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Though applications like Limewire still roam the cyberworld as popular and reliable peer-to-peer file sharing systems, the Kazaa Lite K++, a client created based on the original Kazaa application, serves as the ideal file sharing program that promotes the ethical use of the program amongst its users. Compared to the original program, Kazaa Lite allows you to download files with no ads, spyware or adware, features that improve the security of downloading like its built-in firewall PeerGuardian and prevents users from ‘leeching’ or downloading files from others without contributing their own. These qualities or features make up the ideal P2P software and it does not require you to pay for any upgrades, making the free Kazaa Lite application available for download anytime, anywhere.

In order to use the free Kazaa Lite program, the user had to download and install the software client, which communicates with a number of registration servers to identify files for downloading. Kazaa does not operate through file servers. Instead, it uses the Kazaa network called FastTrack, which simply holds peer registration information and connects between any two peer clients.

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Kazaa Lite is free because it is created by third part programmers that modified the binary of the original Kazaa application. It developed later versions, some of which included the K++, a memory patcher which removed search limit restrictions, multisource limits, and a maximum participation level of 1000. Some of its features include unlimited number of times the command ‘Search More’ is possible, better multi-source downloading, no third party .dll files, debugging options, and unreachable souces are not converted and stored in the .dat files.

The clients of Kazaa Lite were shut down by the original owners of the Kazaa Media Desktop, Sharman Networks, claiming it to be unauthorized and derivative. They sent a letter to Google requesting that they take out any links leading to free Kazaa Lite downloading websites and have threatened to take legal action against those who host the program unless they are completely taken off from their servers. However, because of Kazaa Lite’s decentralized nature, shutting the program down completely may be virtually impossible to accomplish technically since there are still free download locations for Kazaa Lite that are still up and running. Users can still get free Kzaa Lite downloads in some existing file hosting websites, although the connection when downloading files would be difficult now that the project has been shut down.

Despite the many conflicts regarding the program, Kazaa Lite and its K++ version can now be downloaded off the Internet again and remains available in the FastTrack network which Kazaa Media Desktop relies on. The new version, known as the Kazaa Lite Resurrect, has been developed and updated and can be downloaded once again. You can also download free Kazaa Lite applications off the Internet via websites like This has the latest version of Kazaa Lite. This is free of syware and viruses. It has no ads and is one of the most advanced versions released yet.

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