What An Orlando Sedation Dentist Can Do For You

What an Orlando Sedation Dentist can do for you


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Of the thousands of phobias people can suffer from, fear of dentists is one of the most common. Also known as dentophobia, it affects between 5 and 10 percent of the population. Few phobias are healthy, but this one can be deadly. If a person does not get the dental care he needs, it can affect his health, or at the very least the functionality of his teeth. Sedation dentistry is a safe and logical option for people who suffer from dental fear.

What is it?

Few dental procedures require serious sedation. Getting a cavity filled or having a root canal typically involve a shot of Novocain, a local anesthetic that is quite mild. But when a patient suffers from dentophobia, it may be a good idea to use slightly stronger drugs, even for relatively minor procedures. Tranquillizers, anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide, and depressants can be administered to help the patient relax.


Most contemporary sedation dentists prefer oral medications, since they are easier to administer and generally have fewer side effects than injected or inhaled anesthetics. Many patients who see an Orlando sedation dentist cannot even remember the visit. It is important to note, however, that most dental procedures still require a local anesthetic, i.e., an injection. But when oral sedation is administered beforehand, the patient should not feel the shot.

The Benefits

Some dental procedures take hours to perform. A patient that suffers from dentophobia may not be able to sit still for that long. More often than not, he will simply avoid the procedure altogether and may even self medicate. Taking fistfuls of aspirin or applying topical analgesics to the gums and teeth may be enough to avoid the dentist for a few weeks, but not forever. Furthermore, it will not solve your dental problems. Cavities, abscesses, and inflammations are degenerative conditions. In other words, they won t get better unless you deal with them.

An experienced Orlando sedation dentist can make a three-hour procedure seem like it lasted for only a few minutes. Using oral sedation may also allow him to complete extensive rebuilding procedures that typically require multiple visits in fewer appointments. For patients who are interesting in getting a smile makeover, an Orlando sedation dentist can help you feel more comfortable and less anxious about undergoing long, complicated procedures.

Because sedation dentists understand and appreciate their condition, patients who suffer from dentophobia are more likely to visit them when they need routine dental care. Medication may not be needed for every dental procedure. A simple cleaning, for example, does not require oral sedatives. But patients who harbor intense fears of dental procedures often feel more comfortable at an Orlando sedation dental office because they know anesthesia is always an option.

Sedation Dentistry vs. Sleep Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, but that term can be misleading. The medications that are administered may make you feel sleepy, but you will never actually go to sleep. Most patients fall into a state of extreme relaxation and do not remember much about the dental procedures they receive.

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