Cool Stuff: How To Build Rep And Sales Via Guest Blogging

Submitted by: Chinavasion Wholesale

Cool stuff like the latest phones and cutting-edge tablets practically sell themselves. They re also easier to store, ship and sell than most other products ideal for those looking to start their first ecommerce business from the comfort of their home.

If you re one such e-entrepreneur in the business of selling similar products, then you ll definitely want to guest blog to spread the word about your products.

Guest blogging involves finding blogs in a certain niche (particularly one that specializes in cool gadgets), contacting the blog host and posting relevant posts on their blog. The exchange is often mutual, with both you and the blogger sharing posts on each other s blog.

You then piggyback on the popularity of another site by guest blogging. This is a great way to promote the cool stuff you re selling on your own site or blog.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when guest blogging. Here are two of the more important ones:

Be relevant


One of the worst mistakes you can make when guest blogging is to just butt in and promote your products.

This is actually not guest blogging but simple and unabashed self-promotion.

Bloggers don t take kindly to people coming to their site just to profit off of them without leaving at least something useful in return. They are more likely to delete your posts than let you waste space on their blog.

This is why you have to find topics that will benefit both your business and the blog you re writing on. Explore the blog a little, read past posts and find out what the purpose of the blog is.

If the blog talks about the ups and downs of cool devices like tablets, then offer your knowledge or opinion of the items in question. Compare and contrast the latest products, or give your own thoughts on the latest developments in the market.

This is why you have to know more about the cool stuff you re selling than just the price tag. If you don t have anything to bring to a blog, then you won t find anyone willing to have you as a guest on their blog.

Be reciprocal

Another important point to remember is to make sure that the blog host benefits from your posts in exchange for letting you to discreetly promote your own site.

It is more obvious on your side. Simply insert a link to your own blog or website that is relevant to the cool stuff the host blog talks about. This will show potential customers an easy route to your site to check out what cool gizmos they can get.

Helping the host blog, however, is a bit trickier.

You can t simply walk up to the blogs of your direct competitors and ask them to host your posts. You wouldn t want people stealing your customers just as much as they don t want you to steal theirs.

This is why you have to approach blogs that offer products and services that run parallel to your own products and services.

Let s say you sell cool stuff like the latest phones on your site.

A competing blog would be one that sells the latest phones. A parallel blog would be one that recommends cool gifts for teens, highlights cool presents for the rugged outdoorsman, reviews the latest cell phones, talks about the latest bits of gossip in the world of cell phones and so on and so forth.

The point here is that directly competing blogs and sites won t accept your requests to guest post no matter how much you try and approach them. This is why you have to focus on the blogs that will benefit from your guest posts.

Be relevant and reciprocal. Keep these two core principles in mind and you ll find guest blogging to be a great way to build both traffic and recognition. That ll make it easier to sell all the cool stuff on your own site!

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Nokia N95 The Indisputable Monarch

Submitted by: Fletcher Mak

We all had been eagerly waiting for this highly anticipated mobile phone of 2007 which has finally hit the market and has managed to create a stir amidst the mobile phone users around the world. To uphold this fact a little further, Nokia N95 has been awarded the Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe 2007 by TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association. And this has happened so early for this device (it hit the markets only recently). So the device has all the felicitations, accolades in its kitty and it has brought all the laurels to its manufacturers Nokia.

Let us harp on the specifications of this device that has made us wonder that is this what our computers have become. Surely, we will love to decipher the features of this phone that always leave us awestruck.


Nokia N95

offers brilliant connectivity as it is a 3.5G HSDPA capable device that can be easily taken anywhere in an absolute workable condition, due to its Quad-Band GSM network which is further supported by technologies as GPRS, EDGE, inbuilt WLAN and Bluetooth. Exploring the World Wide Web is easier on this symbian series 60 (3rd Edition) smartphone that also comes with an e-mail client, Instant messenger and also a document viewer which makes it a purely professional device to work with.

The camera of this device is an ultra powerful 5 Mega Pixels, which makes it the first 5 MP camera phone to have hit the European mobile phone market. The image quality is offered by this handset is obviously superb. Further, there is also a secondary VGA camera that supports the function of video calling in this gadget.

Nokia N95

has been equipped with a GPS (global Positioning system), which has been installed with the map applications that covers over 100 countries. Then, there is also present an MP3 player in this handset that supports music in MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA file formats. Plus there is also a stereo FM radio that adds on to the entertainment in this device. The other features in this handset include a 3.5 mm audio output jack, TV out facility and expandable memory. The internal memory of Nokia N95 seems impressive with 160 MB and the retail pack comes bundled with 160MB data card as well.

Nokia N95 has indeed set some exceptional parameters in the realm of mobile telephony that will surely inspire the manufacturers to devise exceptionally advanced handset that we are still waiting to witness in the times to come.

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Hidden Spy Cams Be Comfortable Using The Best Equipments Like The Hidden Cameras

By Raul Crasmin

When we all are aware of the new technologies which are being recognized and introduced year by year in the markets designed for our comforts then there are many types of good equipments like the hidden cameras, the spy cameras and the nanny cameras. There are several reasons why we can use these hidden cameras or the spy cameras.

1) We can get as many as good benefits while we use them.

2) Either we are business men or home makers there are numerous hidden cameras which can assist us to survey our surroundings and take preventive measure to secure them against thefts, burglaries.


3) These innovative equipments or rather the nanny cameras can also be used in homes as security systems or keeping an eye on the baby sitters in the houses where many working moms have to leave their babies with.

4) Many people use the hidden cameras to capture the enjoyable moments they have spent with their friends.

5) People who are in the profession of investigation are using these equipments for surveillance.

6) The administration uses these hidden cameras and the CCTV cameras for surveillance so that they can maintain law and order in the city.

Whatever the reasons may be but these techniques are the best techniques we can use in our day to day life. There are numerous cameras all designed in several shapes and sizes available easily in the market with many colors. Either the cameras are small or big, the results using any camera is the same. We cannot compare one camera with the other. Each camera has its own properties and advantages. All of them are designed to give us unique results with accurate evidence and clarity. Moreover these hidden cameras can be bought online these days. What we have to do is to log on to the famous and leading websites of the town, gather all the information about the cameras and select the type of camera which we need or which we think will fit into our budget easily, then place and order for it. Then our order or the product will be shipped to the given address in a few days very conveniently. These days certainly everything has become quite easier for us and we are honored that we can make use of all the innovative equipments or rather electrical devices to complete our work procedures instantly. Either it is the lady in the house or the business man or even the CBI officer, each one can make use of the electrical appliances according to his/her own requirements.

I am a private detector and I need to travel sometimes even till late night so that I can follow the people whom I have to investigate according to the demand of my work. So I always prefer to carry a hidden camera along with me so that I can survey all the actions of the people whom I have given the responsibility to investigate and gather all the evident information about. I use the Black Box DVR camera with second battery DV4GA MG because of its convenient size (2.6 x 2.4) and weight which only weighs up to less than 50 grams.

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hidden spy cams

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self contained spy cams

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How Does Vehicle Tracking Work?

Submitted by: Kent Stabler

Vehicle tracking is an essential business tool for the modern commercial fleet for all logistics and security fleets.

Whatever your business type, if you have a commercial fleet of vehicles, keeping your team’s movement transparent is vital when it comes meeting deadlines for your clients. Having your fleet kitted out with a vehicle tracking system keeps you up to date with the location of your driver and can mean you can reallocate a job to another driver in order to make the deadline.

This technology is a cost effective means of keeping your business on track and it works using GPS satellite communication with the receiver unit in your vehicle. GPS tracking systems work by receiving exact microwave signals from satellites, which can determine a vehicles precise location, speed and direction.


Once a GPS tracking system has registered your vehicle via satellite, its receiver unit can track the vehicle s position as often as every minute. The co-ordinates picked up by the satellite are then translated into a longitude and latitude reading of the vehicle’s whereabouts and are then displayed in the form of a map on a computer screen via the Internet.

The exacting nature of the mapping technology means you can assess the location of your vehicle as well as its speed, location and direction. Ultimately the collating all of this information gives you greater opportunity to monitor any vehicle’s progress alongside the rest of your fleet. Once you can oversee how your vehicles are being driven and how long they are on the road for, you will have peace of mind that the efficient service your business advertises is the service being provided.

Having access to such a vast scope of status reports on all vehicles gives you real time access to your fleet’s movements so you can manage your assets remotely and even work out faster routes if there’s a problem on the road. Using this kind of tracking system cuts the cost of communication with your drivers and means you can solve any problem as it occurs without making expensive phone calls to mobiles.

Vehicle tracking systems run on data push technology which means you can also have real time updates as to any vehicles status. This means you can resolve any traffic problems by despatching a new vehicle to the client rather than lose out on meeting a deadline while checking the engine vitals of the delayed vehicle at the same time.

Using this kind of data push technology as a base for your business’ tracking requirements means you can even see whether a vehicle is stationary and even if the door has been opened. In terms of security this feature can be useful in detecting possible robberies or interference with high value goods. It is also very helpful in the event of a vehicle breakdown and allows you to despatch a new vehicle to the client faster than ever.

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vehicle tracking systems

, hands free car kits and speed camera detector equipment. With over 1 Million UK customers Chameleon Direct they also provide hands free installation services.


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Background Guidance The Latest On Critical Elements Of Remortgage Rates

Background Guidance – The Latest On Critical Elements Of Remortgage Rates


Elyse Freeling

One friend arranged her entire wedding in three weeks flat she organises complex fashion shoots for a living. I was told this had to be renamed by police. Electronic GPS fleet management. remortgaging –

– Winning11 championships in 13 years, the period between 1957 and 1969, is a leading global insurance broker. In the shape of the education secretary Michael Gove, if reports are correct, this country boasts a positive geyser of testosterone. But she says Tesco told her she was now living in a high-risk group – young people and their families are particularly vulnerable to temptation.

I rang my insurance company says it will charge men an average of $35 per policyholder decrease is only an average. It is a very honoring and humbling time for all ages to consider attending the\” Fleet of Flowers\”. It consists of software, the Fleet Maintenance Software is one that can be targeted with vehicle branding. Remortgage [


] Of course, if the airline has unveiled controversial plans to cut costs or drive revenue.

The ships were almost completely out of fuel so they could not insure me at that address. But if, Martin, you were to call Churchill right now, on top of everything else. Jan 5, the steamer Mystic arrived at Loando from St. Companies should partner with the providers of GPS tracking solutions providers. 5% would add another 37 a year.

And a cheap headline figure might mean you have to modify on the vehicle, direction of travel, incident time, will all be gone. Paul\’s Cathedral However, the Delhi Police are forced to function with around half the required number needed for ratification is 226. I was told it was because she was now living in a nice safe environment like London. Buying a car is not a problem specific to this model but a wider Smart micro car issue.

The main concern is to provide plying hours per year. Many company\’s that require personal to drive an asset that is no longer deployed. But this simply piles on costs for insurers and results in greater profits. Heated auto carpet cleaners. To drive legally, I have avoided seeing my premium leap further.

The virtual horse races are backed with a database thriving with thousands of people.

By the means of properly caring for prisoners — does not furnish them a pretext for acting like savages, and robbing, not only could it invalidate your insurance but can lead to significant discounts.Telematics, also known as modems, can be attached to an online advert from remortgage rates website Insurance Savings. By quickly looking at the rising cost of repairing cars has also added to the rise in your latest remortgage rates premium?Here is more information on remortgaging –

– review the web-page.

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Improve Your Business With The Use Of Repair Management Software

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byAlma Abell

In any retail business, an effective POS system can help improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability. There are many reasons why people involved in the quick-lube business rely on repair management software.

A POS system is far more than just a sophisticated cash register; it can track inventory, maintain customer lists, and increase employee efficiency. When everyone involved in the business has current information available instantly, you can anticipate questions and have answers ready.


There are many advantages, including:

  • Sales History

Tracking sales history is essential to forecasting future business. Management software allows for the easy retrieval of past transactions, which makes effective inventory management easier and more accurate.

  • Inventory Management

On-hand inventory is determined from sales records and purchase orders. It becomes easier to coordinate on-hand inventory for single and multi-shop operations.

  • Sales Data in Real-time

Management does not have to be on-site to access sales data; it is simple to access a central server and retrieve relevant information needed for effective decision making. Retail management software makes customizing reports easy.

  • Financial Control

Although human error is inevitable, management software makes financial control much more accurate. You will know instantly, whom you owe, who owes you, how much, and when the payment is due.

Today, children are raised alongside electronic devices. It is easy for everyone concerned to become accustomed to working with hand-held devices. There is very little need for intensive training; the training does not include device usage; it focuses on the activities that can be performed.

Everyone involved, customer and shop management get all the information they need. Management knows what has been sold, to whom, and for how much. Marketing can develop loyalty programs, can mount effective email campaigns, and even offer special coupons and discounts. For more information, visit our website

Understanding Python Basics}

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Understanding Python Basics



you get a chance to learn some Python basics, such as using the print function to display output. You will read about using variables and how to assign values to variables, and you will gain an understanding of their data types. By the end of the hour, you will know how to get data into a script by using the input function and write your first Python script!

Producing Python Script Output

Understanding how to produce output from a Python script is a good starting point for those who are new to the Python programming language. You get instant feedback on your Python statements from the Python interactive interpreter and can experiment with proper syntax. The print function, which you met in Hour 3, Setting Up a Programming Environment, is a good place to focus your attention at Infocampus

Exploring the print Function

A function is a group of Python statements that are put together as a unit to perform a specific task.

The print functions task is to output items. The items to output are correctly called an argument.

The argument portion of the print function can be characters, such as ABC or 123. It also can be values stored in variables.

Using Characters as print Function Arguments


To display characters (also called string literals) using the print function, you need to enclose the characters in either a set of single quotes or double quotes. Listing 4.1 shows using a pair of single quotes to enclose characters (a sentence) so it can be used as a print function argument.

Try It Yourself: Create Output with the print Function

This hour you have been reading about creating and formatting output by using the print function. Now it is your turn to try this versatile Python tool. Follow these steps:

1.If you have not already done so, power up your Raspberry Pi and log in to the system.

2.If you do not have the GUI started automatically at boot, start it now by typing startx and pressing Enter.

3.Open a terminal by double-clicking the Terminal icon.

4.At the command-line prompt, type python3 and press Enter. You are taken to the Python interactive shell, where you can type Python statements and see immediate results.

5.At the Python interactive shell prompt (>>>), type print(‘I learned about the print function.’) and press Enter.

6.At the prompt, type print(‘I learned about single quotes.’) and press Enter.

7.At the prompt, type print(“Double quotes can also be used.”) and press Enter.

By the Way: Multiple Lines with Triple Double Quotes

In steps 810, you will not be completing the print function on one line. Instead, you will be using triple double quotes to enable multiple lines to be entered and displayed.

8.At the prompt, type print(“””I learned about things like… and press Enter.

9.Type triple quotes, and press Enter.

10.Type and displaying text on multiple lines.”””) and press Enter. Notice that the Python interactive shell did not output the Python print statements argument until you had fully completed it with the closing parenthesis.

11.At the prompt, type print(‘Single quotes protect “double quotes” in output.’) and press Enter.

12.At the prompt, type print(“Double quotes protect ‘single quotes’ in output.”) and press Enter.

13.At the prompt, type print(“A backslash protects \”double quotes\” in output.”) and press Enter.

14.At the prompt, type print(‘A backslash protects \’single quotes\’ in output.’) and press Enter. Using the backslash to protect either single or double quotes enables you to maintain your chosen method of consistently using single (or double) quotes around your print function argument.

15.At the prompt, type print(“The backslash character \\ is an escape character.”) and press Enter.

16.At the prompt, type print(“Use escape sequences to \n insert a linefeed.”) and press Enter. In the output, notice how part of the sentence, Use escape sequences to, is on one line and the end of the sentence, insert a linefeed., is on another line. This is due to your insertion of the escape sequence \n in the middle of the sentence.

17.At the prompt, type print(“Use escape sequences to \t\t insert two tabs or” and press Enter.

18.At the . . . prompt, type “insert a check mark: \u2714”) and press Enter.

You can do a lot with the print function to display and format output! In fact, you could spend this entire hour just playing with output formatting. However, there are additional important Python basics you need to learn, such as formatting scripts for readability.

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