Everything You Need To Know About Cox Voice

While the world has changed significantly, one thing has remained constant, our need to communicate with the people around us. We are always looking for new ways to stay connected to our loved ones be it with a long email or a spontaneous social media post. Although we have adapted to many of the new mediums of communication, there is one medium that has existed for around 143 years and is still in use, mainly because it is one of the most reliable ways of staying in touch with people. Landlines were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 and they gained commercial popularity in the 1900s. To this day landlines are considered the most reliable and safest method of communication.

Cox is one of the most trusted and reliable internet, TV and phone services providers in the United States. It has over 6.5 million customers, including 3.5 million Internet subscribers and around 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers. It is the seventh-largest telephone carrier in the country making it one of the best home phone service providers. Read on to find out more about Cox home phone services and why they are considered the best:

What is Cox Voice?

Cox uses the upgraded digital fiber-optic cable network to deliver its customers high-quality home phone services with crystal clear voice and other added calling benefits. It uses IP tech to transmit phone calls over an IP-based data network that it manages by itself ensuring safe and secure communication.

Cox Voice Plans and Bundles

Cox offers different plans and bundles designed to fit the various needs and requirements of every household size. It offers stand-alone home phone services for those who only want to subscribe to Cox Voice.

  • Cox Voice Preferred Plan
  • Unlimited calling coverage nationwide and
  • Unlimited international calling coverage to Canada, Mexico and more
  • Around 20 calling features

Although, it advises its customers to bundle Cox services together in order to make the investment more worthwhile. It gives its customers the liberty to create their own customized bundles by just choosing a Cox Internet speed, and a Contour TV plan and adding both or any one of them to their Cox Voice subscription. Here’s a bundle of all Cox services just for $169.99 per month:

  • Cox Voice Preferred with Cox Internet Preferred & Contour Preferred
  • An internet connection with a download speed of up to 150 Mbps
  • 25 terabytes monthly data
  • 140+ channels including Food Network, ESPN, HGTV, and more
  • Unlimited calling coverage
  • 20 calling features

List of Cox Voice Digital Calling Features

Calling features are the added benefits that make voice communication over a phone hassle-free. Cox Voice offers 20 popular calling features that can aid in making phone communication less troublesome.

  • Speed Dial: This allows you to add your 8 favorites, frequently called numbers to the speed dial. You can assign a dedicated button on your device to each number and click on that button to talk to that number
  • Selective Call Forwarding: Forward calls from selected numbers to a different number
  • Call Waiting: This feature allows you to put one caller on hold while you attend the other call.
  • Caller ID: Enabling this feature would allow you to see the caller’s name and number on your device
  • Three-Way Calling: You can have a mini-conference call by enabling this feature. Add two more callers and talk to them at the same time.
  • Block Anonymous Calls: You can block calls from callers whose caller ID is hidden
  • Block Robocalls: Block unwanted calls from telemarketers or any other computerized or pre-recorded calls.
  • Busy Line Redial: Redialing a number repeatedly for 30 minutes until it’s no longer busy.
  • Caller ID Blocking: If you want to hide your caller ID when you call others, activate this feature and it’ll appear as “private” on the other person’s device.

Wrapping Up

Cox Voice is one of the top home phone services available in the United States. It offers its customers a wide range of benefits from crystal clear audio quality to customized bundles. To find out more about different home phone service providers, head on over to BuyTVInternetPhone, and check out a wide array of home phone service plans and bundles.