Writing A Business Plan Free: The Key To Creating A Successful Real Estate Investment Business

By Simon Volkov

Several options exist for writing a business plan free. The Internet is a great place to start, as is your local library. Both the Internet and public libraries offer books and resources to help real estate investors develop their business plan. Some online companies offer free versions of business plan software, while others charge a fee.

When writing a business plan free, seek out software and business books that focus on real estate. If possible, locate reference materials on various niches such as rentals, property management, commercial real estate, foreclosure homes or house flipping.

Most real estate business plan software offers templates that can be customized to suit your needs. Microsoft Word offers free business plan templates both within the software program and online. Business software can also be purchased through office supply and electronics stores.

Writing a business plan is essential for success. By taking time to construct a plan, you will be better able to see the “big” picture and determine what actions steps are required to achieve your goals.


Business plans can shine a light on areas which will require additional help. Few people can manage all aspects of running a business. Even if you plan on flying solo, you should have a team of people who can help with some aspects of the business. You might need to hire an accountant, marketing rep, web designer or virtual assistant.

Business plans are crucial if you plan to obtain financing through lenders or private investors. Few people are willing to loan money to business owners who don’t have a solid plan in place.

If you are uncertain of which direction to take your real estate business, using business planning software can help narrow down your choices. Some software contains preprogrammed questions about the types of investment opportunities that interest you. Answering these questions can help users determine if they should focus on rental properties, wholesaling, house flipping, or commercial investments.

When developing your plan it is important to remain focused on the needs of your business. For example, a startup company business plan will focus on different areas than a plan being used to expand an established business.

Developing a strong business plan requires time and patience. The average plan consists of between 20 and 30 pages of information, graphs and charts. It discusses major aspects of the business, key personnel, goals, action steps, and an exit strategy.

At minimum your real estate business plan should include an executive summary, company mission statement, details regarding the products or services offered, market analysis, strategy and implementation techniques, management team and financial projections.

Business plans are intended to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. There is no point in creating a plan if you don’t refer to it. Review your plan at least every three months to determine where you are and what you need to do to stay on track. Taking time to write a business plan can be your ticket to success, so take time to do it right and refer to if often!

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writing a business plan

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New Uk Aviation Developments

An increasing number of MPs appears to be aware of the intense public dislike of the Air Passenger Duty. As many as half have decided that there should be some review of the tax, and a growing minority sees it to be having a direct negative effect on the economy.

So, while no action is as yet planned, there seems to be a growing consensus that at some point they should perhaps agree to set a time to look at it.

I think in the world of politics, this is a way of saying that you hear the uproar but really hope that someone else will stick their neck out and propose some course of action.

Flight School

And, the contentious battle over runway capacity in the southeast of England now has a date when discussion of alternatives may once again be possible – 2015, with a new government. Note that again there is no real stated agenda, simply the realization that in 2-plus years, haggling may recommence.

Aviation Colleges

Judging from past exercises, on this date it may be possible to propose another committee to look at the problem, state that it exists, and then decide to recommend either additional runways at Heathrow and/or Gatwick or to move ahead on plans to replace the current airports with something or other in the Thames.

Given that once approved, any of these solutions will require considerable time to be actually implemented and completed, one can hope that the new facilities will be opened by Will and Kate, surrounded by their children and grandchildren.

Botox Sounds Great, But Does It Really Work?

Submitted by: Todd Erwin

Many people are fed up with having a tired or aging appearance. They are upset about the wrinkles that are appearing on their face and wonder if there is anything they can do short of having to have face lift or similar surgery. This is where Botox comes in. Even with its popularity, many still wonder if the treatment is worth it. Most doctors and patients believe that it is the best option to improve the appearance of certain areas because of its relatively low risk and with little to no recovery time. With all of the benefits of Botox it makes this procedure the top choice by millions of consumers every year for eliminating the signs of aging.

The first thing that many people think of when looking at medical options is the financing side of it. You may assume that this is an expensive treatment. You would be wrong, as it is quite affordable. This is partly due to alternative procedures being created which forces the price of Botox down to retain customers. In addition, many doctors have occasional specials in order to attract new customers. If you want to save money, you can usually buy package deals of several sessions. This isn’t a bad idea because most go for more than one treatment to achieve and/or maintain their look.


Botox has been approved by the FDA for different uses for decades. This means that it is typically very safe to use. However, as with anything it does carry a minimal amount of risk. The best way to avoid any complications is to choose a doctor that is experienced and qualified to administer the injections. Be sure to check that your doctor’s medical license is current and that he or she has extensive experience with this procedure.

One of the biggest benefits of Botox is that it, unlike other types of plastic surgery, does not require a recovery period of several weeks or months. In fact, you can usually get it done in a little more than a lunch break. When you go in, there will be a numbing agent applied to the injection site. When done correctly, you will feel no pain or discomfort. On the first day, you may see some redness but it should disappear quickly. Some results may be noticeable right away, but full results usually take about a week to appear.

Botox is clearly different than the other types of treatments that are out there for younger looking skin. It is less risky because there are no incisions, sutures or general anesthesia involved. There is little to no recovery time at all and you can usually see some results almost immediately Full results are usually apparent after a week or so without the usual swelling and bruising. You will be able to achieve younger looking skin with relatively little commitment. Botox done by a qualified doctor will enable you to enjoy quick results without having to endure surgery or long recovery times.

About the Author: San Diego Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Surgery is committed to maintaining our reputation as the experts in the Cosmetic surgery, Anti-aging and Weight Loss Fields. We specialize in

San Diego Botox


San Diego Liposuction

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Uav Market Size With 19% Cagr Expectations Over The Forecast Period To Reach Usd 2 Billion In 2023

UAV/Commercial Drone Market size is forecast to be valued at USD 2.05 billion by 2023; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

Growing need for law enforcement activities is anticipated to drive industry demand from 2016 to 2023. These products are effectively and efficiently used for such applications, since they help investigate the crime scene and gather evidence by flying over the area and obtain high quality aerial pictures and video, without disturbing possible evidence. The technology helps the police and other law enforcement agencies to secure a crime scene and preserve evidence for use in court and criminal proceedings. Moreover, it can be extensively used in traffic patrol assistance and traffic congestion analysis along with traffic accident investigation. Tensions at sporting events, government protests and other outdoor public events can quickly escalate and require police intervention to prevent injury to people and damage to property. These are also capable to identify unidentified package and act accordingly. The aforementioned factors are driving commercial UAV market size.

Multi-utility commercial drone market share is expected witness significant growth owing to its extensive adoption in media and entertainment sectors. Real estate industry employs this technology in order to capture aerial shots of the property, while festival organizers could conduct precise headcounts using overhead photos for enhanced crowd management and safely. UAVs can fly lower and thus can replace huge, expensive news helicopters to enhance the news reporting activity.

Request for a sample of this research report @

Growing use in the agricultural sector may also positively favor growth from 2016 to 2023. It provides aerial views to large-scale farmers so as to help them to monitor crop growth. They can also image, recreate, and analyze the crop, measure the quality of soil, its water holding capacities and its mineral content. Global agricultural drone market share is forecast to grow at 21.2% CAGR from 2016 to 2023.

Lack of training and awareness has led to the shortage of trained pilots, which is expected to hinder demand through 2023. Moreover, these are operated by an individual holding a private pilot certificate and current third-class medical certified by the FAA. However, with the increase in the commercial applications, universities across the globe have started offering degree programs that aim to bridge the gap between the engineer and operator to develop skilled pilots.

Browse key industry insights spread across 100 pages with 49 market data tables & 42 figures from the report, “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/Commercial Drone Market Size By Product (Rotary Blade, Fixed Wing, Nano Drone, Hybrid), By Application (Government, Media & Entertainment, Agriculture, Energy), Industry Outlook Report, Regional Analysis, Application Development, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016 – 2023” in detail along with the table of contents:

Key insights from the report include:

  • Rotary blade commercial drone market size was valued at over USD 400 million in 2015. Fixed position as well as multi directional flying features are likely to drive growth, over the forecast period.
  • Government applications accounted for over 40% of the global commercial UAV market share in 2015 and are expected to remain dominant owing to rising significance in mapping, scientific research and rescue missions.
  • S. commercial drone market will be driven by high demand across end-use areas. Rising emphasis on the use of UAVs for agricultural purposes will fuel demand in Asia Pacific.
  • Key industry participants include AeroVironment, Aurora Flight Sciences, Parrot SA, BAE Systems, Challis Heliplane UAV, Denel Dynamics, DJI Innovations and Draganfly Innovations. Other prominent industry partners are The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Prox Dynamics.

Entertainment In Chelmsford You Don’t Know What You Are Missing!}

Entertainment in Chelmsford – You Don’t Know What You Are Missing!


Activ John

Another boring night in front of the TV? Tired of doing the same old thing? Then why not see what the town of Chelmsford has to offer you? Its a great place to find entertainment.

Based in the heart of Essex only 40 miles from London, Chelmsford covers the whole entertainment spectrum from international musical superstars all the way through to the traditional pantomime. It is a great place to catch the latest films, experience local theatre and dance, or enjoy live music at some superb venues. The town of Chelmsford really does have something for all ages and tastes.

Chelmsford Theatre

Chelmsford is fortunate to have two excellent theatres in the town, the Civic Theatre and the Cramphorn Theatre. Both provide a wide programme of entertainment including plays, concerts, dramas, pantomimes, dance, jazz, comedy, films, and live music.

With a 505 seat auditorium, the Civic Theatre is the largest of the two, yet prides itself on a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. With its diverse programme of large scale productions such as classical drama, music events, and family favourites, the Civic appeals to every taste and age group.


The Cramphorn Theatre, which adjoins the Civic, is a smaller more intimate studio theatre with seating for 177. It presents a programme of smaller scale touring theatre, dance, lunchtime concerts, music productions as well as being renowned for an innovative mix of films and art house. They also have live music nights on the first Saturday in every month showcasing local bands and artists.

Now an integral part of Chelmsford life, both the Civic and Cramphorn theatres can be found in Fairfield Road, Chelmsford. The most popular show, held in the Civic, is the annual Chelmsford Pantomime which is held over the Christmas period and is always a fantastic treat for all the family.

Chelmsford Cinema

Cinema is also a popular form of entertainment in Chelmsford. The Odeon in Kings Head Walk is Chelmsfords only dedicated Cinema and can be found adjacent to the Meadows Shopping Centre.

The complex comprises of 8 screens with a total of almost 1,400 seats, ranging from the largest screen with 334 seats, down to a much smaller intimate screen with only 108 seats. The comfortable surroundings include wheelchair access, a hearing induction loop, and a cash machine. There is the usual standard confectionary available including popcorn, nachos, hotdogs, drinks and sweets.

Showing all the latest films and blockbusters, the Odeon also offers the chance watch movies in 3D. Despite the increase admission charges for this, it is well worth the cost and you get to keep your special glasses, which the kids love.

Being based near the shopping centre, all the big stores are nearby, plus there is a wide choice if you are looking for something to eat, either before or after your film. Local restaurants include Tuscanos (Brazilian), La Tasca, De Tapas & Que Pasa (Spanish), Gerrados (Italian) Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Waterfront and the Elan Lounge. Also located nearby in Moulsham Street there is a Megazone with bowling and quasar.

The nearest parking for the Cinema and shops is The Meadows Shopping Centres own Car Park.

Chelmsford Sports

Looking for great sports, then Chelmsford has a vast choice to offer? From championship cricket, to top quality football, to the only ice skating rink in Essex, the town caters for virtually all sporting tastes.

The town is home to Essex County Cricket Club who play their home matches at the Ford County Ground. Known as the Essex Eagles, they now play in Division 1 of the County Championship after being promoted in the 2009 season by just a single point. They have also enjoyed recent success in one day competitions and continue to produce young, talented players who are destined to become England captain such as Graham Gooch, Nasser Hussain and Alistair Cook.

Chelmsford City Football Club, known as the Clarets, play their home matches at Melbourne Stadium, which also houses modern athletics facilities and a state of the art sports centre. After a few years in the doldrums, the club are now making a concerted effort to reach the next level, with their main aim to achieve a place in the football league. Recent success includes strong FA Cup & FA Trophy campaigns and winners of the Essex Senior Cup.

Chelmsford is also proud to be the only town in Essex with an ice skating rink. Based at the Riverside Ice & Leisure Centre, it is an incredibly popular venue for the locals of all ages and abilities and can often get very busy at peak times. It is also home to a number ice skating clubs & ice hockey teams, the main one being the Chelmsford Chieftains.

Whatever you are looking for, Chelmsford really is a great place for entertainment. Why not see what you can find today?

To find out what is on in Chelmsford, you can visit the events section at http://www.activchelmsford.com/community.For more useful information about Chelmsford and its surrounding area, please visit http://www.activchelmsford.com. As the most comprehensive online guide to Chelmsford, we cover everything from what’s on, cars for sale, jobs, business directory, properties for sale, classifieds, dating, saving money, hotels, news and restaurants.

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Entertainment in Chelmsford – You Don’t Know What You Are Missing!

Nose Job From 500 Bc To 2008

Submitted by: Debbi Lawrence

A nose job is medically termed as rhinoplasty. It is the name given to the surgical procedure normally performed by a plastic surgeon to improve the cosmetic appearance of a person’s nose. A nose job is the medical alteration of one’s nose look to make it look better.

Sushruta, a Hindu physician, was the one who first introduced and developed the concept of plastic surgery for noses. It was in 500 BC when he attempted to reconstruct the noses of his amputated patients. During that time, noses were removed as punishment for certain crimes.

The procedure surrounding a nose job requires local or general anesthesia, depending upon the extent of the operation. There will be incisions made inside the nose. They can also be made on the skin separating the nostrils. The surgeon would reshape the cartilage and the bone of the nose. Without anesthesia, the patient won’t be able to withstand the pain. This is also the reason why nose jobs can only be conducted inside a hospital or a fully equipped clinic.

Today, nose jobs are generally performed for aesthetic purposes. It is very popular in Hollywood, where both the famous and not-so famous actors and actresses take their turns on the surgical table to have their noses done. Of course, the most celebrated nose job to date is still that of Michael Jackson’s and his siblings.

When it comes to races, Asians and Africans are the people who normally subject themselves to nose jobs. People belonging to these races tend to have the need to make their nose to look more European or Caucasian. The nose job performed on a person would depend upon the actual structure of his nose. This also indicates that the procedures performed on an Asian are different from that of an African and other races.


A person may undergo several nose jobs throughout his lifetime. In fact, many Hollywood stars today admit to having two to three jobs done on their noses just make it appear perfect. There might be a need to undergo more nose jobs to revise or correct the unsatisfactory outcome of the first one.

However, there are also non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures. A non-surgical nose job is performed by altering the shape of the person’s nose through filling in the depressed parts. This doesn’t require any invasive surgical procedures at all. It is also the best alternative for people who are afraid to undergo total surgery of their noses.

Here are a few tips for nose job procedures:

1. Go only to certified places that have good reputation and long experience.

2. Get as much information as you can about how to be prepared to the surgery and what to do after.

3. Meet the surgeon before the surgery so he can explain the whole procedure to you and see if you are compatible.

4. Know and be prepared that you won’t be able to get back to normal everyday life right after the surgery; you will have to have a recovery period.

5. If your nose bleeds after the surgery, don’t lie down on your back, sit down and tilt your head a bit forward, use a towel to saturate the blood. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, turn to your doctor.

6. Try not to blow your nose 2-3 weeks after the cast was removed.

7. Don’t do any sports at least for first few weeks after the surgery.

8. Try not to be over exposed to the sun for about 3 month.

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Learn How Private Trust Deed Investors Are Using Their Ir As To Make Home Loans

By Joel Barth

Credit Crunch Killed the Banks and They are Not Lending. But You Can! Learn How Private Trust Deed Investors are Using Their IRAs to Make Home Loans

By Joel Barth;

In the midst of this nasty housing slump/credit crunch/recession/depression some investors are actually quite excited about the increasing foreclosure rate! These are private trust deed investors who are using their Self-Directed IRAs to make trust deed investments or mortgage loans to homeowners. The fact that the banks are no longer lending has helped these investors fill a valuable niche while the once flowing credit spigot has turned off the need for money still remains.

By using a self-directed individual retirement account, investors can pursue a wide variety of investments including such things as real estate, trust deeds, commercial paper, annuities, tax certificates, receivables, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, currency, futures, etc. The first step is to roll over an existing account or open a new retirement account at a trust administration company that specializes in this type of account. Such companies include firms like Pensco Trust (http://www.penscotrust.com ) and Equity Trust (http://www.trustetc.com ) among others.


Generally, trust deed IRA investors don’t make the traditional 30-year fixed loan but instead make loans ranging in term from a few months to a couple of years. The loans are usually structured like a hard money loan with points paid upfront and interest-only payments in the range of 12%. Typically, the average loan to value is 50% or less. Investors generally find borrowers through an informal network of real-estate agents, mortgage brokers and other investors. The liens are usually made in first-lien position; which means it is first in line to get the money back from the borrower. Foreclosure is generally rare even in this environment, even though some trust deed investors do not worry about default. What is the worst that can happen? You get a property at 70% of market value or less?

Investors must tread carefully however. It is recommended that investors work closely with a real estate attorney and other competent real estate professionals as there are numerous rules, regulations, and laws that must be carefully considered and observed or an investor can quite quickly and innocently find him or herself on the wrong side of the law.

There are also a number of taxation and financing issues to take into consideration when using your self-directed individual retirement account. For instance, your real estate investments must generally be funded by the liquidity in your IRA and not with a mortgage. Trust Deed Investors generally don’t have this problem since they are acting as a lender but if you are using your IRA to purchase real estate yourself pay close attention. Using debt financing can trigger taxes such as UBI and UDTI. Pursuant to IRS regulations your retirement account cannot guarantee the mortgage debt nor can you personally. This makes obtaining a mortgage from a lender very difficult.

However, there are a handful of lenders that do provide non-recourse loans to IRAs but it is a niche market. These loans very often require at least 30% down payment on average.

IRS publication 598 states the income from debt-financed property within an IRA is considered unrelated business income (‘UBI’). UBI is defined as ‘the income from a trade or business that is regularly carried on by an exempt organization and that is not substantially related to the performance by the organization of its exempt purpose or function, except that the organization used the profits derived from this activity.’

If the IRA receives more than $1,000 of UBI during a tax year, it is subject to taxation and an additional tax form must be filed (If there is less than $1,000 of UBI, no filing is required). Some advisors recommend using the excess UBI to make principal reductions on the mortgage each year since once the debt is paid off, the income is no longer considered UBI.

In this regard, it is best to consult with a real estate professional, tax advisor, attorney, and trust administrator prior to making any investment decision. However, there are ‘riches in niches’, and using a sophisticated trust deed investment strategy might be just what you need to make attractive stable low-risk returns at a time when most other investments are crumbling.

Disclaimer: Information is provided for educational purposes only. Please consult with you legal, tax, financial, real estate, and other advisors prior to acting upon any information contained herein.

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Forex Demo Accounts Strategic Uses In Online Forex Trading

Forex Demo Accounts Strategic uses in online forex trading


Sis Media

One of the best strategic decisions a new trader can make is to open a Forex Demo Account. Demo Accounts, aka Practice Accounts, are a way to get experience in the fundamentals of forex trading online without actually having to risk a cent of your own money. Most of the main Online Forex Trading platforms offer them in addition to their live trading accounts, and often offer tutorials as well.

Using a Forex Demo Account has a number of benefits to the novice trader:

They are free, with no cost to download, no opening deposit necessary and no transaction, management or membership costs. You can have as many as you want from as many different platforms as you want the ultimate try before you buy.


Trade without risk. You can freely trade in a real life, live environment with all the shifts, changes and excitement that goes along with trading forex, without the risk of losing your money. Made a bad trade? So what! It’s trading without consequences and this is great for building confidence.

Large initial fund pool. Most demo accounts come with an optional level of initial deposit. Want to feel the excitement of trading with a $50,000 trading balanced with the ability to leverage that balance hundreds of times? Want to experience the true potential of forex trading? This is your ideal opportunity to do so.

Make Mistakes, learn and move on. Nothing teaches you how to trade well better than losses. With a Demo account you can trade exactly as you would normally, make mistakes and try different strategies without the pain of learning from your mistakes in a live environment.

Forex Demo Accounts should be a fundamental aspect of your Forex Trading Strategy for any trader new to the industry, they are the single best risk minimising tool available and their strategic value shouldn’t be under-estimated. A Forex Demo Account should be your first major step into forex trading.

From a completely different perspective, what have you got to lose? If you re even remotely interested in trading forex then you have the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity with absolutely no risk. eToro even runs a demo account championship, where you can win prizes based on your demo account success what more could you ask for? Forex trading doesn t have to be a nail-biting, ulcer creating stress machine it can be fun and enjoyable as well as profitable and using a demo account helps you remember this. Like all investment models, forex trading shouldn t be entered into lightly as it does carry risk, but it can also be a lot of fun, and should be!

We at

Forex Demo Account

gives info on

Forex trading online

, tips on demo trading, describes types of practice accounts, Automated forex trading accounts.

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Method To Prevent Potential Heart Attacks

Method to prevent potential heart attacks



Taking place bypass surgery, the patient must be functioning theater, and cutting down on the table. The patient is unconscious, then the application of anesthesia. Through endotracheal tube, an assistant or anesthesiologist from mechanical ventilation. The patient is maintained under general anesthesia with a continuous supply of propofol using slower injection. Then, the median sterntomy made opening the chest and then the surgeon will examine the heart. If surgery is to avoid “off-pump system, then to stabilize the heart, the surgeon should other devices handy. Then, the surgeon sews the rest of the graft on one side of the coronary arteries and the other half has been associated with the aorta. Once you’ve removed the stabilizing, the heart has once again. Application protamine will be the reverse heparin effect.

Gastric bypass surgery is of this type of activity, with a morbid obesity can be treated and his morbid obesity, the accumulation of adipose tissue contribute to serious health problems. In gastric bypass, the stomach is divided into the larger lower pouch and the smaller upper pouch and then re-organization of the small intestine is made so that both the bag remaining connected to it. Surgeons have discovered many different types of procedures to revitalize the intestine, thereby contributing to a variety of gastric bypass names. All gastric bypass controls the significant reduction of the functions of the stomach with a change in the psychological and physiological response to food aid. Dramatically in the primary disease are drastically reduced, which is weight loss.


For knowing quadruple bypass surgery, one has enough information about the heart and cardiovascular diseases. One’s heart is with the blood through the coronary arteries. It has been observed that in some cases, these coronary arteries are left blocked because of some internal lack of this type of a condition known as coronary artery disease. Sometimes it is found that a number of blood vessels has become a non-functional, which can cause significant problems for the heart. In most cases, these arteries, the blockade of the problems can be solved by the application of medicines only. However, in some cases have shown that blockade of arteries have assumed some sort of alarming proportion when the surgery is the only solution to keep the blood flowing intact heart.

At that time, through the surgery, the blood vessels collected from the body, mostly on foot, and is considered an appropriate part, and implanted into the existing blood vessels within the jam. It has also shown that the number of blood vessels to prevent the ranges of numbers. If the four digits of the arteries have been blocked by surgical measures have been taken in this case, called the quadruple bypass surgery. If it appears that the two digits of the arteries has been involved in, so cutting carried out in this event will be called a double bypass surgery. Otherwise, quadruple bypass surgery is more complex compared to bypass surgery or a double bypass surgery. However, it should be noted, if the quadruple bypass that, then take the appropriate action can feel a lot better physically, but should not be construed that the disease is fully healed. After the drugs and lifestyle changes has continued to advise doctors to avoid a recurrence of the disease in the future.

Watching the surgery video, various sorts of surgery by world-renowned heart surgeons, the next generation of surgeons who wish to take a significant figure in this field of cardiac surgery, often to become knowledgeable and helpful. Various matters relating to surgery, such as how to diagnose a cardiac patient, whether surgery is needed the patient’s complications of bypass surgery, performing action and detailed post-surgery treatment, patients have neatly and skillfully bypass video can be found, which becomes extremely useful and should be useful for new surgeons, who are trying to bypass a step in the field of operational methods.

Bypass These videos can be considered to bypass the company step by step procedures for a renowned surgeon and their activities during the operation of a vivid, and so can get a lot of experience how to make bypass surgery a success. Different pictures of how to open the chest through surgical devices, how the use of grafting tissue from other parts of the body, how to combine them into stitching has been damaged arteries and how to start the heart after the action is vividly bypass surgery can be found by looking at the video and can benefit from this information as applied to their future.

Latest Information about

Bypass Surgery

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Barts Hats Fall/Winter 2012

By Emily Goldthorpe

Bart Koene, a Uden native, studied at HTS clothing and first began making his own beach shorts on a whim during a work placement in France. He wanted to make the most of his French visit so he began traveling along the coast to Saint-Tropez. Once there he started selling his homemade shorts and within six weeks his entire stock had sold out. This was the tiny beginning to what is now an international accessory brand.

Bart traveled to Bali next, buying up the beautiful fabrics in order to make more beach shorts. He returned to Saint-Tropez and continued to sell them, living in a caravan by the beach and enjoying a freeing, simple life. It wasn’t long before his shorts became so popular, Elton John bought himself a pair.

Upon returning to Amsterdam, Bart turned his focus to cold-weather accessories. He wanted each piece to be hand made, carefully designed and constructed from the highest quality materials. Besides Barts hats, the collection also includes scarves, gloves, socks and a children’s line.

A one man operation only 15 years ago, Barts has become the most popular brands for winter accessories across Europe and Canada. Their philosophy is rooted in entrepreneurship and doing things right the first time around. They value freedom and enjoyment just as much as success.


Barts also take an interest in environmental endeavours. The company started a ‘Respect the Mountains’ campaign that creates awareness and educates the public on preserving the Alps. By reducing the negative impact that tourism can have on nature, Barts hopes to conserve the beautiful mountains and promote green ski resorts. Creating conscious visitors will help preserve the natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

The new 2012 collection has just come out and continues the tradition of producing amazingly crafted Barts beanie hats. the Barts Kamikaze Trapper hat is an extremely popular design that has been selling out online retailers everywhere. It comes in loads of colors so there is something for everyone. Both men’s and women’s designs are nylon shell with a beautiful, soft faux fur lining. The ear flaps can be worn up or down and fastened with either buttons or a cord fastener. The Barts trapper hat is a must have for any winter wardrobe.

Barts also has great designs for beanies. An easy-to-wear style is the Oscar Peaked Visor Beanie. Sporting the Barts logo near the brim, this cable knit looks carefully woven and comes with a fleece lining for added warmth. The soft gray color matches perfectly with practically anything. If that doesn’t seem to be your style check out the wide selection of Barts hats including fedoras, caps and more. Pick up a pair of gloves or a scarf for a pulled together look.

An online retailer and purveyor of fine merchandise UrbanExcess bring the latest trends, exciting products and artist collaborations including clothing garms, accessories, headwear and lifestyle gifts. They present major and independent cutting edge brands from around the globe including mens designer fashion brands Carhartt, Penfield, Obey Clothing, Edwin Jeans, Cheap Monday, Dr Denim, Suit Denmark, Velour, Farah Vintage, Garbstore, Original Penguin, b Store, The Hundreds Streetwear with footwear from Vans Authentic, Converse, Vans Trainers, Pointer footwear, Swear shoes, Superga and their own brand of U.E. by UrbanExcess bringing exclusive clothing accessories. Leading a way for Women’s designer fashions are Cheap Monday and Vans clothing.

Crossing gender boundaries, UrbanExcess offers contemporary unisex ranges such as Libertine-Libertine along with unisex accessories from Fjallraven, Herschel Supply co., Seil Marschall, Bailey Hats, Goorin, Kangol Hats, Barts, Coal, Ignite Beanies, Bhode & Company, Stetson, Christies, Sandqvist, Brady Bags, Seil Marschall, Eastpak, Ray ban Sunglasses, Retrosupefuture (Super Sunglasses), Sunpocket, Urbanears Headphones.

Follow the UrbanExcess twitter page @UrbanExcess and sign up to their weekly newsletter to take advantage of their exclusive discounts and products releases.

About the Author: Barts Hats Fall/Winter 2011 by Emily Goldthorpe UrbanExcess PR http://www.urbanexcess.com Mens & Women’s Clothing Hats and Lifestyle Accessories

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