How To Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting

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Submitted by: Jenenne Macklin

There are some things in our lives that are too heavy for us to lift! Financial shifts, unemployment, alcoholism, some family decisions, the experiences of friends, co-workers, actually most things on our to do list really are God s business. They are too heavy for us to lift and yet we keep trying to fix them, change them, heal them, and pray for them. We get to make a choice to let the Divine do the heavy lifting while we focus on living, creating, and getting out of the way!

It is probably surprising to think that we focus so much attention on what we have no control over, what s not our business, out of habit for sure, but also not trusting the Presence within to handle our affairs. I scrutinized my to do list and realized that so many things on it that were God s business. From shifting my financial experiences, being the vessel for the unfolding of new ideas and thoughts, being a pure conduit for greater awareness of who I really am, family members, co-workers, the world as well as anything I d been trying to fix, change, heal, worry about, and even pray about. My business is to be present in each moment, to keep myself attuned to the Presence within, to rave about the wonderful things showing up in my life, without judgment. So the question is how much can you let the divine orchestrate perfect divine order in your life? How much can you get out of God s way?


Getting out of the way is the key to letting the divine do the heavy lifting. So, let s talk about how to let go. First, set the intention within your being, to let go; to accept that it is too heavy for you to lift and that, actually, each person is connected to the Divine and when we get out of the way, we allow God to do what God wants to do, without our help.

Next, take everything, everything to the Presence within. I don t mean take it and keep talking about it, take it asking or discussing the solution you want, or take it and worry about it (you re still in the way), but take it to the Presence within and let it go. You do this literally by writing everything that is too big for me to handle on your God list and then put it away. Instead, stay tuned for inspired thoughts or urges to act. When you are feeling good, and your energy is up, and you re allowing the flow of Life to carry you along, you ll feel inspired to act.

Then, rave about all the good things that are unfolding and showing up in your life. Fall asleep each evening and wake up each morning, raving about all the magnificent and splendid things in your life now. From the beauty of the trees, the compliment from the stranger, the job you do have, food you eat, choices you DO get to make, the synchronicities, feeling the grass under your feet, credit extended from credit companies, solutions that are revealed, the transportation that gets you from one point to another, the blue sky, everything. Luxuriate in appreciation, raving directly to the Presence.

These three practical tools give you something to focus on so you get out of God s way, and stop complaining, worrying, fixing, struggling, and working so hard because it s too heavy to lift. These tools also elevate your own vibration and keep you open to receive. Letting the Divine do the heavy lifting is a choice to live a more expansive life filled with fun, laughter, money, creativity, love, freedom, joy and much more. No matter how your life is shifting and changing it will serve you to accept that there are, many, aspect to your experiences that are simply God s business to handle. This will free you up to focus on letting go because it is too heavy for your small self to handle. Trust me, when you let go and let the Divine do the heavy lifting, things go great in your absence.

About the Author: Jenenne Macklin is a speaker, spiritual teacher and clinical therapist offering practical life solutions to empower you to move beyond your fears to live the life you choose. She ignites your courage to recognize your inner potential and create the life you really want. She combines years of clinical experience, spiritual wisdom and her personal journey to empowerment to inspire and uplift.


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