China Is The Third World Elite Training

Submitted by: Christina Xia

China is training students from developing countries, only students from Africa alone 12 million, the country is casting the future of the entire African continent elite.

Barre leisurely walk in the Beijing University campus. “Here is the most quiet”, 26 years old, he said, “Chinese students do not like to go outside, they were afraid of the sun.” Two years ago, he received Chinese government scholarships to study in China for 5 years. In Beijing, the capital of this fascinating will not feel bored, but the living expenses of 1,200 yuan per month will soon be spent.

Coulibaly is an annual subsidy of one of the 30 students of Mali. They want the future to become engineers or doctors. Education in China have been far more than their home. At the same time, they are also part of a major geo-strategic: China from developing countries to absorb tens of thousands of students, training them to become the future of the Third World elite.

Numbers speak for themselves: African students to 10 times more than in 2000, students from the Pacific region are also more times. Currently, universities in China, the Mongols about 5700, Kazakhstan 6500, Indian 8500, 1.1 million Thais, Vietnamese 12000.


Different European and American and Japanese, Africa and Southeast Asia, not just students learning Chinese in China. Lao Peng Tin Wan said, “Our country urgently needs engineers, while China’s education has a good reputation.”

The Chinese government hopes to 20,000 per year for students from poor countries, scholarships, development assistance and support as a way of international friendship. Education is only the larger part of the cooperation activities. For example, in April, gathering representatives of African countries to develop scientific and technological cooperation between Beijing and the Chinese program, more than 2,000 agricultural scientists in Africa will study in China. Meanwhile, China will train more economists and management in developing countries scientists. So far, this is the area of Western aid.

But China is not selfless. Because today’s students will be tomorrow’s ministers and business leaders. China also has long-term plan: the third world for the Chinese companies a huge room for expansion, such as power plants, telecommunications and railway network construction.

China to train more engineers in developing countries, will get the better chance you can beat the Western competitors.

The success of the scheme would be difficult to draw a conclusion. For many students, China is only second choice. “Actually, I like to go to Europe and America,” said Onyango from Kenya, “but gave me the opportunity to learn Chinese.” Coulibaly, said he did not want to return home after graduation, preferring to stay in China or better conditions in the West.

China is an ancient civilization, has a rich cultural heritage, historical precipitate knowledge, good enough for people who want to be ecstatic, China as a developing country, has been going forward in an orderly manner, in various fields has not the performance of the Philippines, but also thirsty for knowledge and for talent, so in this country you can not only understand but also feel the history of the footprint of the development of human civilization and the power of technology.

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