Kimberly Bass Is The Hcs Dads Top Quality Provider Of Finest Things N Life In Harris County

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Kimberly Bass is the Program Manager of the Finest Things N Life. She always had a knack for caring for other people stating her first job was at 15-years of age at McDonald’s. Kimberly had customers who only wished to be served by her. Even at the age of 15, Kimberly’s desire to customize and ensure all customers were served with the highest quality of care. She recalls, “I remember a little elderly lady came through my line every Sunday morning to get a hot biscuit, jelly and butter. As soon as she stood in my line I had a biscuit in the oven for her. Once she arrived to the front of my line her biscuit was warm and she always left with a smile on her face!” Moments like that are so priceless to Kimberly.

Finest Things N Life hires top quality staff, Kimberly Bass- Program Manager obtained her BS in psychology at the University of Houston and currently pursuing to be a licensed Speech Therapist at Texas Women’s University. She has volunteered with the American Red Cross since 1995, served as PTO and HOA president. Additionally, she worked in the Alief ISD school district with special needs children for over three years.

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Additionally, her ex, two time Super Bowl champion Antowain Smith’s former team mate Tom Brady has a son that is autistic. Kimberly helped advocate for the needs of persons with autism alongside NFL greats Antowain Smith and Tom Brady.

Passionate about helping others is the best way to describe Kimberly. “I truly believe God holds me accountable to help others.” She takes time to establish personal relationships with her families without becoming intrusive.

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