Forklifts: A History}

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Forklifts: A history


Robert Foster

You keep on using this work machine but do you have any idea what the history of forklifts/lift trucks is all about? ForkLifts , together with other industrial machines, were made at the start of the 20th century when Americans were in the period of a rapid industrialization after World War I. During this period, several companies from different industries were shifting to material handling industry. Hyster, for instance, begun in the logging industry but then shifted its focus to the burgeoning materials handling industry to start developing forklifts.

During and after 2nd World War, the use of forklifts became a necessity to industrialization. During this said period of time, forklifts were used in the war to carry supplies to the front lines and were also utilized to transport military related goods from American factories to foreign ports. Different warehouses used forklifts and lift trucks to fuel productivity and efficiency when it comes to material handling.

As times passed, industrialization had now evolved to what we perceive as technological evolution. Electric forklifts were created to make way for lower operating costs. Electric forklifts are earth friendly compared to gas powered forklifts.


The development of forklifts had gone a long way. Originally, altering tractors and applying lifts were the procedures on how to create forklifts. Now, the use of electric forklifts is a testament to the furtherance of the forklift technology. Many companies are now using forklifts that have rear wheel steering to increase the abilities of the forklift driver to do maneuvers in narrow passageways.

The great market of forklifts today owes its credence to the history of forklifts/lift trucks. Nowadays, the market share for forklifts is huge. New and used forklifts help businesses by reducing operation costs and increasing productivity of workers. Though nothing beats a new forklift, more and more businesses are finding it practical to buy used forklifts because it is cheaper.

Almost all warehouse, freight dock, construction site, and manufacturing plants need quality made and durable forklifts. It is important that in addition to the history of forklifts/lift trucks, you also know the several factors that need to be considered before buying a forklift for your business. The price of the forklift and how you will be using it are the two most important considerations you have to think about.

Brand new forklifts cost at least $15,000. Though electric forklifts are more expensive, they can save you money in the long run; forklifts with internal combustion engine is cheaper but need to be refueled often. Usually, the price of a standard 5000 lbs forklift is in between $16,000 to $30,000 depending on the kind of features you are looking for.

Forklifts that have greater lifting capacities may be very expensive. A forklift that can handle 35,000 lbs, for instance, many cost at least a $100,000. Even though a used forklift may cost less than a brand new forklift, it is still pricey. Make sure that when you are buying a used forklift, you ask for a personal warranty so if in case something is wrong, you can always return it to have it repaired or possibly get your money back.

Forklifts indeed help a lot of businesses nowadays. Before you invest your money on buying one, make sure that you really need it and that you know which type of forklifts suits you best. We also hope that the brief history of forklifts/ lift trucks can help you find quality made forklifts.

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Forklifts: A history}