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Submitted by: Richard Longbrake

Vida International has triumphed in incorporating the importance of stem cells through rigorous experimentation. This archaic cell is just starting to be appreciated and its importance in the area of medical treatments is at last being recognized.

Through dedicated efforts our establishment, one of America’s leading corporations with proficiency in the domain of nutrition, science, and health; has developed the product “Stem Alive.” This regenerating creation assists with bettering the lives of thousands, perhaps millions, of people all around the world.

In essence, our job is to help people feel healthier, look healthier, and live longer as stated by the Vida International team. Quantity and quality of life are two very different idioms. It is natural for human beings to want to live a long life, but what about the quality of that life? At Vida International, we have the missing piece to the puzzle and it is in our product “Stem Alive.”

What is Stem Alive?

Think about this scenario: you have stem cells inside your bone marrow, sitting and waiting to be triggered and sent to heal damaged and aging tissues that are insalubrious. Science has revealed how the healthy stem cells travel in the blood incessantly, and when damage occurs in any bodily tissue; such as trauma or infections, large quantities of stem cells race from the bone marrow scouting out the damaged tissue in order to repair it. In essence, the damaged, aging, or dying tissue is rescued by stem cells. They rejuvenate the organs in an organic, timely manner.

The dilemma that science has discovered is that as we age, our bodies react less and less to this regenerating process. It’s as if the stem cells prefer to stay locked behind closed doors and refuse to come out. They become indolent, couch potatoes so to speak, and fewer of them venture out to do their job, which is to heal damaged tissues and organs in the body by revitalizing the cells. Science believes this putrefaction of the body may be the cause of aging. Our answer is “Stem Alive.”

Stem Alive is the only product on the market with a proprietary modus operandi of essential ingredients of a synergistic-derivative foundation that is 100% natural and equipped with immune components created to transport healthy constituents to bodily organs to keep them healthy throughout the lifespan of the stem cells adult existence.

Stem Alive is New and Revolutionary

Stem Alive is a new product that is revolutionary and is altering the way we can extend our health. Through the efforts of our company and the assistance of certified doctors, we at Vida International, formulated this supplement only with the health of the populace in mind. By utilizing sixteen all natural ingredients such as fruit extract, gogi berry, grape seed, and Kino tree, our extensive research paid off and our doctors were able to develop an outstanding product that has assisted many individuals in recovering their health in the United States and other countries.

Researchers realized long ago that stem cells diminish in numbers and functionality as we get older, leaving us vulnerable to various ailments like diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol and blood pressure, fatigue, and depression to name a few. The main purpose of Stem Alive is to regenerate stem cells so that they “wake up” and begin to perform as they used to. Once the stem cells are no longer “couch potatoes” and are functioning as they are supposed to, they continue to rejuvenate our vital organs, liver, eyes, kidneys, pancreas, and so on.

A Great Alternative to Aging

Many people despair at the thought of aging. To many, aging means the loss of vitality, interest in life, and their youth. In essence, this may be true but our company has found an alternative. The launch and explosion of the stem cells, in reaction to the biological and chemical signals coming from the tissues and organs, is what Stem Alive replicates through the utilization of an all-natural formula. Organs are renewed as old dysfunctional cells are being substituted by youthful and alive surrogates.

Common Sense, Aging, and Ill Health

Vida International is pleased to have raised the bar and invite everyone into the world of innovation. Not too long ago, the stem cell issue was deemed improbable and out of reach of intelligent minds. Our mission is to prove that many things are possible with continuous research and ingenuity.

There may be an overstatement in stating that the total causes of aging, premature death, and degenerative diseases is caused by the shortage in the bloodstream of stem cells and their failure to make it to ailing organs and tissues. However, we do believe that there is no hyperbole if we state that at minimum, a key factor of the degenerative process within the human body has much to do with stem cells.

We may argue that the quality of life, longevity, health, and youth is dependent upon the quantitative sum of the stem cells in the blood circulating throughout our veins.

The sun has just begun to rise over the perplexities that life has bestowed upon us. In the world of science and its hopeful expectations of rejuvenation and restoration of the human body’s structures and organs, the conventional therapeutic solutions of surgical measures have given us life and death. In contrast, a 100% natural substance such as Stem Alive works from the inside by starting from the origin of what damages the beauty of life from within and instilling within them what mother nature already gave us.

This is not to state that surgery does not have its benefits. Nonetheless, what we are stating is that our product is formulated based on common sense. We realize that in order to assist our bodies back to health, we must work with what causes health in the first place and stem cells is one of, if not the leading causative.

Our Vision

The Company was founded on the premise of combining fervor and dedication to allow individuals the quality of life. Vida International is in a class by itself and a leader committed to creating an optimistic influence on the lives of people from around the globe. By keeping a “hands on approach” with our customers and distributors, we help bring to you ground-breaking, progressive, health and sincerity of purpose to make a difference in the world’s health.

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