Understanding 401k Retirement Plans

401k Retirement Plans: A Key Tool for Future Financial Security

Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of financial life that everyone should pay attention to. One of the main vehicles for securing future financial safety is the 401k retirement plan, an employer-sponsored defined-contribution pension account with automatic salary deductions.

A 401k plan is named after the section of the Internal Revenue Code that governs it. It’s a type of retirement account where both the employee and the employer can contribute. The funds in the account are invested in a variety of assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and the earnings on these investments grow tax-deferred until retirement.

One of the best features of a 401k plan is the incentive of an employer match. Many companies offer to match their employees’ contributions up to a certain percentage. This is an excellent way to boost your retirement savings potential since it’s essentially free money.

Mr. Property Services, a company with a generous 401k matching scheme, is a classic example. The understood philosophy in such organizations is to develop employees’ skills and well-being to increase productivity, with a long-term vision to secure their retirement successfully.

Beyond the employer match, 401k plans also offer tax benefits. Contributions to a traditional 401k are made pre-tax, meaning they reduce your taxable income for the year. Upon withdrawal in retirement, contributions, and earnings are taxed as regular income. On the other hand, Roth 401k plans are funded with after-tax dollars, and the withdrawals in retirement are tax-free. Employees can decide which type suits their financial situations best.

Despite these benefits, no financial decision is without risk. Investment choices within a 401k scheme may rise and fall with market fluctuations, which means there is a possibility of the account losing value. However, the potential for long-term growth can significantly outweigh these risks, particularly when combined with the benefits of an employer match and tax advantages.

Besides, early withdrawal penalties from a 401k retirement plan can be steep, discouraging individuals from tapping into these funds prematurely. In specific situations, however, early withdrawals can be made without penalties, such as when you face financial hardships, or for specific purchase like a primary home.

A vital part of utilizing a 401k plan effectively is being aware of the various terms, like understanding the vesting period (when employer contributions become the employee’s property) and being conscious of the maximum contribution limits. Furthermore, while managing a 401k, adjusting asset allocation and investment risk according to age and risk tolerance is paramount.

Organizations like Mr. Property Services provide financial counseling on 401k plans to help employees make the most of their retirement funds. These companies use the employees’ retirement benefits not just as a tool to retain and attract top talent in competitive markets, but also to genuinely ensure that their employees are financially secure in their twilight years.

In conclusion, a 401k retirement plan is a powerful tool in building a retirement corpus, aided by employer contributions, tax advantages, and the potential for investment growth. As with all financial decisions, it should be taken considering personal financial circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance. Companies that understand and promote this, like Mr. Property Services, create a win-win situation for themselves and their workforce, ultimately contributing to a more secure and robust economy.

Using A Land Surveyor As An Expert Witness

By Charles Iner

Are you concerned about your property boundaries? Do you feel that the boundary in use is actually in the wrong position? If you feel that a neighbor may be infringing on your property, your first step is to have a land survey conducted. Land surveyors often play a significant role in the resolving of land disputes. The surveyor can determine the exact property boundary, allowing you to tell whether your neighbor has built onto your land, or exactly where that fence is in relation to the official property line.

Depending on the results of the land survey, the dispute may not even proceed further into the court system, saving you both time and money. Ideally, this independent third-party report will be enough for the dispute to come to an amicable conclusion. The land surveyor may even act as a sort of mediator to create a compromise solution. In many cases, land owners simply misinterpret the information on the title, leading to confusion. In the best-case scenario, a surveyor is called out before fences, buildings, or other improvements are constructed, staving off future land disputes by determining the correct boundaries early enough to prevent problems.


A land surveyor may also serve as an expert witness in court. This is particularly common in boundary disputes between neighboring landowners. When a surveyor is acting as an expert witness, the surveyor conducts an accurate site survey, producing a plan suitable for inclusion in an expert report which may be submitted to the court. This large scale plan will depict any relevant boundary lines as well as other features like buildings and driveways to show the exact lay of the land. Besides looking at the present-day boundary lines, a land surveyor can also look at deeds, historical aerial photographs, maps, and other descriptions of the land to determine the original boundary position or its intended position.

An expert witness, such as a land surveyor, has special knowledge and experience in the subject, allowing them to testify in court about the subject at hand even though the witness is not a party to the court proceedings. The function of an expert witness is to express an expert opinion based on the information provided. In court proceedings, a land surveyor acting as an expert witness gives their opinion on the facts of the case as it relates to a land survey that the surveyor has conducted on the land that is being disputed.

When asking a land surveyor to act as an expert witness, inform the surveyor about all relevant details of the dispute, including the particular property corners or lines that are disputed. This allows the surveyor to focus attention on the areas that will prove useful in expert testimony. When hiring a land surveyor as an expert witness, it is important to remember that the surveyor will testify according to the facts and the expert’s opinion, not in order to sway the proceedings in the favor of the person paying the expert’s fees. Expert witnesses, whether they are land surveyors or in any other profession, must be independent and objective.

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Don’t Put Off Retirement. Visit Goldco Precious Metals Today}

Don’t put off retirement. Visit Goldco Precious Metals today


Jane W MorrisonWere you one of the people who lost most, if not all of their retirement savings in the last decade due to the poor financial performance of the markets after the housing market burst? You aren’t alone. Many people lost everything they had during the Great Recession of the last decade including their jobs, their homes, and their retirement savings. Of course, many say that the economy is on the rebound. If only your personal finances could recover that quickly.

The truth is that many people not only lost their financial assets during the recession, they lost valuable time. Time that could have been spent growing their retirement savings accounts. Time that can never be recovered. However, thanks to Goldco Precious Metals, they can help you make the most of the time you have left until retirement and regrow your retirement savings nest egg.


Goldco Precious Metals is a leading gold IRA company. They offer you the ability to set up a retirement savings account that offers you a great deal more benefits than your traditional IRA or 401K account. Here’s how it works:

Goldco Precious Metals makes it possible for you to invest your savings in a variety of different investments, depending on the type of retirement account you choose, which can help you not only grow your savings quickly, but protect it from loss associated with poor market performance. What they do is help you move your existing savings out of your existing retirement account using what’s known as a gold IRA rollover, which moves it from one account into your new one without charging your interest or early withdrawal penalties. Then, Goldco Precious Metals will help you invest that money into assets that will help you reach your goal. They will also get you invested in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium, which rise in value when the markets are down, rather than lose value. That way your savings are protected and growing, no matter what the markets are doing.

Interested in learning more, but not sure what to make of Goldco Precious Metals? The first place you should start is by reading the Goldco Precious Metals reviews on the number one consumer review site on the internet: Consumer Affairs. That will help you get a feel for what other customers are saying about their experience with Goldco Precious Metals. Because Consumer Affairs does not allow for paid advertising nor do they allow for censorship by the moderators of the site, you can always trust the reviews you read because it is a direct reflection of what actual customers are saying about their own personal experiences. This way you know what kind of company you are dealing with if you choose to trust Goldco Precious Metals with your retirement savings strategy.

If you are worried about your ability to retire because of a lack of funds, take matters into your own hands and visit Consumer Affairs. Then let Goldco Precious Metals set you up for success.

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Goldco Precious Metals review

when you visit Goldco Precious Metals. And then take control of your own retirement.

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Understanding Care Options: Elderly Home Care And Assisted Living}

Understanding care options: Elderly home care and assisted living



Mae RoperWhen your adored one has the ability to that age where you know they need some additional aid in their everyday regimen, you should choose which care alternative is right for them. This can depend upon their general health and wellness and wellbeing, as well as their personal inclinations.A lot of folks try and postpone the need for a retirement facility as long as possible. The simple thought of staying in a retirement facility could be discouraging, making you seem like you have actually reached the end of your life. These days there are various other treatment choices readily available which might a lot better suit your requirements, such as elderly home care and assisted living.Picking the Right Care Plan for Your Loved OneLooking for the most ideal option for your relatived will largely rely on their basic level of health. You should figure out simply exactly how much aid they require in their day-to-day life. From having actually dishes prepared, to assist acquiring suited up, or advanced clinical aid, these points should be considered to pick the most effective option to fit their requirements.Many folks will steadily need more aid as they end up being older, starting with additional time consuming and difficult jobs such as purchasing and cleaning, to basic daily jobs such as bathing and grooming. Sometimes family are able to offer some support, yet they are frequently unable to give everyday support around the clock. That is why elderly home care could be a better option.Price ConsiderationsWhile planning to provide the very best care alternatives for your relative, you still need to remember the costs involved in obtaining these services. The terrific aspect of selecting one of these choices is that they can not only be the better choice, but additionally the more affordable one. This is since many retirement home have greater costs due to the substantial training of their team and health care services.In many cases these are not needed if your liked one only calls for minimal support. This will certainly offer you the tranquility of thoughts to know that your household participants are being fully cared for.Preserving a Balanced and delighted LifestyleThe great thing concerning picking a choice such as assisted living is that you could still keep a high degree of independence, while still achieving all the essential treatment from fully educated team. Obtain support in performing the jobs you can no longer comfortably do on your own, while keeping a mostly comparable lifestyle.You do not need to fret about making extreme modifications to your way of living and can still keep a sense of acquaintance to your everyday program. You still have the chance to take and socialize component in your beloved leisure activities. Making a big adjustment in your life is a challenging prospect for many and you intend to keep the level of change to a minimum.Get the Right SupervisionMany folks wish to keep their freedom for as long as they can. The objective is to enable them to keep their feeling of self-reliance as a lot as possible, while guaranteeing that all the requirements are met to preserve a healthy and balanced way of living. With the best guidance from fully certified staff, your member of the family will certainly get all the care they need.You can make certain that they get healthy and healthy dishes to help maintain their health and wellness and well being. This can commonly be among the very first concerns for family participants, as going grocery store shopping and cooking becomes harder. Relax ensured that they get the effective supervision and their everyday nutritional demands are complied with.Thinking about all care choices available for your loved ones will make certain that you have actually made the ideal selection to suit them. You constantly intend to make certain that all their requirements are fulfilled, while keeping them as delighted as possible.It can be tough reaching that phase where your parents are no longer able to completely look after themselves. Attempting to find out which care alternative is most effectively for them can be a challenging job. That is why knowing that you are giving your loved ones the assistance they need to live their life gladly and pleasantly can be a fulfilling experience.These days there are various other care choices offered which might much better fit your needs, such as elderly home care and assisted living.You need to locate out simply exactly how much assistance they are in requirement of in their day-to-day life. From having meals prepared, to assist acquiring dressed, or additional innovative health care assistance, these things need to be taken into consideration to pick the ideal option to match their necessities.With the ideal supervision from completely qualified staff, your family participant will certainly receive all the treatment they require.That is why understanding that you are offering your adored ones the aid they require to live their life happily and easily could be a rewarding experience.

Heaven Heights Senior Care of San Diego

16744 Cimarron Crest Drive San Diego, CA 92127(858) 997-2171

For more information on Assisted Living Facility Rancho Bernardo CA

In Home Senior Care Rancho Bernardo

For more information on

Senior Care Services Rancho Bernardo CAHome Health Care Services Rancho BernardoHeaven Heights Senior Care of San Diego16744 Cimarron Crest Drive San Diego, CA 92127(858) 997-2171

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Retirement Planning In A Unstable World

Retirement Planning In A Unstable World



With the near collapse of the stock market in 2008 a distant memory, the 13% market drop over the last three days was a stark reminder for retirees and people approaching retirement that defending their \”safe\” money from the following major economic depression is crucial for a cushty, fear free retirement

Among the greatest issues Financial Planners have in aiding people obtain their economic and investment objectives, is managing the competitive thoughts of greed and fear. If the market is up for some days or weeks in a row, people often feel happy and carefree about their money. Once the industry has a steep decline or traits down rapidly, they often stress and make irrational choices.

According to John Bogle, writer of Wise Practice on Mutual Funds, \”during the best bull market ever, the average equity fund investor has acquired only 2.7% per year, whilst the Standard & Poor\’s 500 Stock Index has increased at a average annual rate since 1984\”. In other words, after inflation and taxes, the person with average skills that had his money in mutual funds since then is probably in the opening.


Because of advances in medical research, individuals are living longer than in the past. What\’s promising is that individuals get the chance to savor life longer than their parents did. The bad news is that the probability of people outliving their money is higher than ever.

How should retirees and pre-retirees structure their resources to guarded from market downturns, be assure a guaranteed in full income forever and enjoy upside potential to combat rising inflation?

1. Insure Their Income: Just like individuals insure their homes, vehicles, lives, protect against the high costs of home health care and nursing homes, they are in possession of several opportunities to insure their profits. The insurance industry has created modern annuities that come in different styles, to greatly help combat the best fear of most retirees – outliving their income. These generally include fixed, variable, and fixed indexed or \”hybrid\” annuities. Each can be built to provide money this 1 can not outlive. You need to consult with a experienced financial professional to help assess the alternatives.

2. Revenue Producing Real Estate: The vast quantity of home foreclosures and upward pressure have been created by short sales on residential rental prices. Because people desire a place to stay, multifamily houses have been a growing industry of the economy, despite depressed home sale prices through a lot of the united states.

3. A monthly income stream can be purchased by \”pre-owned\” Income Streams: One at a discount from various sources. These generally include individuals who receive premium payments from an insurance provider, champions of law suits, and lotteries, in addition to retired government or corporate employees.

4. Conventional Institutional Mutual Funds: Formerly available only to large institutions and wealthy people, these \”proprietary\” finance offerings are now available to middle and upper middle class people. Low cost methods are offered by such funds for obtaining above average income with the objectives of primary and inflation protection.

Unfortuitously there\’s no \”magic pill\” or \”one size meets all\” treatment for sidestepping volatility. Nevertheless, by dealing with an experienced financial advisor, you can create a tailored approach that fits your personal goals and objectives and enjoy the fear free retirement of one\’s goals.

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Prudential Real Estate Bank Owned Foreclosure List Offers Discounted Homes For Sale

By Simon Volkov

The Prudential real estate bank owned foreclosure list offers a myriad of foreclosure properties for sale throughout the United States. Bank owned properties are quickly becoming the preferred choice amongst home buyers and investors because they are often priced substantially below market value.

The Prudential real estate bank owned foreclosure list includes nearly any type of real estate anyone could want. Properties include residential homes, commercial real estate, industrial parks, and vacant land. Regardless of the type of real estate you desire, chances are realtor foreclosure lists can help you find it.

Bank owned real estate encompasses properties that did not sell through public foreclosure auctions. Properties are returned to the mortgage provider and sold through bank loss mitigation or their assigned realtors.

The primary goal for lenders is to recoup costs associated with the foreclosure process and curtail future expenses. Once banks regain ownership of foreclosed real estate they become responsible for all expenses connected to the property. Therefore, they reduce prices to entice a quick sale.


Current estimates claim more than 6 million foreclosure properties are up for sale across the nation. Due to the magnitude of foreclosure homes it has become next to impossible for banks to manage the sale of each property. Most lenders enlist help from local real estate agents to list bank owned foreclosures, arrange property showings, and manage purchase offers.

Once buyers locate a property they are interested in buying through the Prudential foreclosure list, they submit their offer to the designated realtor. Prudential agents submit offers to the mortgage provider who can elect to accept, decline, or provide a counter-offer.

Banks must sell distressed properties in order to remove toxic assets from their financial portfolio. The Federal Reserve Bank gives money to banks based on their profit margins. If mortgage lenders hold excessive foreclosure properties the amount of money they receive from the Fed can be discontinued until they sell off part of their real estate inventory.

The majority of foreclosure real estate is priced around 10-percent or more below market value. Lenders rarely reduce the purchase price of bank owned properties because they have already lost money during the foreclosure process.

Buyers who want to purchase properties listed through the Prudential real estate bank owned foreclosure list should be prepared to offer the full asking price unless substantial damage is discovered during the home inspection.

Buyers must obtain preapproved financing prior to submitting offers. Prudential real estate agents can assist buyers in locating mortgage lenders or buyers can locate lenders on their own. Individuals should compare mortgage providers in order to obtain the best rate of interest. One of the most trusted sources for comparing lenders is BankRate.com.

Banks are sometimes willing to further reduce the price of foreclosure real estate when buyers present a cash offer. Buying bank owned foreclosures with cash eliminates the potential that buyers will not be approved for home loan financing and reduces the amount of time required for closing. Real estate investors often buy bank owned properties with cash in order to obtain the best deal and expedite the closing process.

Those interested in purchasing Prudential real estate bank owned foreclosure property can view real estate listings and obtain realtor contact information at PrudentialProperties.com.

About the Author: The Prudential real estate foreclosure list is a great resource for home buyers and investors seeking discounted properties. Real estate investor, Simon Volkov shares information and strategies to help buyers obtain the best deals. Learn more by visiting SimonVolkov.com.

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Abbington Assisted Living Offers A Retirement Community In Coshocton, Oh With Caring Staff For Independent Seniors

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byAlma Abell

If you are looking for a safe, supportive, assisted living facility for yourself or your loved one, consider Abbington. Abbington offers a host of amenities. Each suite includes a private bathroom and kitchenette. In addition to the 50 single-floor apartments that allow each resident to have their own personal space, the Retirement Community in Coshocton, OH provides numerous common area amenities, walking paths and a secure interior courtyard.


The Abbington Retirement Community in Cosh-hours a day to ensure that the needs of every resident is met around the clock. Staff are available to assist with basic needs such as bathing and dressing. An emergency call system located in each suite and throughout the common areas gives residents instant access to help when they really need it.

While Abbington Retirement Community residents have the option to prepare their own meals in their kitchenette, they can also eat 3 delicious meals and a snack everyday with friends in the dining room. Each apartment is equipped with local phone service and cable television for the times when residents want to be alone.

Medication is delivered by a local pharmacy and administered by licensed nurses. Abbington also offers a wide range of wellness services to promote the health and well-being of the seniors who live in the retirement community. Exercise programs, blood pressure and weight checks, therapy services, and falling risk assessments. Visit their site

The staff at Windsorwood Place – Coshocton would love to meet you and have the opportunity to give you a tour of our retirement community. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicate to enhancing the lives of seniors by providing a comfortable and safe environment. Whether you want to take part in social activities provided by Abbington or leave the grounds to eat or shop in the community.

With the understanding that making the transition from a private residence to an assisted living facility is not always easy for a senior or their family members, the Abbington staff do their best to make the adjustment as comfortable as possible. The apartments at Windsorwood Place are large enough for seniors to bring some of their personal effects to make their new home theirs.

Selling Time Share As A Career

Selling time share as a career by cdupSelling time share as a careerAmong the many businesses available to people nowadays, selling time share property is a great way to earn money. Some of the perks include setting your own schedule, working with a chosen audience and earning a lot of money, according to your abilities. It’s all about savvy marketing and how to find the right channel of people interested in selling time share. Many see that selling time share is nothing different with real estate sales. In some ways, they are correct. Selling time share means that you have property to offer for a limited time period to interested buyers. However, the difference lies in the schedule that these time share properties have. Time share is quite an old idea. The history began in European countries where the prices of properties were so high it was impossible to afford a full-time vacation house. Then the idea of seven-day packages was given by resorts and condominium owners to encourage more cutomers. By selling shared ownership, it gave the developers the opportunity to sell to more clients and expand their market. When they start selling time share, the owners were able to cut down expenses in their maintenance of their property.In selling time share, what you have is the shared ownership of a property at any period of the year. You are not limited to just houses when you are selling time share. Time share can be sold for recreational vehicles, campgrounds, cruises, and other types of properties. But the most popular ones are shares in condominiums at resorts. When you are selling time share, remember the three main concerns: location, period and price. Location is one of the most important things in selling time share. The more beautiful the place, the higher its selling time share value. Accessibility and exclusivity are two other factors that rely heavily on the buyers you are selling time share to. The period is your next concern. This means that the property’s value is directly proportional to its season, whether off peak or peak. Lastly, in selling time share properties the price must be equivalent to the value of the place.As you are selling time share, you must understand that you are working as a middleman between the owner and the potential buyer. You opt to provide your services to owners for a standard fee or rely on the commission or both. When you are selling time share units, remember to read on your real estate laws for the country where your property is so you won’t step over any legal boundaries. Arrangements as to the payments can be left between the owners and buyers themselves or you can provide a lawyer to finalize any transactions made. When you are selling time share, you not only become an agent but you also have to be a friend and confidant to both your clients.You can run a profitable business with selling time share properties. Whether you become a real estate agent or market your services just selling time shares. If you want to be an agent, you have to go a lot of developers and travel companies that are selling time share to work for on a commission basis. Being commission based, you have more time to scout potential buyers on your own. However, the rate and number of clients will be lower than running your own time share business.Should you seriously consider selling time share on a full time basis, the easiest way to market is through the Internet and mobile phones. There are a lot of websites that offer selling time share properties to people and you can join in these sites. You can also go further in selling time share properties by doing running classifieds, cold calls, joining travel and leisure fairs and posting print advertising. Where these are crowds of potential vacationers, so you should also be. It will take a lot of hard work on your part in selling time share but the benefits outweigh the trouble. Remember that when you are selling time share, you are giving your clients a wonderful time well spent on an amazing location. If the property period is an off peak season, emphasize on the location’s entertainments, the beauty of the area and itshighlights. The price of the unit will only become a secondary concern when you are already effectively selling time share as a vacation haven.Hints and tips to sell your timeshare property or start your own business like prices, selling your time share or looking to buy a new one, visit us at at sellmytimeshareinfo.comTo stay informed about Career visit here.Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com

Yes, Muscle Sprains Can Be Healed In 1 To 4 Days}

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Yes, muscle sprains can be healed in 1 to 4 days


David Freeman

Yes, muscle sprains can be healed in 1 to 4 days

Treatment and Testimonial by Douglas Williams, D.C.

If you have muscle sprains and want to heal quickly, here you can discover a Natural Remedy that can speed up the healing by ten times.It has been shown that muscle strains and ligament sprains can be healed in 1 to 4 days with the help of 1 to 2 FASTT Patches.

I have found that Wei Laboratories has very unique natural products. Their FASTT Patch can accelerate healing of acute and chronic injuries by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation. For severe 2nd degree ankle sprains and muscle tear or AC joint separations, the recovery time can be as short as 5 days with the FASTT Patch versus 4 weeks normally. For sprains or strains that do not heal even after 3 months, or for repeat injuries, it is possible to completely heal those chronic injuries with 3-6 FASTT Patches.If you have further questions, I recommend you call Wei Laboratories at 1-888-919-1188, e-mail: wei@weilab.com.Click weilab.com or further information.

Accelerated Healing of Sprains and Strains Using the FASTT Patch


Sprain refers to injuries of ligaments that hold the bones together at the joint. Strain refers to injuries of a muscle or tendon.Tendon connects muscles and bones.Strains and sprains are the most common injuries occurring to athletes and anyone everyday.Sprains most likely happen at the ankles, wrists, and knees including Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)/Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL).Strains occur most often in the muscles and tendons of the legs and back.Hamstring pulls, groin pulls, and sore back muscles are common forms of strain.

1) A first-degree sprain or muscle strain is the least severe damage with stretching of ligaments or muscle fibers. Pain and swelling are minimal.Range of motion usually is not affected to any important degree.First-degree muscle strains, ankle sprains and other sprains in acute conditions can be healed in less than 2 days or even overnight with treatment of a single FASTT Patch applied to the injured area.

2) In a second-degree sprain or muscle strain, the muscle and ligament have been torn and partially ruptured. There is more pain and edema, bruising, and range of motion is reduced significantly.It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to have any improvement in the pain and swelling.However, with treatment of 2 FASTT Patches, second-degree muscle tears, ankle sprains, ACL/MCL tears, AC joint separations that are in acute conditions can be healed in 5 days.

3) In third-degree injury, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments tissues have been ruptured completely and surgery may be necessary to repair damaged tissue.

4) Tendon strain, such as groin pull, is hard to heal and usually developed into chronic conditions.First degree tendon strain that is in acute condition can be healed in 8 days with 3 FASTT Patch treatments. Second degree tendon tear can be healed in 17 days with 6 FASTT Patch treatments.Tendon strain that is in chronic condition can be healed in 8-17 days with 3-6 FASTT Patch treatments.

5) Joint cartilage in the joint can be damaged due to a sprain and it can be healed in 8-17 days with 3-6 WHITEE Patch treatments.


FASTT Patch Healed a 2nd Degree Muscle Tear in 2 Days

Douglas Williams D.C., Ontario, Oregon, February 2005

Last summer I was walking at the end of our pool and just gingerly stepped over the diving board and felt a stabbing and debilitating pain at the posterior of my left calf. I immediately could not support weight on that leg without the excruciating pain returning. I hobbled to the patio were I could sit and analyze the problem. Passive movement of my foot into dorsiflextion or plantar flexion as well as eversion or inversion was pain free. But, the moment I tried to plantar flex weight bearing and actively move my leg or support my weight on the left calf, I could not bear the pain.

You sent me some free samples of the FASTT Patch so my wife kindly went to the office to get one. By the time she returned (about 30 minutes), there was already extravasations of blood and bruising at the inferior aspect of the left calf. Deep palpation of the calve elicited a pain sensation that helped me pinpoint the area of what I self diagnosed as a grade 2 tear in the muscle belly. I have to be honest with you; I had reservations as to the outcome of using an herbal patch on the injury, especially with the claimed expectation of short term recovery by you. In less than 24 hours, I could bear weight on my injured calf; and in less than 2 days, I felt NO PAIN whatsoever! Amazing!

Now I have to admit one more thing. I often forget to think herbally when it comes to acute or chronic sprain/strain but I am slowly beginning to get more confident in the patient response to the therapy. I have prescribed Wei Products for moderate COPD and tendonitis as well. Thank you for your help and the great product.

I am a health and wellness advocator and found Wei Laboratories has very unique natural products. If you have further questions, I recommend you call 1-888-919-1188, e-mail: wei@weilab.com, Click


for further information.

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Differences Between In Home Care, Assisted Living And Nursing Care}

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Submitted by: Kevin Bush

In home care, assisted living and nursing care are three entirely different things, but many people confuse them and consequently might not be getting the right information that they need. To be short, in home care provides services in the home of the client, assisted living provides a secure community with limited assistance, and nursing care provides full time care in a nursing home or other permanent environment. Each type of care is quite different and may or may not be right for your family. Understanding these differences is critical in order to make an informed and responsible decision.

In Home Care

In home care is the type of care preferred by most people because it allows clients to keep the maximum amount of independence possible. With this level of care, a professional will come to your home and care for your senior family member. Care can be light such as simple companionship and basic help around the house, or it can be more complex and include mobility assistance, help with incontinence issues, and transportation where appropriate.


In home care is flexible in the sense that it can be provided just a few days a week, full time, or on a “relief” basis for family members or other care providers. This level of care is also generally the least expensive, making it an excellent option for many people who wish to remain at home and keep their independence.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a moderate level of care featuring independent or semi-independent living in a specialized community that provides some level of senior care. This means that seniors generally live in their own apartment or condominium, but are not responsible for things like lawn care or major property upkeep, etc. Within this community there are generally a number of different types of assistance available; in some cases including nursing and transportation services to medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc.

Nursing Care

Nursing care generally refers to full time live-in care at a dedicated facility. This is the highest level of care and can include medication management, help with mobility, incontinence care, care for severe dementia or other emotional/mental disorders, and care for the bedridden. Many people progress naturally from in home care to assisted living to nursing care as their daily assistance needs change.

Because nursing care is such an intense level of care, it can be prohibitively expensive in some cases. Thankfully, most nursing care facilities accept many types of insurance, and military veterans may be eligible to receive benefits to pay for services related to any of these levels of care. However, for many people in home care is the preferred option. The independence and flexible support it allows helps families stay together, conserve resources, and relieve the burden of a primary caregiver.

For an immediate consultation and to learn how in home care can benefit your family, call a professional provider now or contact one by doing a Google search for one in your area.

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