How To Benefit From Virtual Assistants (100+ Ways!)

By Diana Barnum

Check out the dozens of ways good virtual assistants can help with your projects. Many popular ways they can help include:


creating and sending invoices to clients

posting / logging monthly transactions into spreadsheets / bookkeeping software

balancing and reconciling account statements and books (credit cards, loans, checking, savings, Paypal, eBay, etc.)

sending payment reminders

bill paying (for workers, contractors, suppliers, utilities, etc.)


scheduling, confirming & rescheduling appointments

backing up data regularly

Completing daily To Do tasks

regular reminding of important tasks and dates

sending out the appropriate cards or gifts for special events

managing lists of necessary office supplies and ordering refills

coordinating and following up with travel plans

coordinating other workers / outsource / virtual assistants and other helpers


keying in data into spreadsheets / database (business cards, telesales info, etc.)

sending introductory, sales, referral, follow up and other business communications and materials (example: to new prospects, leads, clients)

sending scheduled materials out as well (holiday promos, birthday cards, etc.)


tracking marketing efforts and summarizing the results in a report

contacting your leads and lists for missing contact information

sending faxes

emailing newsletters (ezines), announcements and broadcasts


reviewing mail and email for sorting and deleting

responding to help desks / support and other communications

forwarding & tracking items to you and / or your clients

order fulfillment, preparing packages and mailing out items


setting up and maintaining blogs, websites, forums and other means of online presence

establishing and growing your newsletter / ezine and subscription database

posting announcements and newsletter / ezine issues to your subscriber base / list

completing Internet research

writing, recording, editing, revising and submitting content to publishers online & off (articles, press releases, audio, video, podcasts, etc.)


writing, revising, posting online and printing out of resumes and cover / introduction letters

reviewing candidates resumes and summarizing each for your review

helping plan, create, coordinate and instruct about your products, services, business procedures, etc. with helpers / workers, staff and client training.


preparing PowerPoint presentations

preparing workshop / seminar participants beforehand with materials

working after presentations with follow up materials

summarizing results in a report


creating of private label rights (PLR) materials; i.e. ghostwritten items that you can slap your name and branding on and call your own: ebooks, reports, articles, blogging, videos, audio, podcasts, etc.

marketing for your products, services and events keeping in your budget range for promotions online and off

placing follow up faxes, emails, sales calls

creating and mailing feedback and other surveys and questionnaires

gathering testimonials, tracking the responses

blogging, forum posting, using eBay, Craigslist, Social Networking, MySpace, Squidoo, OnlyWire and many other means to spread the word online.

summarizing project work in reports


designing and printing brochures, matching letterhead, business cards and other marketing items

creating designs for and ordering labels, letter head, flyers, pens, pencils and other promotional items

crafting content & / or gathering it including interviewing, researching stats and quotes, laying out, printing and mailing newsletters / ezines (online & off)

designing, printing and mailing out awards, certificates, handouts, CDs and more for workshop & seminar attendees


researching travel plans, destinations, hotels, car rentals and more

researching affiliate programs, joint ventures and partners to team up with for your projects and then following up and reaching out to them to hook up.

finding info for catering, presentations, speeches, apparel, and more

fact finding for your reports, quotes, stats, articles, ebooks, presentations, speeches, videos, audios, podcasts and more

learning about decorating, entertainment, party / host gift ideas

gathering clips of published articles (online and off)

performing library research


receiving phone calls & faxes to allow you more time to do other things

forwarding important messages via email, text messaging or other means

retrieving voice messages and replying and / or coordinating responses with your team so that you know that things are taken care of while you are busy elsewhere with other things


using word processing to key in / type letters, articles, ebooks, memos, etc. from recordings or other note formats

typing of reports, video and audio scripts, workshop / seminar notes and more from recordings or other note formats

extra services like editing, proofing, spell and grammar check, conversion of documents (to Adobe PDFs, PowerPoint slides, Microsoft Word, for example.


Just ask! Seek customization.

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