Real Estate For Sale In Alabama For Sale By Owner Or Realtor To Sell Your Land

By Chuck Magee

When you get ready to sell your Alabama land do you sell it yourself or should you use a licensed Realtor. I will outline several reasons you should consider using a Real Estate professional to help you sell your Alabama Real Estate.

If you have Land for sale in Alabama and you are ready to put it up for sale are you planning on trying to market your land your self or have you thought about a Real Estate Broker. I will go over a few pro and cons for both and then you can chose for yourself. Let’s discuss to cons of a Realtor first, the commission is going to be the thing that will concern most people first and yes this can add up to be thousands especially on a large transaction. One more thing that concerns the average person is you also have to sign a listing agreement which is in essence a contract that lets the Realtor control the marketing of your property for either six months or some even a year. These are the main draw backs to listing your Alabama land for sale with a Realtor.


I will try and go into great detail on the pros because as I have sold hundreds of land tracts and houses in my career in Real Estate I have also sold many properties through a good Realtor and believe that even with a lot of experience you should at least look very hard at listing with an aggressive qualified Real Estate Broker and here are some reasons why. One of my biggest pros for a Realtor is overall marketing exposure, an individual even in this day of internet land listing websites just can’t get the overall exposure that your property will need to sell. Most Realtors know the best websites and are members and will get your land listed on them for you. Even though being on all the right sites is much cheaper than print ads you still need to know how to word your listing and know the top sites to post on. Another good reason to use a Real Estate Broker is the client base they will have and the old hip pocket buyer and by hip pocket buyer I mean someone they have been talking to about certain types of properties and they know they will by if they find it.

Now I will go over the number one thing in today’s market that an individual just can’t get done and that is financing the land after the sale is contracted. If you don’t think this is worth a commission just get your land under contract and try to find the buyer the money. Unless he has an 830 credit score and over twenty to thirty percent down (these buyers are hard to find) it isn’t going to happen…this is where you will lose most sales.

I am shooting this as straight as I can with you. Unless you have experience selling Alabama Real Estate yourself and I mean a good bit of it I would suggest using a licensed Real Estate Broker to sell your property for you.

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