Reasons To Choose Three Phase Transformers

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In many different systems and equipment, three phase transformers are required. They are also the transformers used in power stations and in substations, but in smaller electrical appliances, equipment, and system they are equally important. They are also used within plants and industrial facilities to provide the stepped up or stepped down power requirements for the components in the system.

The three phases can be designed by linking three single phase transformers or by using an integrated transformer that contains all three phases in one unit. These transformers can be standard, off the shelf types of components, or they can be custom made to meet the needs of the specific application.

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The Benefits

One of the most important benefits to consider in choosing three phase transformers over linked single phase transformers is the compact size offered by the custom-made system. They are streamlined, lighter and more efficient to use in any type of application.

With the three internal transformers configured to work with each other, there is a constant power delivery. With a single transformer it is possible to get surges, but impossible to have the same thing happen with a 3 phase system. This is essential to consider in most sensitive types of electronic systems and equipment.

Additionally, with the use of three phase transformers, there is a redundancy built into the design. With the three transformers working together, even if one of the three fails, the other two transformers in the system continue to operate without any disruption in the power. This can only occur if the transformer is designed to accommodate this and contains three single transformers, which is known as three phase bank transformer.

A single unit three phase transformer does not have this capacity, but with the design of these units, faults or failure is uncommon, making them a good choice for any type of system.

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