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You might have popped scrap car best price on Google hoping to get a good value for your scrap car. And you have likely received several quotes from different scrap yards near you. But how do you know you are getting the best price for it? This is something that often leaves car owners in a stump. You obviously dont sell your car to the scrap yard every day so its hard to know what to expect and what not.

Here are some guidelines that will help you determine the best value for your scrap car so you get what your car is worth.

Dont Wait Too Long Before Selling It

Its normal for people to feel anxious about selling their beloved car to the scrap yard. Scrap car best prices are obviously no match to the cars resale value if it had been in a good working condition. Hence, people keep thinking about restoring their car or dismantling it themselves to make more money out of it. However, the longer the wait, the lower the value gets. And this is an important thing for car owners to understand.

If they are storing a broken or damaged car on their property, its not only taking space there but its also prone to further deterioration. Chances are the car parts that were valuable to the scrap yard will have deteriorated further by the time you make up your mind to sell it. Parts collect rust quickly if the car is unused and the rust spreads farther. Fluids settle down and gasoline left in the task absorbs water from the air. The parts made of rubber will become brittle and pests may even infest the car. Rodents may also chew on electronics which can expose the wires.

The bottom line is, if you leave the car outside in an inoperable condition for long, you will only get the scrap value of the car by weight, which will be far less than what you could have secured by selling it right away.

Expect More If You Can Drive The Car To The Scrap Yard

If your car is operable and if you can drive it to the scrap yard yourself, you can expect to get a better value. For starters, you are saving time and money for the scrap yard to tow it away by driving it yourself. So it factors into the price you get.

Moreover, if your car is operable, it might also mean that the scrap yard can sell it at an auction to a buyer who would refurbish it. Keep in mind that not all cars that are taken to the wrecking yard are meant for the scrap heap. Many are sold as salvage cars individually or at auction. Hence, its important to determine whether your car qualifies for the salvage title. If it does, you can expect a slightly better price from the scrap yard.

Determine Your Cars Value And Compare It With The Quote

There are no clear guidelines about determining your cars scrap value but one way you can do it is by using its resale value as a guideline. You can easily find how much it would sell for if it was still working. Many online tools can help you gauge the resale value of your car.

Obviously, you cannot expect the scrap yard to pay anywhere near that price. The resale value is for cars that are in good working condition. If your car was in a good condition you wouldnt have taken it to the scrap yard in the first place. However, you can still use the value as a guideline.

Take that value and minus the cost of repairs needed to restore the vehicle to working condition. The result will be a rough guide of a price you can expect from the scrap yard. Now compare that price to the quotes you have received from scrap yards and see if they are high enough.

Expect More If Your Car Has Valuable Parts

Some parts on the car can be resold easily like alternator and starter motor. If those parts are in good condition, you can expect a better price for the car. Negotiate with the scrap yard operator and try to claw at least 50% of the resale value of those parts along with the scrap metal price for the car.

Use Scrap Price By Weight As The Last Resort

If you are still unable to get a higher quote from scrap yards, use the scrap metal price by weight as the last resort for estimating what your car is worth. Majority of the car is composed of steel so you should find out the scrap steel price at local recycling yards. Use that value as an estimate to compare it to the quote you are being offered.

Stay Away From Unscrupulous Scrap Yards

How do you find if a scrap yard is giving you an honest quote? Its a tricky question and there are many ways you can fall under the trap of an unscrupulous scrap yard operator. But one way is to never accept a price with conditions. Many scrap yard operators will give you an estimate and will tell you to confirm it after they have inspected the car. They will most probably come with their tow truck and will tell you their final and confirmed price, which is mostly lower than what they had quoted before. Instead, always ask for a final price even if it risks losing a few dollars.

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