the weekend doing home maintenance. Unless you have enough money to pay someone else to do it for you, it’s likely you as the homeowner are up on the ladder every year in the spring painting your wooden siding or window frames, or at least attempting to clean them both inside and out. If you’re sick and tired of the upkeep you have to undergo to maintain that natural wooden look, while your neighbors enjoy the ease of their vinyl siding and vinyl windows, then you might just be ready to throw in the towel and go with the technologically advanced version of the modern sided home!

In the past, many homeowners may have been founded in their concerns about going with vinyl. The material looked quite plastic-like and fake, what some might even term ‘tacky’ in its younger days. While it has always been an affordable and durable alternative, many people thought it looked that way as it faded throughout the years of weather, sunshine, and general wear and tear. Luckily today technology is keeping up with not only functionality but aesthetics, so that when it comes time for a window replacement or replacement siding, many people are able to lay their fears aside and go with a low maintenance vinyl package.

YouTube Preview Image

Replacing windows can be expensive, difficult and tiresome. If you’ve struggled with windows that are not energy efficient, or simply suffer from the normal ailments of a wooden home like mold, mildew, rot, rust, pitting or peeling, then you are likely ready to look at a vinyl alternative. The color of vinyl home products today never fades due to being dispersed with color throughout, meaning it looks sharp, and can be quickly and easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Put away the step ladder this spring, and clean off your vinyl siding with nothing more than a rag and the garden hose. With that kind of ease, you’ll be out enjoying the sunshine in no time, instead of slaving away and sweating all day.

In the winter, if you’re worried about losing money while ‘heating the outdoors’ due to poor insulation then vinyl can really make a difference. Modern vinyl windows and siding are made to be energy efficient so the hot air stays in during the winter, and out during the summer. Features like double insulation on windows help increase energy efficiency, while the actual vinyl material is impenetrable by the cold air, keeping your home warm and snug from all sides, or cool and calm inside when the sun blazes in the summer. If saving money on time, repair, and energy efficiency all sound like positives to you, then it may be time to consider a different kind of home improvement project this summer like an overall switch to vinyl!

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