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byAlma Abell

If you are looking for a safe, supportive, assisted living facility for yourself or your loved one, consider Abbington. Abbington offers a host of amenities. Each suite includes a private bathroom and kitchenette. In addition to the 50 single-floor apartments that allow each resident to have their own personal space, the Retirement Community in Coshocton, OH provides numerous common area amenities, walking paths and a secure interior courtyard.

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The Abbington Retirement Community in Cosh-hours a day to ensure that the needs of every resident is met around the clock. Staff are available to assist with basic needs such as bathing and dressing. An emergency call system located in each suite and throughout the common areas gives residents instant access to help when they really need it.

While Abbington Retirement Community residents have the option to prepare their own meals in their kitchenette, they can also eat 3 delicious meals and a snack everyday with friends in the dining room. Each apartment is equipped with local phone service and cable television for the times when residents want to be alone.

Medication is delivered by a local pharmacy and administered by licensed nurses. Abbington also offers a wide range of wellness services to promote the health and well-being of the seniors who live in the retirement community. Exercise programs, blood pressure and weight checks, therapy services, and falling risk assessments. Visit their site

The staff at Windsorwood Place – Coshocton would love to meet you and have the opportunity to give you a tour of our retirement community. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicate to enhancing the lives of seniors by providing a comfortable and safe environment. Whether you want to take part in social activities provided by Abbington or leave the grounds to eat or shop in the community.

With the understanding that making the transition from a private residence to an assisted living facility is not always easy for a senior or their family members, the Abbington staff do their best to make the adjustment as comfortable as possible. The apartments at Windsorwood Place are large enough for seniors to bring some of their personal effects to make their new home theirs.

Jun 19

Selling time share as a career by cdupSelling time share as a careerAmong the many businesses available to people nowadays, selling time share property is a great way to earn money. Some of the perks include setting your own schedule, working with a chosen audience and earning a lot of money, according to your abilities. It’s all about savvy marketing and how to find the right channel of people interested in selling time share. Many see that selling time share is nothing different with real estate sales. In some ways, they are correct. Selling time share means that you have property to offer for a limited time period to interested buyers. However, the difference lies in the schedule that these time share properties have. Time share is quite an old idea. The history began in European countries where the prices of properties were so high it was impossible to afford a full-time vacation house. Then the idea of seven-day packages was given by resorts and condominium owners to encourage more cutomers. By selling shared ownership, it gave the developers the opportunity to sell to more clients and expand their market. When they start selling time share, the owners were able to cut down expenses in their maintenance of their property.In selling time share, what you have is the shared ownership of a property at any period of the year. You are not limited to just houses when you are selling time share. Time share can be sold for recreational vehicles, campgrounds, cruises, and other types of properties. But the most popular ones are shares in condominiums at resorts. When you are selling time share, remember the three main concerns: location, period and price. Location is one of the most important things in selling time share. The more beautiful the place, the higher its selling time share value. Accessibility and exclusivity are two other factors that rely heavily on the buyers you are selling time share to. The period is your next concern. This means that the property’s value is directly proportional to its season, whether off peak or peak. Lastly, in selling time share properties the price must be equivalent to the value of the place.As you are selling time share, you must understand that you are working as a middleman between the owner and the potential buyer. You opt to provide your services to owners for a standard fee or rely on the commission or both. When you are selling time share units, remember to read on your real estate laws for the country where your property is so you won’t step over any legal boundaries. Arrangements as to the payments can be left between the owners and buyers themselves or you can provide a lawyer to finalize any transactions made. When you are selling time share, you not only become an agent but you also have to be a friend and confidant to both your clients.You can run a profitable business with selling time share properties. Whether you become a real estate agent or market your services just selling time shares. If you want to be an agent, you have to go a lot of developers and travel companies that are selling time share to work for on a commission basis. Being commission based, you have more time to scout potential buyers on your own. However, the rate and number of clients will be lower than running your own time share business.Should you seriously consider selling time share on a full time basis, the easiest way to market is through the Internet and mobile phones. There are a lot of websites that offer selling time share properties to people and you can join in these sites. You can also go further in selling time share properties by doing running classifieds, cold calls, joining travel and leisure fairs and posting print advertising. Where these are crowds of potential vacationers, so you should also be. It will take a lot of hard work on your part in selling time share but the benefits outweigh the trouble. Remember that when you are selling time share, you are giving your clients a wonderful time well spent on an amazing location. If the property period is an off peak season, emphasize on the location’s entertainments, the beauty of the area and itshighlights. The price of the unit will only become a secondary concern when you are already effectively selling time share as a vacation haven.Hints and tips to sell your timeshare property or start your own business like prices, selling your time share or looking to buy a new one, visit us at at sellmytimeshareinfo.comTo stay informed about Career visit here.Article Source:

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Yes, muscle sprains can be healed in 1 to 4 days


David Freeman

Yes, muscle sprains can be healed in 1 to 4 days

Treatment and Testimonial by Douglas Williams, D.C.

If you have muscle sprains and want to heal quickly, here you can discover a Natural Remedy that can speed up the healing by ten times.It has been shown that muscle strains and ligament sprains can be healed in 1 to 4 days with the help of 1 to 2 FASTT Patches.

I have found that Wei Laboratories has very unique natural products. Their FASTT Patch can accelerate healing of acute and chronic injuries by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation. For severe 2nd degree ankle sprains and muscle tear or AC joint separations, the recovery time can be as short as 5 days with the FASTT Patch versus 4 weeks normally. For sprains or strains that do not heal even after 3 months, or for repeat injuries, it is possible to completely heal those chronic injuries with 3-6 FASTT Patches.If you have further questions, I recommend you call Wei Laboratories at 1-888-919-1188, e-mail: or further information.

Accelerated Healing of Sprains and Strains Using the FASTT Patch

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Sprain refers to injuries of ligaments that hold the bones together at the joint. Strain refers to injuries of a muscle or tendon.Tendon connects muscles and bones.Strains and sprains are the most common injuries occurring to athletes and anyone everyday.Sprains most likely happen at the ankles, wrists, and knees including Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)/Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL).Strains occur most often in the muscles and tendons of the legs and back.Hamstring pulls, groin pulls, and sore back muscles are common forms of strain.

1) A first-degree sprain or muscle strain is the least severe damage with stretching of ligaments or muscle fibers. Pain and swelling are minimal.Range of motion usually is not affected to any important degree.First-degree muscle strains, ankle sprains and other sprains in acute conditions can be healed in less than 2 days or even overnight with treatment of a single FASTT Patch applied to the injured area.

2) In a second-degree sprain or muscle strain, the muscle and ligament have been torn and partially ruptured. There is more pain and edema, bruising, and range of motion is reduced significantly.It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to have any improvement in the pain and swelling.However, with treatment of 2 FASTT Patches, second-degree muscle tears, ankle sprains, ACL/MCL tears, AC joint separations that are in acute conditions can be healed in 5 days.

3) In third-degree injury, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments tissues have been ruptured completely and surgery may be necessary to repair damaged tissue.

4) Tendon strain, such as groin pull, is hard to heal and usually developed into chronic conditions.First degree tendon strain that is in acute condition can be healed in 8 days with 3 FASTT Patch treatments. Second degree tendon tear can be healed in 17 days with 6 FASTT Patch treatments.Tendon strain that is in chronic condition can be healed in 8-17 days with 3-6 FASTT Patch treatments.

5) Joint cartilage in the joint can be damaged due to a sprain and it can be healed in 8-17 days with 3-6 WHITEE Patch treatments.


FASTT Patch Healed a 2nd Degree Muscle Tear in 2 Days

Douglas Williams D.C., Ontario, Oregon, February 2005

Last summer I was walking at the end of our pool and just gingerly stepped over the diving board and felt a stabbing and debilitating pain at the posterior of my left calf. I immediately could not support weight on that leg without the excruciating pain returning. I hobbled to the patio were I could sit and analyze the problem. Passive movement of my foot into dorsiflextion or plantar flexion as well as eversion or inversion was pain free. But, the moment I tried to plantar flex weight bearing and actively move my leg or support my weight on the left calf, I could not bear the pain.

You sent me some free samples of the FASTT Patch so my wife kindly went to the office to get one. By the time she returned (about 30 minutes), there was already extravasations of blood and bruising at the inferior aspect of the left calf. Deep palpation of the calve elicited a pain sensation that helped me pinpoint the area of what I self diagnosed as a grade 2 tear in the muscle belly. I have to be honest with you; I had reservations as to the outcome of using an herbal patch on the injury, especially with the claimed expectation of short term recovery by you. In less than 24 hours, I could bear weight on my injured calf; and in less than 2 days, I felt NO PAIN whatsoever! Amazing!

Now I have to admit one more thing. I often forget to think herbally when it comes to acute or chronic sprain/strain but I am slowly beginning to get more confident in the patient response to the therapy. I have prescribed Wei Products for moderate COPD and tendonitis as well. Thank you for your help and the great product.

I am a health and wellness advocator and found Wei Laboratories has very unique natural products. If you have further questions, I recommend you call 1-888-919-1188, e-mail:, Click

for further information.

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Apr 16

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Submitted by: Kevin Bush

In home care, assisted living and nursing care are three entirely different things, but many people confuse them and consequently might not be getting the right information that they need. To be short, in home care provides services in the home of the client, assisted living provides a secure community with limited assistance, and nursing care provides full time care in a nursing home or other permanent environment. Each type of care is quite different and may or may not be right for your family. Understanding these differences is critical in order to make an informed and responsible decision.

In Home Care

In home care is the type of care preferred by most people because it allows clients to keep the maximum amount of independence possible. With this level of care, a professional will come to your home and care for your senior family member. Care can be light such as simple companionship and basic help around the house, or it can be more complex and include mobility assistance, help with incontinence issues, and transportation where appropriate.

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In home care is flexible in the sense that it can be provided just a few days a week, full time, or on a “relief” basis for family members or other care providers. This level of care is also generally the least expensive, making it an excellent option for many people who wish to remain at home and keep their independence.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a moderate level of care featuring independent or semi-independent living in a specialized community that provides some level of senior care. This means that seniors generally live in their own apartment or condominium, but are not responsible for things like lawn care or major property upkeep, etc. Within this community there are generally a number of different types of assistance available; in some cases including nursing and transportation services to medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc.

Nursing Care

Nursing care generally refers to full time live-in care at a dedicated facility. This is the highest level of care and can include medication management, help with mobility, incontinence care, care for severe dementia or other emotional/mental disorders, and care for the bedridden. Many people progress naturally from in home care to assisted living to nursing care as their daily assistance needs change.

Because nursing care is such an intense level of care, it can be prohibitively expensive in some cases. Thankfully, most nursing care facilities accept many types of insurance, and military veterans may be eligible to receive benefits to pay for services related to any of these levels of care. However, for many people in home care is the preferred option. The independence and flexible support it allows helps families stay together, conserve resources, and relieve the burden of a primary caregiver.

For an immediate consultation and to learn how in home care can benefit your family, call a professional provider now or contact one by doing a Google search for one in your area.

About the Author: Click here to speak to an expert from our Pittsburgh senior care center. Click here for the original source of this article:


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Apr 9

Submitted by: Donaldson. Matt

Acne develops when there is a collection of that which is known as the sebium oil. This entails the bacteria as well as dead cells trapped in the lining of the hair of your skin pores. What you will get to learn about the problem of acne is that it is not a teenage problem only as many adults get to experience this ordeal at some stage or another. Before you can settle for any treatment of the acne predicament you have to consider the best out of the dozens of solutions there are in market while it is also ideal to consult with your health care provider before you plunge into any kind of remedy.

As you are going through the pregnancy phase you may get surprised as to why your body is taking that trip back your teen years when you had to face the reality of pimples. The acne reality will still come especially to women going through pregnancy. The reason to this is that at pregnancy there is a heightened level of hormone production and this tends to make the skin oilier. An oily skin is good breeding ground for pimples. If you never enjoyed having pimples when you were teenager you certainly can not enjoy having them now. So acne is an ordeal at teenage and even when you have become an adult.

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Whilst there is nothing much you can do to avoid the problem of accumulating pimples all over your skin and your once crystal clear and lovely face, what you can do is to try to control the pimples. There are many ways of doing this. One of the effective ways of controlling the pimples is to wash your face about twice or three times a day using an oil-free mild cleanser. What you will realise on the method is that many natural skin care products have neither oil nor the irritating soaps in their production just like some other cosmetic brands. In this you need to be careful not to over wash your skin as this will lead to a reverse effect scenario where-in your skin remains strip of the essential oil levels and this will trigger the production of even more skin oil.

Having cleansed your face one of the things you need to keep at when trying to keep acne under control is to make sure that you rinse your face with lukewarm water. This will ensure that you get rid of any soap residue that may be left over your face. After this you then have to gently pest your face dry. The other effective technique to follow this up with an oil-free moisturizer. These are some of the ways known to keep your skin with best feel and texture. Drinking a lot of water which keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. You will also have to avoid the instinct to touch your pimples as this again leads to the reversal effect where the bacteria can spread over causing pimples to spread over your body. You also have to discipline yourself to avoid picking your pimples because this can actually lead to the development of acne scars. You will always have to consult with your health care provider before taking any medication for you pimples.

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pregnancy acne

? Visit

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Oct 14

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Submitted by: Noivos De Fresco

Devido atual situao econmica o conceito low Cost capaz de aumentar significativamente a ateno das pessoas, e em especial a dos noivos e noivas!

E para ter um casamento digno de uma estrela de cinema, s h uma um interveniente, que aquilo que esto aptos a gastar!

Sendo que para a organizao de um casamento necessrio algum investimento financeiro por parte dos noivos, deixamos-lhe algumas dicas para que consiga ter o que deseja para o seu dia de casamento, a partir do vosso limite de oramento.

Dica n1 Comecem a fazer alguns sacrifcios que iro beneficiar o aumento do vosso oramento do casamento. Por exemplo se o vosso casamento daqui a um ano, comecem por cortar em algo que consumam todos os dias, como o caso do caf, dos pequenos-almoos ou lanches fora.

Dica n2 Evite fazer emprstimos se acha que no os vai conseguir pagar dentro de um ano! Sendo que a situao ideal seria no fazer emprstimo nenhum, pois comear a vossa vida de casados com dvidas desde incio est longe de ser a situao ideal.

YouTube Preview Image

Dica n3 Caso tenham mesmo de realizar um emprstimo, faam a vocs mesmos as seguintes perguntas:

Tm condies para dar resposta ao pagamento das prestaes?

Conseguem faze-lo em menos de um ano?

J planearam as vossas despesas, para que tenham de pedir um emprstimo com o menor valor possvel.

Dica n4 Escolham uma altura menos comum para cerimnias de casamento, desta forma podero encontrar mais descontos nestas alturas baixas, sobretudo em quintas para o casamento que nestas alturas por terem menos clientes, aceitam praticar preos mais baixos!

Dica n5 Os fatos de noivo, mas sobretudo os vestidos de noiva so elementos essenciais para este dia, mas que conseguem ser bastante dispendiosos, por isso esta tarefa bastante demorada, por isso procure lojas ou fornecedores que pratiquem preos mais baixos.

Dica n6 Tentem aproveitar alguns dos talentos dos vossos amigos e familiares! Pea-lhes ajuda como prenda de casamento, alm de que ir tornar o vosso dia mais pessoal e inesquecvel.

Dica n7 – Contratar um wedding planner pode significar economizar tempo e dinheiro. Estes profissionais trabalham para que os noivos tenham todos os seus desejos satisfeitos. Conhecem o mercado como ningum, conseguem obter e conjugar a qualidade\preo com a maioria dos fornecedores. A sua principal preocupao sem dvida que o casamento tenha o estilo e a imagem dos noivos bem como que fique dentro do oramento previamente estabelecido. Garantam sobretudo que o dia do casamento seja nico, personalizado, memorvel e emocionante, que correr sem preocupaes nem stress, permitindo-lhe aproveitar ao mximo o momento com os seus convidados.

Com o Noivos de Fresco ir encontrar as melhores dicas para o seu casamento, assim como os melhores fornecedores, com propostas para qualquer tipo de oramento que os noivos tenham! Encontre os melhores servios adaptados s suas necessidades para ter o dia de casamento com que sempre sonhou!

Descubra ainda as melhores dicas de casamento, dadas pelos Noivos de Fresco tal como os bloguers convidados que lhe vo apresentar dicas e propostas essenciais para ter o dia com que sempre desejou!

About the Author: No

o portal de casamento onde ir encontrar as melhores dicas para o seu casamento, assim como os melhores fornecedores para qualquer tipo de oramento!


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