Weird Ways To Make Money A Must Read

By Brock Hamilton

More and more people are turning to the internet for work these days. Instead of going from building to building, people just surf on the internet to either look for job openings or for ways to earn on their own. You will actually find a lot of ways to earn big money on your own over the internet. You just have to study each of these opportunities and fit them with your skills. If you keep looking you will find both cool and weird ways to make money. If you are interested to know, here are some weird ways to make money.

One weird way to earn money is by making website directories. It is weird in the sense that you earn money just by creating a website that contains nothing more than a list of websites on the internet. To start you need to decide whether you want a directory that lists anything and everything or a directory that focuses on just a particular topic. If you want to focus on just one topic alone, you need to choose a topic that will surely attract searchers. You do not want a topic that nobody looks for because you will not earn from this. For example you can have a directory that lists schools in a particular state. People will always search for that as it is something that they always need. What you need to avoid for example is to create a directory that lists producers or manufacturers of metallic nail polish. How many people do you think will search for that on the internet in a day?

So how do you earn by making website directories? What you do is you charge people for listing their businesses in your directory. You can create regular paid listing where you charge website owners a certain fee based on standard price list you yourself created. But you can also have a premium paid listing to earn more. Here you charge website owners a higher fee in exchange for a more prominent listing, say presenting their name in bold format to stand out from the rest.


Another weird way to make money is by joining online competitions. Yes, there are actually people who make joining online competitions their bread and butter. If you are a lucky person, you should really give this a try. But even if you are not, you are not prohibited from joining. To give you higher chances of winning, you need to join more competitions. Anyway this is just easy because usually you are just asked a few questions to answer. After you’ve answered some questions, you’ll be asked for some personal information. Companies who sponsor online competitions actually do this to get a list of people they can possibly promote and sell their future products to. It would be to your best interest if you will create an email account which you will use for these competitions. Do not give your personal email address if you do not want it swamped with promotional emails everyday.

Another to increase your chances in winning in these online competitions is by selecting not so popular online contests. Why? Popular competitions are flocked by a lot of participants. This reduces your chances of winning. If you join less popular competitions, you will have fewer people to compete with.

These two are just some of the weird ways to make money online. If you look around, you will surely find more.

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Us Bank Account As A Non Resident A Must To Make Money Online?

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By Godspower Daniel

We all have Bank accounts in our respective home countries or residences. No problem with that – it is easy to get. We need this to run our lives, do our day to day activities off-line and so on. It is no big deal or a problem. So it is until I got online to make money two years ago.

When you get online and try to make money, then you realize that the rule of the game will change for you. Suddenly you will realize that you need a US Bank account with a Bank over there in the US. Why? Because 80%-90% of the Internet businesses are controlled by people in US / Canada. That is the way it is for now and in the foreseeable future. And I doubt if the equation is ever going to change at all.

When you want to make money online, in most cases the buyer will be a US native who is either using PayPal or a Credit card to pay for things online. You have got to hook up with PayPal by opening an account with them to receive your payments from other PayPal users. But PayPal only allows people from about 50 countries of the world to use her services. In other words, you can not open an account with them if you are not from these 48-50 countries. Then you realize you are stuck.

What is the alternative if this is your situation?


Get a Merchant account or a third party payment processor to take credit and debit cards payments for you. From our earlier equation, 80%-90% of the time, the guys will be in the US. When it is time for the card company to transfer your money to you less their charges, you are going to receive a check which might take 2-4 weeks to get to you, depending on your location. You get the check, assuming you are lucky it did not get lost in transit, and deposit the same with your Bank in your home country. Your bank sends the check for collection in US – another 2-4 weeks. In US, your funds get cleared in 2-3 business days. Then you get your credit. Now your Bank will charge you about $25 – $45 for the check: remember they have to pay DHL / FedEx to transport your check along with other documents, plus they are in business. Get it?

Now for all they care, your check may be for an amount of between $100 and $200, especially if you are just starting out. If you get 10 – 20 checks in a year (yes you can be getting many checks from various affiliate programs) you might find yourself paying $250 – $900 for the year.

Now compare yourself with someone with a US Bank account. He gets paid by what they call ACH (Automated Clearing House) system. This is just an electronic fund transfer system initiated by individual account owners in US to pay others within a network of some banks in US / Canada. This takes just 2-3 days and bang, your money is in your US bank account. It is mostly free to go. In some case you pay a token. I pay $3 to receive ACH into my US Bank account. I live in Africa and I have access to my funds by use of the Card issued to me by the US bank. I can withdraw money daily at the ATM in my country, no problem! My problem is to make the money go into my US bank account:- Also I can use my Card to buy things online, a privilege not enjoyed by many especially in the developing and under-developed countries.

Now you can see that it is a must for you to have a US bank account if you want to make and retain money from the Internet. But getting one is one of your greatest nightmares as a non-resident. A non-resident refers to the non-US citizens, having no residential base in the country. It is generally put in to the use by the country’s banking sector.

The banking laws as it concerns a non-resident are very strict. It is almost impossible if you do not know how to go about it. The thing is complex and complicated and most Banks will just avoid doing this for non-residents. For them it is a mine field which only a few have mastered. I spent 4 years researching this after I found myself in the above situation earlier mentioned. In my case I even had money trapped with PayPal, after opening my account in PayPal with a US mailing address (perfectly legal).

I found a way to do it and this is now documented in a Special Report. If you need a US Bank account – I think you should get one and start making money online. This is an amazingly lucrative thing to do if mastered rightly. I have opened my US Bank account and I now sell through PayPal, having satisfied all their requirements. You can now get a US Bank account as a non-resident.

You do not need to incorporate a US Company before you can get a US Bank account. That is an expensive approach. Follow the above link to get what you need. I feel you have now realized the importance of a US account as a non-resident. So go ahead and get your own US Bank account now. Do not wait until tomorrow as the laws are constantly changing. What is possible today may not be possible tomorrow. ACT fast. Good Luck.

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Ahm 540: Medical Management Develop Health Management Skills}

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Submitted by: Shahlah Tarub

The AHM-540 Medical Management is one of the best exams related to the field of healthcare management. The exam is designed for professionals who want to develop new and innovative solutions in healthcare administrations and management sector.

The use of technology is increasing rapidly and many industries and various sectors have made IT an essential part of their business. AHM-540 IT Certifications are now not only limited to technological products but are also expanding into various dimensions. One important dimension is of the health management certifications. These certifications have now taken a great importance in todays life.

Professionals and individuals who are willing to enhance their existing store of knowledge and want to explore different dimensions of AHM-540 Brain Dumps must acquire various kinds of certifications to add value to their career and making oneself aware of various fields and their importance.

Why Choosing AHM Certifications?

AHM-540 Exams PDF related to health management have become widely accepted and practice among different healthcare organizations as well as in different NGOs, NPOs and other organizations dealing with healthcare. The main aim of these certifications is to help professionals to make the field of healthcare more interesting and to link it with the field of IT.


In order for professionals to accept new trends, new products, services they must acquire AHM-540 Actual Exams in order to get different experience that could be helpful in enhancing their skills and their relative area of expertise.

Who Should Take this Exam?

AHM-540 Exam Questions are mainly designed for professionals and experts who have great command related to health care and health management. The eligibility criteria are:

1. Employees who have work experience or are currently working in health care sector or health insurance plans who want to obtain some educational diploma in order to pursue management position in the relative industry.

2. Medical directors and case managers who possess a broader background related to administration.

3. College educators who are teaching courses on healthcare administrations.

4. Brokers, agents or financial planners who are dealing with insurance plans.

5. Staff who are working in area of medical management in hospitals, health systems, health insurance etc.

Details of the Exam

The AHM-540 Test Medical Management is one of the best exams related to the field of healthcare management. The exam is designed for professionals who want to develop new and innovative solutions in healthcare administrations and management sector. It is an online test which has multiple choice questions. The exam has an allotted time limit in which applicants have to complete the exam and should pass the cut score to be eligible to acquire the certificationial Mate.


For this particular AHM-540 E-Books, professionals should prepare themselves and get proper training for the exam as well. It will help them to get familiar with the exam topics, contents also to manage their time effectively during the test. Various AHM-540 Study Material available including pdf books, dumps, sample test papers, practice exam questions and so forth can be used to prepare.

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