Fat Binders: Is Proactol Your Answer?

By Pratim D

Are you struggling with your bulging belly? Have you given up your favorite dessert in a bid to lose weight? If your answer is yes you need to know that you are not the only one. There are loads of people fighting weighty issue and have given up many things they love. However do you know that you can actually eat as much as you want without having to worry about your weight? Yes, a fat binder allows you to dig into the yummy chocolate mousse without having to worry about the calories. There are several fat binder pills in the market that will come to your aid.

So, what exactly is a fat binder? It is basically an easy and natural way to lose weight. Just as the name suggests the fat binders bind the fat and therefore it becomes impossible for your body to digest it. And since your body cannot digest it, it is eliminated from your body. And this means you do not gain extra weight. Moreover the fat binders reduce your hunger pangs and therefore make sure you eat less. This helps in weight loss. There are many pills available in the market. If you want to know about a few of them just read on.

1. Proactol

Proactol is considered the best the industry has ever seen. Proactol is 100% effective and natural. The non soluble fiber is these pills bind the fat and a fluid gel is formed around the fat. And the soluble fat binds with the bile forming a solution that decreases the speed of digestion. So you feel fuller for a longer period and therefore eat less. Therefore it not only stops you from gaining extra weight but also aids in weight loss. Proactol is without any side effects.


2. Liposinol

Liposinol is one of the most popular pills available in the market. It consists of Litramine- a fiber complex found in nutritious cactus leaves. It binds the fat sans any pharmacological action. Liposinol consists of an array of products that help you to keep your weight in check and also lose extra weight. Though Liposinol aids in weight loss it is not as effective as the manufacturer claims. And it might prove counter effective for people with kidney ailments.

3. Lipobind

Lipobind is quite similar to Liposinol. Lipobind also consists of Litramine that binds the fat. However it also has vitamin A, D and E as its ingredients. The Litramine is released before the release of the vitamins. This makes sure the pill functions effectively. Apart from keeping the weight in check and reducing weight Lipobind also keeps the sugar spikes in check. Lipobind is relatively effective. Its efficacy is marred by the side effects like headache, pain, bloating and diarrhea. However it is undoubtedly one of the most popular fat binder pills today.

Fat binders are products that help you lose weight without having to give up on your favorite food. There are several fat binders available in the market and you need to know about them in details to make the right choice.

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Healthy Solutions Can Get You Started With A Private Label Line Of Vitamin Products Today

By Erik Hambrick

Healthysolutionsweb.com, based in Scottsdale Arizona, has specialized in vitamin manufacturing and packaging for individuals and businesses who want to start their own health product lines for the past twenty years. The complete turnkey services offered by Healthysolutionsweb.com allow any individual who wants to develop their own vitamin line from start to finish.

Complete Vitamin Manufacturing Services

Healthysolutionsweb.com is different from other product development companies because they are more hands-on in the process when it comes to helping people create, manufacture, and package vitamins, supplements, and other health related products.

The process starts with a consultation. Healthysolutionsweb.com is ready to help any individual or company with the vitamin manufacturing process. They can be contacted on their website or by phone and with the exchange of some simple information; you can get the ball rolling. A qualified sales technician can talk to you about the products themselves, the quantities, the labeling, the turnaround time, and of course the vitamin manufacturing process itself. This is because Healthysolutionsweb.com has a completely self-contained, state-of- the-art facility where the entire process takes place.


The Team of Experts

Besides the expert chemists and technicians who work on the actual development and monitoring of the vitamin manufacturing process, there is a whole host of experienced professional s involved in making sure that your final product is of the highest quality. This includes people who make sure that your vitamins are ready for sale to the general public before they leave the facility.

If you dont have an existing product, the first person you will talk to will be a product development specialist. They can help you with research and development for a new product or help you repackage and existing one. There are also qualified medical advisors available to make sure that your vitamins or supplements will be safe and effective when consumed.

Next, you will have a lot of packaging and label decisions to make. This is also taken care of by experienced marketing professionals, who can advise you on a combination of packaging, and the type of labels that will maximize your sales and make your products look more professional.

Healthysolutionsweb.com has a multitude of glass and plastic packaging to choose from that will keep your product in its original state while it is transported and then sits on store shelves. As well, there is legal counsel available that can make sure that the labels contain the right ingredient information and can talk you about FDA or FTC approval when it comes to vitamin manufacturing.

The Facility

Healthysolutionsweb.com has a facility that is one of the top in the country for vitamin manufacturing. It boasts high speed cGMP computerized process management; ultraviolet water purification, liquid nitrogen preservation, 5-stage reverse osmosis water purification, is 100% air conditioned throughout the facility, and has 24-hour security.

Product Quality

Healthysolutionsweb.com has the highest standards of quality when it comes to vitamin manufacturing. They only use certified organic raw materials, and have certified kosher raw materials available as well. A certificate of analysis is supplied for each vitamin order, ensuring its quality. So, in order to start a vitamin manufacturing enterprise of your own, simply go to Healthysolutionsweb.com today.

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What Are Eobbd Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils?

By Dianne Ronnow

When you are shopping for essential oils you will find differences in the prices of oils from different companies. The reason for this is because there are very few legal requirements for producing and labeling essential oils. Unfortunately this means that anything can and is being sold as an essential oil. This is why you need to be careful. Not only are many of the oils sold today ineffective, but some of them can actually cause adverse health effects.

Most of the essential oils sold and marketed in the United States today are manufactured with methods that destroy much of the complex live plant compounds, rendering the original plant’s beneficial health properties pretty much useless. These oils, which might smell and look the same as high quality therapeutic essential oils, are called perfume grade essential oils.

Perfume grade oils are also usually diluted up to 48% with other more inexpensive oils. Because of this, and the fact that they are often extracted with cheaper techniques that ruin their potency, they do little more than smell good. If you are looking for real results and not just fragrance, you are just throwing your money away when you buy these inexpensive oils.

True therapeutic essential oils are complex and consist of literally hundreds of live compounds that come from the plant. Therapeutic essential oils are extracted very carefully to preserve the oil’s potency. Quality essential oils should consist of the plant’s true life essence and power– concentrated into a powerful oil.


The way to tell if an essential oil is a therapeutic quality oil is to look for E.O.B.B.D. label. The letters E.O.B.B.D. stand for “Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined.” When you buy an E.O.B.B.D. labeled oil, it is your guarantee that the essential oil is 100% pure.

So, when you buy an E.O.B.B.D. certified peppermint essential oil, you are assured that the oil you have purchased is only peppermint oil– and the exact botanical species of the peppermint plant that is the most effective and healing. It also means that the best parts of the plant are used for that oil, not the cheaper parts. And the EOBBD certification means that it is distilled in the most meticulous way possible to extract the plant’s full potency.

Although true therapeutic oils will probably cost you more, it is well worth the few extra dollars you might spend, because you will be getting a therapeutic essential oil that will give you real results.

There are only a few companies out there that have EOBBD certified therapeutic quality oils. I found what I believe is the very best, and it is the only one I would recommend. Founded by Dana Clay Young PhD, one of the world’s foremost authorities on essential oils, this new company is called Be Young Essential Oil.

Dana Young’s experience is shooting Be Young to the top in the essential oils and natural health care market. They have some amazing original powerful oil blends you can find no where else, like their Brazilian Amazon oil line. They also have other cutting edge health products that support wellness and healing, such as Masaji, a raw food based liquid supplement with maqui berry, that not only has the the highest combined ORAC value (an amazing 250,000+) of any supplement on the market, but it includes more concentrated marine phytoplankton than any other supplement drink on the market!

Now get these EOBBD certified therapeutic essential oils and health products at wholesale prices when you join Be Young Essential Oil as a Sharing Partner. You can just be a customer and buy essential oils at wholesale prices, or your can share the oils with others and turn it into a fun and profitable home business.

And for a limited time there is no sign-up fee, so you can join Be Young Essential Oil for FREE! You have nothing to lose and you could have your health and prosperity to gain. What are you waiting for?

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Save The Life Of Your Vacuum Cleaner And Take It For Vacuum Repair In Fairfield County, Ct

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byAlma Abell

When you’re trying to get everything you need for housekeeping, a vacuum cleaner is a necessity. Without one, you would soon be stepping on crunchy things and have a carpet full of pet hair. This not only is unsanitary, but it can play havoc on allergies. It’s very important to keep your floors clean for not only allergies, but for other health issues. If you have dust and dander in your carpets, it can actually make it hard to breathe in your house.

There are times when your machine may not be picking up the way it’s supposed to, but don’t throw it in the garbage bin and buy another. If you take your carpet cleaning machine to a Vacuum Repair company in Fairfield County, CT, you may find that it only needs a new belt, or it needs to be professionally cleaned so that it works more efficiently. Getting your machine looked at by a repair shop will only cost a fraction of what a new one will cost. Your carpet cleaner can be working like it did when it was new after a check up with the repair shop.

There are quite a variety of cleaners to pick from these days. You can have one that uses paper bags to collect the dirt in, and all you have to do is replace the bag when it’s full. Some repairmen say these have the best suction. There are also systems that have no bag, but you just empty the compartment that collects the dirt each time you use it. It can get confusing when you’re trying to figure out which kind of machine to buy, but talking to the people who work in Vacuum Repair in Fairfield County, CT is a great way to get the best advice.

If you have a budget problem and need to get a carpet cleaning system that will fit that budget, a lot of repair shops actually sell used systems that have been thoroughly inspected and fixed so that they work as good as new. You can save a lot of money on these systems, and when it comes time that the vacuum cleaner needs to be checked out and cleaned and oiled, coming back to the shop that sold the system to you is a very convenient thing to do.

Information On Lactose Intolerent Symptoms And Solutions To Lactose Intolerence

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By Claire Calkin

Lactose Intolerence is a condition a person has when their body cannot correctly process lactose. Lactose is a milk sugar that is often found in foods made from milk products, such as yoghurt, ice cream and other dairy foods.

When a lactose intolerent person consumes a product containing lactose, their body cannot process the food and this can result in unpleasant symptoms, which commonly include stomach cramping, diarrhea, and flatulence. Depending on the amount of dairy the person consumes and to what degree their body can process lactose, will determine their degree of adverse reaction.

The medical explanation of lactose intolerence is fairly straightforward when lactose and lactase are distinguished. Lactose is milk sugar found in milk products and lactase are the enzymes that aid in digesting lactose. Lactase enzymes can be found on the wall lining of the small intestine. They aid in digesting and absorbing lactose into the body. If lactose cannot be broken down into Glucose, it will sit and ferment in the body creating excess amounts of methane/ hydrogen and water. With these excess amounts in the small intestine, it creates the common lactose intolerent symptoms that include flatulence, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.


There are 3 main causes to why people experience lactose intolerent symptoms. These include congenital, secondary and developmental causes. Congenital (after birth) is caused by a rare condition that involves a mutation of the gene that produces lactase. Lactose intolerent symptoms usually begin to appear soon after birth. The secondary cause of lactose intolerence is the lack of lactase in the small intestine, due wall lining damage by a disease or illness. The third and last cause of lactose intolerent symptoms is called developmental or hypolactasia. This is when the decrease of lactase in the body occurs over time due to the programming of an individual’s DNA. The time the decreation begins, the age of first symptoms, can vary throughout different ethnic groups.

The most common symptoms of lactose intolerence include diarrhea, flatulence, and abdominal pain. The uncommon lactose intolerent symptoms are abdominal bloating, nausea and abdominal distention. The severity of these symptoms is dependant on the amount of lactose consumed and how much lactose the body can tolerate.

There are several tests that can determine and distinguish whether a person has lactose intolerence, a milk allergy or a lactase deficiency. These tests include the milk test, elimination diet, breath test, intestinal biopsy, stool acidity test and the blood glucose test. If a person suspects they have this condition after experiencing lactose intolerent symptoms, the first thing they should do is make sure they have spoken with their doctor before beginning any sort of lactose free diet.

Because lactose intolerence is a well-known medical condition, there are many people that just assume that if they suffer from lactose intolerent symptoms that they have lactose intolerence. This person may actually have another underlying reason for the cause of their symptoms that should be treated. When a person assumes they have lactose intolerence and cut all milk products from their diet, they may not be aware that they need to take supplements to replace the calcium they once received from the milk products. This can result in severe long-term effects.

There is a wide variety of ways to control lactose intolerent symptoms in a person’s life. These include diet changes, supplements, lactase tablets, and adaptation to lactose. When a person makes a significant change in their diet such as cutting out foods containing lactose, there is a need to check with your doctor to ensure that you can take a substitute to ensure there is plenty of calcium and Vitamin D in your diet. Vitamin D deficiency can result in bone weakness in adults and bone deformity in children. If lactose intolerence is left untreated, whether the person continues to eat lactose foods or cuts lactose from the diet, there are long term effects that can harm the body.

The future for lactose intolerent symptoms looks positive. There is significant research in this area to find an easier way to control lactose intolerence including the tests in 1998 by scientists. They undertook gene therapy transplant in rats and hope to adapt this technique in humans in years to come.

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What Pulmonary Hypertension Does To Your Heart

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By L.J.T. Reaves

Oxygen-depleted blood arrives in the right side of the heart. It is pumped from the top chamber (atrium) to the chamber underneath it (ventricle). The ventricle pumps the blood into the pulmonary arteries, which deliver it to the lungs. The lungs replenish the blood with oxygen before sending it to the left side of the heart for circulation to the body.

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is characterized by high blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries and right ventricle. The path from the bottom chamber to the lungs is constricted. Less blood is allowed to flow through the pulmonary vessels, which makes the right ventricle work harder than normal. This can cause a number of symptoms as well as several complications that lead to other serious health conditions.

Early Signs Of Pulmonary Hypertension

Signs of pulmonary hypertension are not always evident, especially in mild cases. However, the condition tends to worsen over time. The patient may experience several symptoms as the blood vessels leading from the right side of the heart to the lungs become increasingly narrowed. He or she may feel chest pain or pain in the upper abdomen. Shortness of breath is also common, and particularly so after strenuous physical activity. Some patients feel a sense of fatigue and weakness as their bodies’ tissues become deprived of oxygen.

As PH worsens, swelling may occur in the lower legs. The patient may also experience periods of lightheadedness following exercise, and even lose consciousness when their hearts are severely taxed. Cyanosis (bluish color on the skin) may also develop, reflecting the lack of oxygen in the tissues.


Potential Problems That Occur Without Treatment

If pulmonary hypertension is not treated, the elevated blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries and right ventricle can cause serious health issues. For example, blood clots may develop in the legs as blood continues to pool within the legs’ blood vessels. Once clots form, they can break off and migrate to the heart and lungs.

Reduced blood flow in the lungs, combined with the increased workload placed upon the right side of the heart, can disrupt the heart’s normal rhythm. This can cause arrhythmias. Some arrhythmias are mild, and present few, if any, long-term problems. Others are severe, and can be fatal.

Another complication occurs as the right ventricle continues to meet the increasing demands placed upon it. As already noted, the chamber is forced to pump blood harder against the resistance within the constricted pulmonary vessels. It is able to do so at first by thickening its walls and growing larger. Eventually, however, even this is not enough. The ventricle becomes unable to meet the body’s needs for oxygen-rich blood. This is referred to as congestive heart failure.

Treating Pulmonary Hypertension To Minimize Lung Damage

The goal of treatment for PH is to relieve the patient’s symptoms while reducing the risk of permanent lung damage. This involves identifying and, if possible, correcting any underlying issues that are contributing to the condition (e.g. blood clots, heart valve disease, etc.). Therapy typically begins with one or more medications that are given to reduce the stress placed upon the patient’s heart.

Anticoagulants are usually given if there is a high risk of clotting. Calcium channel blockers may be administered to help dilate the pulmonary arteries, thereby improving blood flow to the lungs. If the doctor suspects fluid buildup in the lungs (known as pulmonary edema), diuretics may be given.

Surgery can be performed in select cases. For example, if heart valve disease is contributing to PH, a surgeon may attempt to repair or replace the affected valve. If a large blood clot in the pulmonary arteries (i.e. a pulmonary embolism) has reduced blood flow to the lungs, emergency surgery can be performed to remove it. In rare cases, namely when other treatment options have failed to improve the patient’s condition, a lung transplant may be performed.

High blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs is dangerous since it can damage the lung tissue, and lead to heart failure. While the condition cannot technically be cured, it can be managed with treatment.

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