How To Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting

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Submitted by: Jenenne Macklin

There are some things in our lives that are too heavy for us to lift! Financial shifts, unemployment, alcoholism, some family decisions, the experiences of friends, co-workers, actually most things on our to do list really are God s business. They are too heavy for us to lift and yet we keep trying to fix them, change them, heal them, and pray for them. We get to make a choice to let the Divine do the heavy lifting while we focus on living, creating, and getting out of the way!

It is probably surprising to think that we focus so much attention on what we have no control over, what s not our business, out of habit for sure, but also not trusting the Presence within to handle our affairs. I scrutinized my to do list and realized that so many things on it that were God s business. From shifting my financial experiences, being the vessel for the unfolding of new ideas and thoughts, being a pure conduit for greater awareness of who I really am, family members, co-workers, the world as well as anything I d been trying to fix, change, heal, worry about, and even pray about. My business is to be present in each moment, to keep myself attuned to the Presence within, to rave about the wonderful things showing up in my life, without judgment. So the question is how much can you let the divine orchestrate perfect divine order in your life? How much can you get out of God s way?


Getting out of the way is the key to letting the divine do the heavy lifting. So, let s talk about how to let go. First, set the intention within your being, to let go; to accept that it is too heavy for you to lift and that, actually, each person is connected to the Divine and when we get out of the way, we allow God to do what God wants to do, without our help.

Next, take everything, everything to the Presence within. I don t mean take it and keep talking about it, take it asking or discussing the solution you want, or take it and worry about it (you re still in the way), but take it to the Presence within and let it go. You do this literally by writing everything that is too big for me to handle on your God list and then put it away. Instead, stay tuned for inspired thoughts or urges to act. When you are feeling good, and your energy is up, and you re allowing the flow of Life to carry you along, you ll feel inspired to act.

Then, rave about all the good things that are unfolding and showing up in your life. Fall asleep each evening and wake up each morning, raving about all the magnificent and splendid things in your life now. From the beauty of the trees, the compliment from the stranger, the job you do have, food you eat, choices you DO get to make, the synchronicities, feeling the grass under your feet, credit extended from credit companies, solutions that are revealed, the transportation that gets you from one point to another, the blue sky, everything. Luxuriate in appreciation, raving directly to the Presence.

These three practical tools give you something to focus on so you get out of God s way, and stop complaining, worrying, fixing, struggling, and working so hard because it s too heavy to lift. These tools also elevate your own vibration and keep you open to receive. Letting the Divine do the heavy lifting is a choice to live a more expansive life filled with fun, laughter, money, creativity, love, freedom, joy and much more. No matter how your life is shifting and changing it will serve you to accept that there are, many, aspect to your experiences that are simply God s business to handle. This will free you up to focus on letting go because it is too heavy for your small self to handle. Trust me, when you let go and let the Divine do the heavy lifting, things go great in your absence.

About the Author: Jenenne Macklin is a speaker, spiritual teacher and clinical therapist offering practical life solutions to empower you to move beyond your fears to live the life you choose. She ignites your courage to recognize your inner potential and create the life you really want. She combines years of clinical experience, spiritual wisdom and her personal journey to empowerment to inspire and uplift.


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Construction Site Security Companies In London: Promising A Safe Working Environment}

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Construction site security companies in London: Promising a safe working environment


Brian MillerSecurity is a precaution one must always take into consideration. You may have security measures for your home, office or any other place you want to keep safe and sound. Your construction site is another such place you have to guard from unwanted incidents. To attain this, there are construction site security companies in London for the sake of a secure site. To understand potential dangers, you have to articulate different factors which are responsible for damage to your construction region. Construction site security services in London are accountable to the prevention of certain activities.

What are the potential threats existing around your construction site? Even the common passers-by can cause harm to your site if not properly guarded. It can even tantamount to theft, vandalism and destruction of property. If you are not linked to any construction site security companies in London, you can face huge loss due to property destruction. A miscreant can trespass and destroy expensive machines and tools, without your knowledge. With construction site security services in London, you can have a well-protected site with properly erected boundaries and guards to keep trespassers away. The damage can be limited to minimal level while you are away.


Fire can be big factor of destruction to any construction site. A fire can be an act of sabotage or due to flammable objects kept carelessly within the construction site. To keep you away from worries, construction site security companies in London have geared up with effective measures to prevent such causes. Construction site security services in London are linked up well with locals or a well prepared team to provide round-the-clock security. Any kind of arson activities are quickly detected and steps are taken to restrict those without causing further damage of property. If the site is unmanned or unguarded, then it can sum up to a considerable damage.

Another factor to watch out for is theft. Most of the construction sites have valuable tools which are pricey. With no man or gadgets guarding the machineries, it is an open playground for the thieves. Thus, measures are taken into consideration by construction site security companies in London to keep the valuables safely. Also, surveillance cameras are set up as a part of construction site security services in London for an in-depth analysis of activities going around the site. It is also advised to keep the ignition keys away from any motored vehicle in the premises of the site.

It is necessary that only people working in the site are permitted in. More number of persons moving around in the site cannot be organised well. So, lesser the number of persons authorised to the site, the lesser is the harm. This helps the construction site security companies in London to keep watch on unwanted people trying to breach the perimeter. Also, it helps to have a better assessment of activities going around. Construction site security services in London have a good grip over guarding of any area, keeping it clean and unharmed from mishaps.

Prevent your site from unwanted activities by engaging

construction site security companies in London

. Keep your site away from harm with suitable

construction site security services in London


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Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra Silver Centrre}

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Submitted by: Sangeeta Boochra

Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra a man full of dreams, ambitions and alongside courage, vision and wit to make his dreams come true. Born in a Jain family in Jaipur to one of the most powerful and strong entrepreneur of his time Late. Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra. A father he knew to be popular as The Silver King of India. Such were the shoes he knew he would have to fill one day.

Being born in such a dynamic family and as the only son gave him a chance to learn a lot from his fathers trades and gained a lot knowledge in varying fields of different trades. Grew up under the guidance of his father who owned at one point all of Indias silver.

Saw times were he slept on beds of silver slabs. Alongside all of this he was someone who was given the gift of immense knowledge and wisdom by birth itself. He thus had the ability to learn very quickly and was very curious as a child. His initial desire or rather a childhood ambition was to become a scientist. Although, as he grew and understood better of himself he graduated from law school after completing BA-LLB. After practicing as a lawyer for a few years he decided to join the family business as the only son. His father at that time was the founding member and chairperson of the bullion association and ran a successful Textile business.

As a man full of ambition this does not satisfy his need to be able to achieve something on his own and so in 1961 he opened Jaipur paper board mills at sanganer in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It was one of the very 1st paper mills to be opened in the many that were soon to follow suit after considering the great success of the mills opened by him.


The mills flourished and with it grew an inner desire to do something more and so in 1967 he started with limestone mining after having accidently stumbled over a mine near his vacation home in Ramgarh, Jaipur. His immediate instinct was to buy off mining area spreading over a 20km radius and ran his limestone mine under the name of Jarunda limestone mines. This, in turn made it one of the largest single landmines holding area of his time.

All through this while he was also actively participating and helping his father with his textile business. He started export of textile under the name of Rajasthan Textile Centre. This helped him give his Children an opportunity to travel and gain work experience abroad.

Upon having provided enough work exposure and travel experience to his sons Shri Pradeep Kumar Boochra and Shri Sudeep Kumar Boochra he laid foundations to another business venture under the name of Indogem Exports in 1978. A company that rose to great heights in the international market by taking the gemstones markets in the USA, EUROPE and JAPAN by a storm.

His father at this point controlled the prices and trades of silver all over India. So much silver was sure to be of some influence on a man who was always on a lookout to start something new and more and more challenging and so he started with a new venture called Silver Centrre in 1969. A company that showcased some of the rarest pieces of jewelry and artifacts collected by his father from the earliest stages of his life. He bought out what lay in his fathers workshop as rarely seen items to public views and displays. He started a entire manufacturing unit for silver jewelry and artifacts. Also opened Silver Centrres 1st and today its oldest Flagship store in Johri Bazaar, Jaipur.

While his sons successfully ran his export at Indogem Exports and he became the Vice Chairperson of the Bullion Association private limited, he encouraged his Daughter inlaws to join Silver Centrre.

His elder daughter inlaw Smt. Neeta Boochra (president of FICCI-FLO, India) became the director of the company taking it places with her communicational skills and dynamic personality and younger daughter Smt. Sangeeta Boochra today a huge brand name in the designer jewelry world in India. The power trios together today has taken the company places and have managed to make it a brand name known to the young, the old and the famous.

He as a man in his life has been an amazing son, who filled his fathers heart with pride to a dutiful husband who fulfilled his wifes very wish and became a lifetime member of various NGOS and charitable trusts under his wife Smt. Saroj Kumar Boochras name. He has been actively giving back to the society though many of such organizations and helping the needy. A man who become the reason and source of knowledge and pride to his two sons and most delightfully a fatherinlaw who sold a beautiful dream to his daughter inlaws and stood by them as it came true

Such is the story of a man I came to know and love as my Grandfather Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra.

– Abhineet Boochra

About the Author: Sangeeta Boochra, a well known name and brand in India today. She is also the creative director of Silver Centrre (

). Her designs embody grace and aim for perfection.


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The African Safari Company Will Turn Your Dream Adventure Into A Reality

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Submitted by: Ann Marier

The African Safari Company is a company which truly takes pride in being able to offer hunters absolute professional and personalized attention. They are a company which was established in 2001, and it is an owner run operation.

The leading directors are Ian and Mary-Linda Gloss, and they have been the directors since the origination of the company. Collectively the two have 23 years experience in the hunting and tourism industry and they both have their roots firmly set on the African soil and as well are both Zimbabwean born and raised.

More About The African Safari Company


The African Safari Company offers various different safari tours, with the two most popular being the Botswana safaris and the Zimbabwe safaris.

The African Safari Company states on their website about how Botswana is one of the most politically and economically stable countries in Africa and that it has no history of war, and that thus it is an absolutely wonderful spot in Africa to go on a safari tour.

They also speak about how it is a landlocked country in Southern Africa which is situated between Namibia to the west, South Africa to the southeast and Zimbabwe to the northeast. They tell of how the country s self-sufficiency is largely in thanks to its large diamond reserves and as well about how the wealth of the economy largely contradicts its undeveloped and haphazard infrastructure.

In regards to Zimbabwe, they speak of how it is also an absolutely wonderful destination, particularly for a safari tour. They tell of how it is a beautiful country with a sub-tropical climate and how it is a country which is blessed with vast riches of mining, agricultural and tourism potential.

As well it boasts a greatly diverse topography with trout filled lakes and misty mountains to grassy plains and large rugged magnificent rivers and of course the renowned Zimbabwe valley, home to the Big Five.

The African Safari Company is, without a doubt, one of the best safari tour companies out there today, and so if you are interested on going on a safari tour in Africa then you are definitely going to want to strongly consider going with this company over any other.

Just make sure that you call to book far ahead of time, as they often have a waiting list and you want to make sure that you are able to get in for the time period that you want to.

About the Author: Ann Marier has written articles about

African safari trips

providing helpful tips and advice. Another favorite topic of hers is camping where she writes about

camping gear and equipment


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Seo Services Inexpensive Seo Services For All}

SEO Services – Inexpensive SEO Services For All



Search engine optimization is considered to be one of the best tools to match the needs of your business and websites online. If in case you own a business and wish to gear it up on the internet you require to upload the sites and make it search engine optimized. Legal procedure and process are followed to make all things happen just for your website needs.


The market is filed up with some top class service providers to help you work out the website needs and online services. Are you trying to locate the best of search engine optimization service? All you need to do is locate nearby online SEO services providers and compares all the services and packages offered.As per the need of the business, you will be assured of some top class offers and services. Writers write the content for your websites; designers design the perfect background, and up to loaders link the site with required search engines. It can be a task for new business people to get all services for the websites and manage all costs and charges for the same.You need to compare all of the services offered before investing in them. It is any time a good decision to find out all the service providers, compare the rates and then apply for the required services. By this means you can end up with some inexpensive SEO services suitable to your business and the website.You can save lots of money towards the search engine services with the availability of affordable SEO service providers. The demand for the site optimization is increasing time after time. Considering the anticipation of demand all the service providers take best efforts to reach to thousands of clients and serve them with profits. Business people can receive some affordable services and ask for all the elements like links, content, page links and even the picture links.Names do not matter that much on the website but what matters a lot is the way entire content is presented. Clients are created when they are impressed by the website content and the images displayed. Now if you are willing to apply for the SEO services and wait for profits go ahead with it and make the difference.There are many SEO strategies; one of them is PPC management. PPC management is campaigning, where you pay search engines, for example, Google’s ad words for your keywords to be listed in what is known as the sponsored listings typically the right hand column and first two or three results in the natural listings of the results page. Every time someone clicks on your link you pay, the cost depending on how competitive the phrase is. So for instance if the phrase was ‘wine tasting in Working’ you might only pay 4p per click, whereas if your phrase was ‘car insurance UK’ expect to pay a few pounds per click. As you can imagine these clicks can quickly mount up so you have to be careful, but you are able to set a limit to your daily spend.

We provide something for everyone; from small, local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. You can get proven and successful organic optimization, inbound link building, seo friendly copywriting, social media marketing, monthly analytics, conversion tracking and more from Our services. Get more information to know more about the Pay Per Click Advertising, the

PPC management

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Search Engine Marketing

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SEO Services – Inexpensive SEO Services For All}

Heavy Construction Equipment Leasing Advantages And Finance Options

Heavy Construction Equipment Leasing- Advantages and Finance Options


Sanjana Sharma

Equipment leasing is a simple solution to grow your business with an ever changing economy. You can lease any and every type of equipment. In this article, emphasis will be on heavy construction equipment leasing.

To keep money free up in terms of the company’s line of credit, leasing is cheapest and best option for construction companies. So cash will be available in case of financial emergency or any other time of need. It is the most beneficial managerial and financial strategy to conserve working capital for any company. It resolves issues related to cyclical and seasonal fluctuations by slotting your payments into the months when your business’ sales are on peak. Furthermore, a lot of companies in construction opt for leasing as a good alternative in acquiring equipment to buying. There are advantages of heavy construction equipment leasing, which are:-

1.Your have a stable cash flow.

2.Assets are well managed.

3.Up gradation of Equipments can be done easily.

4.Customized payment structures.

5.Give more flexibility than bank loans or purchases.


6.Flexible end term options.

To get a better deal, you should know about the construction equipment finance. Search well for the financing options available in the market. You stand to gain many benefits: tax deductions, write-offs, more predictable cash flow for more accurate fiscal planning, and faster approval than other financing options. Few types of equipment that come under heavy construction equipment leasing are



3.Back Hoes

4.Cement Trucks

5.Concrete Equipment.


7.Trucks and Trailers


9.Crushers Graders

10.Logging Equipment

11.Wheel Loaders

12.Specialty Vehicles

And more…

Financing amounts can normally be approved without tax returns or financial statements. It normally takes s a day to get your application approved. There are basically two types of financing available:-

Finance leases -: These leases are best if you intend to keep the equipment at the end of the lease. This is because they include the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease. These leases are also known by type names of capital leases, conditional sales, or dollar buy out leases in the market.

True leases-: These are also called tax leases, operating leases, or FMV (fair market value) leases. Theses usually do not span the full expected life of the equipment. At the end of the lease, you can choose to walk away from the equipment or purchase it at fair market value. Payments on true leases generally tend to be lower than those on finance leases. This is because lessors have the opportunity to resell the heavy equipment when the lease ends.

Sanjana Sharma is the author of this article. For more information about equipment lease calculator,

benefits of equipment leasing

, office equipment lease,

equipment finance

and heavy equipment lease visit

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Heavy Construction Equipment Leasing- Advantages and Finance Options

A Travel Guide For Cocoa Beach In Breward

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A travel guide for Cocoa Beach in Breward by Walter WinklerThe weather of the Cocoa Beach is mild and it is one of the features that entice tourists from all across to this place. Whether it is a business trip, a weekend getaway, a beach vacation or leisure travel that is being planned, Brevard mountain biking is the ideal place for all types of vacation. It is one of the most reasonable holiday places in Florida. There are various exciting things that can be seen and done in the Cocoa beach. You will feel as if the excitement never ends here.The entire six miles of ocean be reveled at the Beach along with a travel guide to Brevard. Just lie and unwind and build sand castles with kids or get a tan. A volleyball game can be reveled at the beach or look for the seashells that you will find on the shore. Cocoa beach is popular for its incredible waves and there are more than 100 surfing spots in this area. Both pros and new surfers will surely revel surfing here.There are four oceanfront parks, Robert P Murk she Memorial Park, Lori Wilson Park, Sidney Fischer Park, and Alan Sheppard Park in Cocoa Beach and all these have the amenities such as restrooms, showers and picnic tables.On the Banana River, there is a 27-hole public golf course where one can bask a golf game. There is a public tennis complex in the city, having lighted courts where you can play tennis in the late evenings also. For the kids to bask are many children’s park all across the city.Accommodation of all types from sophisticated to motels is available and relying on budgetary limitations, it can be booked. A travel guide to Ashville can surely help you to make the right decision. There are different kinds of dining options in Cocoa Beach and these have large assortment of cuisines available. The high-end market and budget limitations are both available at the Cocoa Beach. One may try different options and bask the nightlife of a beach here.Organized trips for the Banana River Lagoon on Kayak are available here. Boat is also available for marine habitats and seeing wildlife such as manatees, wading birds, cranes, and dolphins.For nature lovers, Cocoa Beach offers various attractions. One of them is Brevard mountain biking. In the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, more than 1045 types of plants and animals and 310 bird species are found. It is the home for different endangered wild life species such as Gopher Tortoise, southern Bald eagles, sea turtles, and Manatees.Choose our Travel Guide to Asheville and avail several offers, then you can feel the real entertainment of the town. Email us at for more details.Our Travel Guide to Brevard will give you expert guidance and advice on the best attractions, restaurants, hotels, and many more. So, visit us at Guides is your one-stop solution for Brevard mountain biking, travel guide to Ashville, travel guide to Brevard. Visit us now and gather all the information about our tour packages. Article Source:


Rely On The Internet To Make Everything Better

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  • Komatsu

Rely on the internet to make everything better



Through web design and development!

Everybody likes to shop. Be it for clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor items…everybody likes the taste of something new, something different every once in a way. This is why several brands from across the world and even domestic ones in India have create shopping centres on the web!

The urge of the people, rising or rather steady incomes and easier availability of funds has made people from young children to housewives to working women and men crave for better deals and consumer items everyday.


The electronic world thus caters to this new shopping fever through the internet through attractive web design and development ideas.

website designer

like and even today have invited more customers with attractive web ideas. They make available everything an individual needs under one link! And how is that a major advantage? It s simply because people don t have as much time and patience to look for what they want physically. In the old days they would roam the streets and even ask cousins settled in other places for what they wanted…now, the internet and web development technology has brought the world closer making it easier and quicker and sometimes even cheaper to shop through web sites online.

This changing scenario is possible thanks to innovative web design and development ideas. Web designers design the idea to attract a final end user. Be it a heavy machinery or equipment or even a picture frame, web designers and developers have the ability to code a particular website to look like a retail store.

With just a click, the world can be on your fingertips! And this is what makes web development as an idea, a sector grow.

Every aspiring businessman needs one basic thing to reach their target audience and increase sales. That one thing is simply a well designed, planned and developed website.

Pawan tekchandani is a website designer in India working for solushunz technologies. Website design and development company India. Most eye-catching web designs Kanpur. Website designer India, , Website Developer India Web designer India Web design India Web Hosting India Hosting India Web Developer IndiaFeel free to contact us at

website designer

to develop website. We are here happy to construct special webpages for you

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A Basic Guide To A00 260 Sas Data Integration Development

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A Basic Guide to A00-260 SAS Data Integration Development


James Dowdle

A00-260, SAS Data Integration Development is an exam offered by this organization which judges the skills of individuals in the field of data integration in the Competitive environment of SAS.

The successful individuals are skilled in the following aspects of this field.

In Defining the platform for the architecture of Business analytics

Metadata creation for target data and source


Metadata creation for jobs and target dada

Transformation workings

Table loader transformation and table working

Slowly changing dimensions

Generated transformation defining

To prepare for this exam a variety of options can be considered reference books are the most basic way for this exam preparation. However internet can also prove to be a useful source. There are a variety of ways to study from internet which include brain dumps, model papers and online short courses. It is dependent upon you that which method you adopt but make sure the scheme of study which you devise benefits you there is no need to do experiments as it`s a very serious issue, select the way you think can be managed by you well. It s a usual case that many times brain dumps on internet which seem very promising don t deliver well so always verify before downloading one.

It`s advisable to take practice exams designed by professionals who are expert and know the nature of challenge which you have to encounter. Reference books are also a useful source but main problem with them is that they contain extra material so it takes a lot of your time to select your required material from them and time is what you should try to save as it s very precious. The best way is internet coaching classes which fulfill all the demands of your required task they are a much better and reliable way to prepare, they free you from a number of issues like selective study material search and useless out dated brain dumps. Trained professionals guide you in a very easy and suitable manner. The short coming of these online coaching classes is that they are very expensive and not everyone can hire their skills. Not all brain dumps are bad if you are successful in finding a good website which provides up to date data then they can prove useful.

To attain this certification you have to pass the SAS Data Integration Development for SAS 9 exam. This qualification is very important because it equips you with high grade skills and open doors of success for you. It provides reasonable job opportunities to the successful candidates and helps you to attain a good life style. So for IT professionals who want to excel in their field this is a good opportunity.

Regular updates with money back guarantee:

The course provider always provides regular updates. They also guarantee that if you fail on the first attempt of this SAS Data Integration Development exam. They will return the course fees to you. In case if you are not satisfied with the course materials you can exchange with another course of the same value.

James Dowdle is a certified and having 5 years experience in certification training field. He highly recommends ExamCertify questions & answers preparation material for




. Visit to claim your copy for as low as $39.

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A Basic Guide to A00-260 SAS Data Integration Development